Did Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Hint He’s Green Lantern In JUSTICE LEAGUE?

Did Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Hint He’s Green Lantern In JUSTICE LEAGUE?

Former WWE champion The Rock drops a BIG hint that he's up for the role of Green Lantern in the rumored Justice League movie. Read on to find out what he said and leave your thoughts in the usual place.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s name has been brought up a lot lately when discussing DC/WB's plans for the untitled Batman vs. Superman film and the rumoured Justice League film. This all began in November 2013 when the star posted a photo of himself and Warner Bros. CEO on twitter with the quote, “we’ll do some big cool things!”. Fans have been speculating that he's up for the role of John Stewart or Martian Manhunter in an upcoming DC/WB film. Dwayne Johnson has been a fan favourite to portray Lobo and Black Adam, with the pro-wrestler himself expressing interest in the roles.

Right after his meeting with the CEO of Warner Bros 3 months earlier The Rock posted the following image on instagram with the quote below (notice the out of place hashtag):

Known this beast since he was 15... Today, he's one of the best and most sought after producers in Hollywood. Brilliant, relentless and one big motherf*cker! Proud of you brother & thank you for all the hard work. #ProducerHiram #TeamRock #JohnStewartCanStillWhupSupermansAss

IGN picked up on this and tweeted the Fast and Furious star. Today Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson responded to the Green Lantern rumours. Here is his response to IGN:

Although it may seem he's brushing off the rumours, fans of The Rock know that he likes comparing the physical strength of his character with his co-star's characters (He has done so in the past with Vin Diesel's Fast and Furious character and Channing Tatum's G.I. Joe character). What are your thoughts on this? Do you think The Rock's Green Lantern can defeat Superman in a fist brawl?

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Bearjew - 2/4/2014, 8:48 PM
The Tooth Fairy?
Mrcool210 - 2/4/2014, 8:50 PM
I would definitly count that as a hint, but i wish they would stick with hal jordan, nothing against john stewart, but hals the man, and they had better get the john barrowman to play him.
Bearjew - 2/4/2014, 8:52 PM
What's so hard about selling Chris "Captin Kirk, handsome, perfect hair, charmingly hilarious" Pine as Hal Jordan? In that case Snyder should go with the popular choice
monkeyballs - 2/4/2014, 8:52 PM
Would prefer it be someone else. The Rock is a douche.
Bearjew - 2/4/2014, 8:54 PM
Also has anyone gotten Gyllenhaal as a superhero, he was almost Batman in Begins, and almost Toby McGuire's replacement in Spider-Man 2. I don't know about Green Lantern and if he put on his Donnie Darko "awkward but funny and quick-witted attitude" on he could be Barry Allen but only if he's blond. Maybe like Green Arrow? But again blond.
charlie2094 - 2/4/2014, 8:54 PM
I see this being true...don't mind who plays John Stewart, pretty bland character

Really hope they go with Hal Jordan, really needed for a Justice League, because of the great dynamic he adds, poking fun at Batman' lack of powers etc Absolutely need him for a solo franchise if they ever want to do great stuff like the Sinestro Corps War
JoeMomma29 - 2/4/2014, 9:03 PM
I would personally love for the Rock to play the following characters

Green Lantern (Stewart)

Vandal Savage


Black Adam




Adam Smasher

Dang the list can go on and on, even if you do not like the guy he is pretty versatile heck he also should have been Luke Cage for Marvel.
monkeyballs - 2/4/2014, 9:07 PM
Joe@ he's about as versatile as Gusto in a room full of little boys. He knows how to do one thing and one thing only... Suck.
Gyasiman - 2/4/2014, 9:08 PM
I really don't want the Rock to end up playing John Stewart.....
ALmazing - 2/4/2014, 9:09 PM
He does make a living saving franchises, so why not.
Dinotron - 2/4/2014, 9:09 PM
John Barrowman is Malcolm merlyn in arrow so no
Kurne - 2/4/2014, 9:11 PM
Like I said, WB needs someone to draw in attention. The Rock fits that bill.
staypuffed - 2/4/2014, 9:12 PM
I really don't want him to play John Stewart.
staypuffed - 2/4/2014, 9:12 PM
He's a great guy, but still...
kevberg - 2/4/2014, 9:13 PM
I'll say this, Hes gonna be HUGE standing next to Cavill and Affleck.

Its crazy to think hes gotten TOO big. LOL.
jaysin420 - 2/4/2014, 9:15 PM
I love the Rock and I'm sure he'd be awesome like always, but he'd make Superman look really small.
Kurne - 2/4/2014, 9:21 PM
The Rock is a Vin Diesel wannabe (the attention-seeker part anyway).

Tambo24 - 2/4/2014, 9:27 PM
Has anyone else thought he might be a good choice for Cyborg? Depending on if he will be part of DC's movie universe.
Aquaman9 - 2/4/2014, 9:36 PM
JoJo1982 - 2/4/2014, 9:40 PM

Vin diesel wish he has the Rock's popularity

The Rock > Vin Diesel

JoJo1982 - 2/4/2014, 9:43 PM
And they Rock is pretty huge next to Henry and Affleck

But I remember early on in his movie career
He really small (southland tales and be cool), so he can get back to that size again it'll be perfect
JayJayCAW - 2/4/2014, 9:47 PM
keep dreaming Rock, only Lantern that could go toe to toe with Supes is ION.....and that ain't Stewart ;)
Aquaman9 - 2/4/2014, 9:47 PM
Henry is HUGE! He doesn't need to be bigger than GL cause he's SUPERMAN
Pedrito - 2/4/2014, 9:49 PM
Can't wait to see The Rock take a beatdown from Jesse Eisenberg!
What the hell did I just type.
Aquaman9 - 2/4/2014, 9:50 PM
Also Hal Jordan sucks on screen... superheroes need to be biggggg like Thor, Supes and Cap
BlackIceJoe - 2/4/2014, 9:50 PM
I am sorry to say but I hope he does not end up as John. He does not fit the part of John to me. Plus I hope they use Hal more. John in the comics sucks. Most of the time he is written as an angry person. Being truthful the best he was ever shown as when he was in the JL TV show. But in the comics he is nowhere as cool as the tv show. If they do go the way of using John instead of Hal I personally think using an academy award winner is the way to go Cuba Gooding Jr. Would get my vote. Even though I still think it is better to go with Hal. Hal, Guy, John & Kyle can be in the Green Lantern Corps movie though.

As for people that want him to play Cyborg I really want to know do you not know Victor Stone is in High school?
Fantastic4ever - 2/4/2014, 9:58 PM
@aquaman9 uhm no they don't. Have you see spiderman even iron man isn't big so what you said is not true at all.
sappro - 2/4/2014, 10:04 PM
Yo what if he's Killowog?
Aquaman9 - 2/4/2014, 10:35 PM
He's NOT disrespecting Supes! He's giving us all a hint the only way he can get away with it.
Kurne - 2/4/2014, 10:39 PM
All these casting announcements and rumours from WB and Marvel have been so strange...

Gal Gadot
Jesse Eisenberg
Jason Momoa
The Rock

Chris Pratt
Paul Rudd
Michael Douglas
Johnny Depp
SageMode - 2/4/2014, 10:58 PM
I see he's still referring to himself in the 3rd person still. What a narcissist. Lol.
Humperdink - 2/4/2014, 10:59 PM

LOL, yeah they actually have.
I'd have never guessed that these actors would be up for the roles they are.

I can see Rock as Stewart.
Clainer - 2/4/2014, 11:08 PM
If this isn't misconstruing a quote to make a story out of it, I dunno what is...
BlackCat1 - 2/4/2014, 11:10 PM
I want John Stewart so that the team will be diverse but I also really want Hal because I see him as the first GL and founding member I also want him to be played by James Marsden. But whatever happens I just want Wonder Woman done right.!
Shua - 2/4/2014, 11:33 PM
I think he would do well and the general audience would love it, but I honestly would love to have Hal because he will always be the true Green Lantern to me. With that said, I do really enjoy John Stewart and I think Idris Elba would be a much more inspired casting.
kevberg - 2/4/2014, 11:33 PM
Rock is fine as stewart, but he is a huge guy. they're gonna have to play with the camera tricks.
Slaggathor - 2/5/2014, 12:03 AM
Actually, I'd like to see him play Hawkman.

Am I the only one who thinks this? I am? okay...
Humperdink - 2/5/2014, 12:15 AM

Easily could work.
loki668 - 2/5/2014, 12:44 AM

YES!! But give him tiny, tiny wings! Like the size of those nibblers on Namor's ankles. Have him blame the size on steroids and flutter around like a hummingbird.
AGoodHonestMan - 2/5/2014, 12:55 AM
I'm not really into Green Lantern but I like the dynamic between Hal/Sinestro. I don't know what John and Sinestro's relationship is so I can't say much about it.
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