G.I. Joe: Resolute Review

<em>G.I. Joe: Resolute</em> Review

Can the cartoon compare to the big budget silver screen adaptation?

-----------------------------May Contain Spoilers-------------------------------

To answer the above teaser question, yes it most certainly can. A quick synopsis of the cartoon: G.I. Joe has completely wiped out Cobra and Cobra Island has been decommissioned, or has it? Silos randomly start popping up everywhere shooting satellites into the stratosphere which can produce from an unknown source a beam that can destroy a city in a matter of seconds. Cobra Commander reprises his role as the head honcho with a bad ass sword demanding control of all major countries within 24 hours. It's up to the Joes to kick Cobra's ass and bring freedom back to the world.

Now to the specifics of this movie:

Animation: I was very surprised to see how well everything was animated. The movements, expressions, explosions, and the small touches of CGI really made this a stand alone animated film.

Sound FX: No lasers in this one, you actually hear bullets! And the rest of the sound was spot on, nothing seemed out of place.

Voice Acting: Absolutely perfect, everyone sounded the part, Road Block didn't rhyme all the time (see what I did there?) but he was an ultimate bad ass. Cobra Commander had the most noticeable change in voice, but for the better. It was raspy but deeper, not comical deeper though. Oh and the Baroness was actually Russian.

Action: This movie extends beyond everything The Rise of Cobra attempted, the action was insane! The Snake Eyes/Storm Shadow show down was the most intense I've seen, and be careful about watching this movie with the kids, it's quiet graphic for G.I. Joe. Quite a bit of blood (not "Ninja Assassin," but still more than anything ever produced with the Joes).


As a whole the movie feels like multiple episodes just spliced together for an hour long awesome fest. Which it basically is, not necessarily a bad thing, it gave me that nostalgic feeling watching the old cartoon in the 80's growing up. My only complaint about this movie is that they could have added more characters like the B.A.T.'s but really it's not that big of a deal. If you're a G.I. Joe fan this is a MUST HAVE! I cannot fully express how great this movie is, it gives you everything you want and major characters do die. This deserves and earns the spot to the original "G.I. Joe: The Movie." The extras on the DVD are also a nice touch, with an up to date G.I. Joe P.S.A. which had me laughing hard.


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Wadey09 - 12/4/2009, 9:52 AM
haven't watched it yet.
want to watch it now.
can't afford it now.
after Christmas?
Stumblin - 12/4/2009, 9:58 AM
Dude you will not be disappointed! And Cobra Commander is an extreme bad ass and crazy evil! I loved every minute.
ScottScottScott - 12/4/2009, 4:19 PM
They aired it for free on Cartoonnetwork.com a few months before the Live action movie came out. My issues with it, is that it felt like closure to the G.I. Joe series, when clearly it could have lead into an adult themed animated series that could have been awesome. Without giving any spoilers, I know they left some things open for continuation, but they killed some characters I feel they shouldn't have.
shibazz - 12/4/2009, 4:29 PM
One of the best animations i own! and everything I ever wanted from a GI Joe cartoon/story. I wish all old school catoons were given this treatment. I just hope even more people die in the next G.I.Joe animated movie. Hell, i am gonna watch it again tonight!
animeex - 12/4/2009, 5:24 PM
I saw this awhile back and downloaded it... GREAT FLICK!
SHHH - 12/4/2009, 5:37 PM
It's what GI Joe is supposed to be! The Best
SHHH - 12/4/2009, 5:57 PM
It was better than the movie!

wussupman - 12/4/2009, 6:14 PM
Yeah , I just watched it today and it was definitely bad a$$ ! I'm going to learn the 7 steps to the sun and be as psychotic as Roadblock when I open fire ! This movie destroyed Rise of Cobra , it was very expressive and unapologetic .
HINKLEY - 12/4/2009, 6:14 PM
FYI this film was made by TITMOUSE animation, the studio that creates METALOCALYPSE among other great work. My room mate works at TITMOUSE. This is by far the hardest project TITMOUSE has produced to date. It took SOOOO long to make everything perfect. The final product is just amazing and in my personal opinion and in the opinion of most of the in-studio slaves, this is there best work yet.
WeaponX - 12/4/2009, 6:36 PM
G.I.Joe Resolute is awesome. It breathes life back into the franchise by keeping the same spirit of the 80's cartoons and modernizing it just enough to impress old fans and gather new ones.

The Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes fight is tits. Snake Eyes just kicks ass, period.

Worth checking out. Worth buying.
RorMachine - 12/4/2009, 6:36 PM
Holy shit! That 5 minute clip was better than ever single part of GI Joke: Rise of Retardation put together..I have to watch this
supermarioworldE - 12/4/2009, 8:04 PM
Hmm. looks and sounds interesting. I'll definitely check it out
NERO - 12/5/2009, 1:01 AM
I think you guys have hit the nail on the head about this thing; it took the spirit of the 80's cartoon and simply made it age appropriate for the cartoon's original audience, namely 30 year olds.

It was quick, it was violent, it was bad ass, and completely unapologetic that it was GI Joe. It was the closest thing I've seen to the awesome comic run from Larry Hama and what I truly wished the actual live action film had aspired to be instead of the repugnant turd that landed in theaters this summer.

Resolute had better story, better action, truer characterization, and what I thought was a perfect modernization of the old individualized Joe uniforms. And most importantly this showed just how insanely bad ass Snake Eyes is supposed to be. I dug it.
NERO - 12/5/2009, 1:07 AM
I posted this before, but it bears repeating. My pick for worst CBM of 09 I chose entirely on personal reasons not necessarily because it was truly the worst... only the worst to my heart. (tear) Because of all the CBMs that came out this year this was the one closest to my childhood, and the one that I desperately wanted to be good, but could see well in advance was not going to work....

This is my reaction to seeing GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra less than two hours after seeing it for the first time.

Original post from "Comic Book Movie Winners and Losers of 2009" Posted: 12/1/09

Funny true story. You guys have heard my hate rants on GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra, I refused to see it in theaters. I refused to buy it. I refuse to rent it. I did look at the trade paperback in my local comic shop and it bore out all that I thought would be wrong with the movie and felt more than justified in my hatred. Today my grandmother stopped by to see my wife and I. We had a nice visit and she said, "Oh, Jay. I bought something for you today. I remember I bought you so many of these when you were little..." It was a GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra Blu-Ray.

Because my grandmother bought it, I took it into my basement man cave tonight and watched it. When it was over at about 11:30 this evening, I ejected it from the Blu-Ray and placed it back in its case. I walked to the closet under the basement steps where I have a gun safe. I removed my Remington 870 Express. I loaded it with a single shell of double ought buck. I walked outside. I placed the Blu-Ray in the notch of a small tree. I stepped back about 15 feet and blew that goddamn thing into a hundred pieces. This promptly brought my angry wife out on the deck asking, "What the hell?"

Needless to say my nearest neighbors are about a mile away, so my wife was the only person I woke up... but damnit I hated it that much. So much that even though my saintly little grandmother bought it for me, so much did this demonically wicked thing taint my memories of the Larry Hama comic that I love so much that I had to destroy it. It was almost as if I were on auto pilot... it simply had to die.

So here is my final and official critique of GI Joe; I have seen it and I hated it with a passion so white hot that I had to obliterate it. I will say no more of this film. Tomorrow I will go pick up its ruins from my yard and burn it in my deck's fire pit. So there you go... to all the folks who said see it before you "hate on it." I saw it and hated it more than Hitler. So there you have it worst movie ever, CBM or otherwise. Channing Tatum can lick my nuts, flat ass acting no talent hack.

Faux Joe.
RorMachine - 12/5/2009, 3:57 AM
Hahah, dude, did you really shoot the thing? If so, your my hero
linus0161 - 12/5/2009, 7:39 AM
snake eye's was awesome
TheLivingWeapon - 12/5/2009, 7:42 AM
everyone you can watch it on youtube

TheLivingWeapon - 12/5/2009, 8:52 AM
i just watched it on youtube...and im still cleaning my laptop screen after the orgasm i had lool

like anil said perfect 10!!!

icebergslick - 12/5/2009, 10:02 AM
I am hoping for an Adult Swim weekly episode series.
SHHH - 12/5/2009, 11:37 AM
GI Joke: Rise of Retardation lol. Btw Resolute kick's ass!
SHHH - 12/5/2009, 11:42 AM
icebergslick: or feature length movie like Afro-Samurai 1 and 2
LEEE777 - 12/5/2009, 1:17 PM
Great review @ STUM!!
Gose - 12/5/2009, 2:28 PM
GI JOE : Resolute is the MOVIE ! nice Stumb ....
NERO - 12/5/2009, 10:04 PM
Yes Ror, I really did shoot it, using one of these:

That's not mine of course, but its just like it. The people that actually post pics of their guns online like their kids scare me, lol. I love my Remington though. Now I'm just scaring myself, lol.

CRITIC17 - 12/6/2009, 1:11 PM
@Neros: Guess you didn't like it huh?... heh heh...
Shaman - 12/7/2009, 8:00 AM
Wow Nero, does this mean that "Guy Blow: Rise of Fart" was actually worse than Twilight??? I mean, i haven't seen it cause i knew it was god aweful but... worse than Twilight???
Stumblin - 12/7/2009, 9:28 AM
Thanks for the comments guys. I'm glad to see we're all on the same boat! It's an instant classic, and a great way to reintroduce G.I. Joe to the modern age. It's amazing how pen and paper can dominate a million dollar live action film.
SHHH - 12/7/2009, 12:56 PM
Shaman: twilight is in a league of it's own.
NERO - 12/7/2009, 2:44 PM
I think, though I've never seen it, I could disconnect from Twilight to let my mind escape the horror, but with GI Joe it was personal. So I can't say yea or nay on was it better or worse than Twilight, but to me there could be few things worse than watching Scarlet with the wrong guy, Duke played by a douche male model, Snake Eyes just falt out neutered, Destro manggled, Cobra Commander in a rehashed Jason X costume, And a Waynes as Ripcord. RRRRAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

See? I can't even stand going on about it.

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