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No new episodes of The Flash or Arrow until January, but in the meantime we have some must-see fan-made posters from DeviantArt's BossLogic for you to check out. You may have seen them circulating over the past few days, but if you haven't caught them yet, take a look now!
A Twitter user was able to snap some set pics from the currently shooting episode of Arrow which will be titled "The Return". This will evidently be a flashback heavy ep, as you can see younger versions of Oly, Thea, Laurel & more past the jump.
One DeviantArt user has combined a simple concept with professional-quality execution to produce an "Arrow season 3.2" poster that perfectly captures what most comic book fans hope to see when Arrow returns on Jan. 21.
With the holidays swiftly approaching, most network TV shows have hit their winter break. So how have Arrow, Agents Of SHIELD, Constantine, The Flash & Gotham been doing so far? And what is the best comic-book show on TV at the moment? Hit the jump to find out…
A new interview that was conducted prior to the airing of Wednesday night's mid-season finale of Arrow has surfaced featuring someone unexpected suggesting that he or she may have shot a key scene that was ultimately left out of the episode... come check it out!
Arrow executive producer Marc Guggenheim says Colton Haynes' Roy Harper has been underutilized in season three but that all changes in episodes 10, 11, 12. "There’s one scene in episode 11 between [Roy] and [Merlyn] that I think is some of [Colton's] finest work on the show."
Get ready for an Arrow/Beastmaster crossover. Original Beastmaster actor Marc Singer has joined The CW's superhero drama as General Matthew Shrieve, a character closely affiliated with DC Comics' Creature Commandos.
The Mid-Season finale of Arrow gave us our best look at the ATOM suit yet. Click the the link to check out images from the episode. (Obvious Spoiler Alert!)
After making a brief appearance earlier in the season, Ra's al Ghul finally made his presence & power known to Oliver in last night's terrific mid-season finale. A clip of the shockingly brutal fight between Oliver & Ra's has surfaced.. come check it out! FULL SPOILERS!
Speaking with Access Hollywood at the premiere of The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies, Manu Bennett, who plays fan favorite Deathstroke on Arrow, shared a few thoughts about the final Hobbit installment and a few details about his highly anticipated Arrow return. Come check it out!
After tonight's shocking and revealing midseason finale, Arrow returns on January 21st, but it looks like it's going to be a very different series moving forwards! Hit the jump for a first look at "Left Behind", but be warned as there are obviously major spoilers ahead...
When last we saw Werner Zytle, aka Vertigo, he'd been taken down by Oliver Queen and left for the cops. Now EW are reporting that professional bad guy Peter Stormare (Constantine, Fargo) is set to reprise the role in the 13th ep of Arrow current season.
The latest clip from tonight's episode of Arrow focuses on a tense exchange between The Arrow and Nyssa al Ghul as she warns him to find The Canary's killer before The League of Assassins swarm on Starling City. Oliver's response? Hit the jump to check it out...
Laurel and Detective Lance have no choice than to come up with some very awkward lies when The Canary's mother returns (played by fan-favourite Doctor Who actress Alex Kingston) to Starling City and hopes to see her daughter, Sara. Hit the jump to check it out!
A new featurette for tonight's highly anticipated midseason finale of Arrow ("The Climb") sees executive producer Marc Guggenheim talking more about Oliver Queen's confrontation with Ra's al Ghul and what we should expect from the episode. Hit the jump to check it out...
Despite the fact that it's more than likely just misdirection, a new clip from tomorrow's midseason finale of Arrow ("The Climb") finally reveals who killed Sara Lance AND sheds some light on the aftermath of Reverse-Flash's attack on S.T.A.R. Labs. Check it out!
Before the epic crossover between Arrow and The Flash aired on television, the cast and crew took part in a panel which saw them answering fan questions about the making of the episode and much more. Hit the jump to check out the highlights released by The CW!
Some of you spotted this, but now Quiver Podcast have confirmed that the A.T.O.M. costume spotted in yesterday's international TV spot for "The Climb" was indeed a placeholder for the real thing. Will we see the actual suit in tomorrow's mid-season finale?
We've seen a couple of promos for the upcoming mid-season final of the CW's Arrow already, but this Asian TV ad contains all new footage, and offers a teasing glimpse of the costume Ray Palmer (Brandon Routh) will don to "protect the people" of Star City as The Atom.
The Demon's Head will reportedly completely change The CW's Arrow after he crosses swords with Starling City's Emerald Archer."What's really cool about Ra's coming to the fore is [that] his presence changes the show. Literally, the show will not be the same after [S03E09]."
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