EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Green Hornet Director Michel Gondry

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Green Hornet Director Michel Gondry

The Green Hornet will hit theatres on January 14, 2011, and in this exclusive interview, director Michel Gondry discusses why he got involved with the film and his feelings about the skepticism greeting Seth Rogen's casting in the lead role.

As Gondry explains it, he's actually been involved with this project, on and off, since 1996, and the real question is WHY he wanted to film this character.

"I think I was attracted to a project of this size," he admits. "I saw that there was a spirit I could relate to in those stories. Also, there weren't a lot of movies in the '90s I could relate to, but in the '80s there were films like Back to the Future, which seemed more imaginative and creative. The characters were not so serious and the spirit was a little more playful. In the projects I was receiving, they were too serious and pretentious. The Green Hornet has the dimension of being playful that I really like."

He also noted much of the public skepticism that followed the announcement that Seth Rogen would be playing the lead character; a skepticism he chalks up to people having a preconceived notion of how the character should be played.

"Everybody has their own vision in their mind, so when you put somebody like Seth in the character, of course it's going to surprise some of the people who have an idea of who the character should be. But I could quickly see that Seth was taking his character very seriously, though he's funny of course -- the movie is funny -- but we were not making a spoor of this genre. The stakes are like they are in any of these types of movies, and the action is very strong. But what I like about Seth is that he's very human, he plays this lack of confidence that I found touching and could identify with. It doesn't make him the typical superhero."
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LEEE777 - 11/1/2010, 11:11 AM
Excellent interview @ Ed!

Awesome stuff, I hope to god he does take the character seriously coz the trailer makes that look otherwise!

I'm kinda hoping for GOLD, luv Green Hornet!

Fingers crossed.
marvel72 - 11/1/2010, 11:23 AM
i think this movie is gonna be an epic fail.

from what i've seen with the trailer.

nothing intresting at all.

why does it say 3 comments when there is only 2 ? spooky.
LEEE777 - 11/1/2010, 12:34 PM
Invisible Woman @ DP!

; D
commanderhulk - 11/1/2010, 1:00 PM
Sounds good. I'm really excitted and I'm going to trust the talent on this. Michael Gondry is a great director, Seth Rogen is a good actor, Christoph Waltz is a great actor, and Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg are good writters.

The movie looks really good so far. It mixes comedy, action, and serious moments well from what I saw in the trailer, very much like Iron Man. It does seem like Back to the Future also becasue of how the buddy comedy seems. The movie fells like a mix of Iron Man, Back to the Future, Batman, Casino Royal, & Leathal Weapon.
EdGross - 11/1/2010, 1:37 PM
When they first announced Rogen as Green Hornet, I was as skeptical as everybody else. The footage, though, as well as the mix of comedy and action, is really appealing to me. I think it's got a really good chance of surprising a lot of people.
BLADE4040 - 11/1/2010, 2:36 PM
Maybe Im wrong ,but I thought GREEN
HORNET had a touch of BATMAN & OO7
mixed into the show. Neither of those
characters have comic relief and I
dont think that show when it was out
had any either I could be wrong.

I seen the trailer and the gadgets
KATO,but the star of the show
looks like a wimpy,SOFT, funnny man.
If that's what they're going for
then SETH ROGEN is your man. They
should've had one of the WAYANS
to play KATO now that would've
been EPIC!!

Im with DEADPOOL on this one
I see a MAJOR FAILURE for this
film...should've kept it strictly
ACTION/DRAMA with Micheal Shanks as

I dont really care for SHANKS as HAWKMAN
think he could've pulled off the suit wearing
multi-millionare HORNET!!
marvel72 - 11/1/2010, 3:47 PM
@ leee777

could well be.

@ invisible woman

i agree.
Kalabog - 11/1/2010, 10:51 PM
Up to now a lot of fans still have high praises for Michael Keaton as Batman in the 80s. Michael doesn't come close as the dashing Bruce Wayne or as the Batman. He is not that handsome he is balding he is not tall enough and he is less muscular to be Batman or even Bruce Wayne. He is just a character actor and at times a comedian. So why fans love him? The reason -- Tim Burton and Keaton stayed close to the source material. When it comes to acting the part of a hero Keaton was serious! No goofy jokes or campy lines. Even in the trailers Burton and Keaton delivered what the fans expect. And for that, the fans overlooked everything and just saw Batman.

If Seth Rogan and/or Grondy would only follow their example.
BLADE4040 - 11/2/2010, 8:27 AM
Kalabog: I didnt like KEATON'S BATMAN for
all the reasons you stated,but he did take
it serious.

However the movie itself had plenty of
comic relief and ruined it for me.

after that the movie
was down hill for me and I HATED

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