EXCLUSIVE: Krona to Make an Appearance in Green Lantern Movie

<font color="red">EXCLUSIVE:</font> Krona to Make an Appearance in Green Lantern Movie

The Oan scientist whose actions caused the creation of the DC Comics Multiverse will be introduced to general audiences in Martin Campbell's live action Green Lantern film.

Another day, another Green Lantern filming report. The cast and crew of DC's next superhero tentpole franchise, Green Lantern, will be filming in downtown New Orleans, Louisiana, tonight. Several streets will be completely closed off to allow room for an Earth-based scene involving the fear entity Parallax and Krona. Longtime readers of DC comics know who Krona is; but for those of you a bit unfamiliar, here is a brief description:

Born on Maltus, Krona is an Oan scientist who became obsessed with observing the origins of the universe itself, despite an ancient legend that said discovering that secret would cause a great calamity. Krona constructs a machine that pierces the temporal barrier and views the beginnings of time itself. Krona catches a glimpse of the hand of creation depositing the speck that would become the entire cosmos. His machine explodes at that instant, and the universe is shattered causing the creation of the Multiverse as the universe replicates into an infinite number of parallel universes. At this same moment, the Anti-Matter Universe is created, unleashing evil into the cosmos; thus, the Monitor and the Anti-Monitor are born. As punishment for this act, Krona is transformed into pure energy by his fellow Oans and is sent to forever wander the cosmos. Krona's actions are what caused the Oans to become the Guardians of the Universe.

The exact role Krona will play in Green Lantern is still uncertain. Could this be another clue that DC is secretly planning to conjoin their superhero properties into one film universe? Or is this their way of explaining all the different incarnations of their film characters?

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LEEE777 - 8/2/2010, 6:46 AM
Hmmm, wont say its way too early! : P

Just sweet we're getting a GREEN LANTERN movie!!
claybo4131 - 8/2/2010, 6:49 AM
The hand that created the universe, wasnt it like that one Justice League episode that involved Cronos (no relation, the time traveling guy) and he tried to go back to the beginning of time and John Stewart and Batman stopped him?

its the morning and im getting older as well lol
claybo4131 - 8/2/2010, 6:54 AM
This was the part of the episode I was talking about I think it starts about the 2 minute part

ClintEastwood - 8/2/2010, 7:03 AM
The only time I've ever seen him was the Avengers Justice League crossover, good stuff.
spanky - 8/2/2010, 7:10 AM
nice going DC! I LIKE IT!
claybo4131 - 8/2/2010, 7:12 AM
@wolverinesfury Maybe, Bale would be the wild card for a JLA movie, either he will be in it or there would be another person donning the cowl
dnno1 - 8/2/2010, 7:19 AM
Great! Maybe we will get to see this:

ElBicho - 8/2/2010, 7:21 AM

If they're setting up alternate universes, then anyone could play Bats in the JLA.

Bale could always be another universe...
claybo4131 - 8/2/2010, 7:25 AM
All theories its all speculation at this point
spectre1983 - 8/2/2010, 7:27 AM
This is exciting news. Great scoop Poni!
dnno1 - 8/2/2010, 7:29 AM
@teabag - Yeah, Krona is the guy who did this to Galactus:


BTW. This is considered cannon is most circles since Krona was eventually defeated and trapped in the cosmic egg, which has appeared in some DC titles.
claybo4131 - 8/2/2010, 7:31 AM
I doubt the DC/marvel crossover will happen in the movies, but JLA I think DC wants to do, and if they do happen to do it, 2015 at the earliest, though that is my opinion
dnno1 - 8/2/2010, 7:32 AM
@teabag - Frankly, I don't see Batman nor Superman anywhere near a Justice League film since the Nolans own the filming rights to the characters.
dnno1 - 8/2/2010, 7:35 AM
@clayboy4131 - I have this standing offer to both studios that I would pay $100 to see a Superman vs. Hulk movie. It could mean that the distribution and film rights to the Hulk could go to WB, but in any case I would pay to see it.
blueorangeny - 8/2/2010, 7:41 AM
@ dnno1 - Own the filming rights? what are you talking about. Nolans do not own any film rights of Bat and Supe, they're just involved in the film creation.

@ Teabag - why wouldn't Bale do a JLA, has he come out in public and commented on that exactly?
rolanddeschain - 8/2/2010, 7:41 AM
wow, this is interesting stuff. GL fans should be excited, because to have a character like this in the movie shows a great respect to the comic book mythos, seems like they're gonna stick to the source material, they didn't even need to mention him, he's above the heads of the non-hardcore GL fan.
claybo4131 - 8/2/2010, 7:46 AM
@dnno The Nolans dont own the rights to the Batman or Superman franchise, Warner Bros studios does, they just make the movies, they didnt buy it from WB
claybo4131 - 8/2/2010, 7:47 AM
@teabag for once teabag has take the words out of my mouth about Bale doing JLA

Didnt Nolan say that he didnt want his Batman as part of a crossover anyways
blueorangeny - 8/2/2010, 7:48 AM
@ teabag - I hear but 2 reasons why I think he'll look at it, 1 the terminator 3 picture deal is out the window because as we all know they aren't continuing the films. 2 if Avengers shows success and DC success with it's individual films, I can't see why he wouldn't go for it. Also who ever is involved will play a part of it as well as the money.
dnno1 - 8/2/2010, 7:48 AM
@blueorangeny - In order to produce a film, you have to own the film rights, else you could be sued by that person(s) that do. For that reason it is customary for a studio like Warner Brothers or (even now) Marvel to sell the film rights (or an option on it) to a production company before they make a film. The rights are usually temporay lasting maybe 5 years or so.
blueorangeny - 8/2/2010, 7:52 AM
@ claybo4131 - he's never mentioned anything about not doing a JLA, he's only come out and talked about doing a 3 Batman. Only if the Batman is done right he will be interested in coming back. That is the only thing on record from him. So just like I told Teabag, 2 things should play a factor. His slate is clean as of now since Terminator is moving forward. And if the sucess is big with the Avengers including DC's individual flicks I don't see why he wouldn't dip his feet in.
claybo4131 - 8/2/2010, 7:55 AM
@blue hear me out on this, has there been any mention of other DC characters in the Batman series, like Marvel does with their easter eggs, they havent for Batman. I agree that it was their only property they really were doing and Marvel hadnt brought out The Avengers, but with Amanda Waller being in GL, will she be the Nick Fury or Agent Coulson for the DC Universe, and since Superman is a reboot, we can see.

What I am getting at is will there be easter egg hints in Batman 3? We dont know obviously

If DC wants to compete with Marvel, common sense would tell you they will make a JLA movie, they just havent gotten the ball rolling like Marvel did
blueorangeny - 8/2/2010, 7:56 AM
@ dnno1 - what are you talking about, the rights are with DC/WB. The Nolans do not have the rights to both characters.
claybo4131 - 8/2/2010, 7:57 AM
@blue right on that the Nolans dont own the batman properties, DC/WB does, WB does all the distribution for all DC comic related stuff, we all know that, and they have since the early 70's
flames809 - 8/2/2010, 7:58 AM
blue- yea he did. he said he would love to be in a justice league movie.
blueorangeny - 8/2/2010, 7:59 AM
@ claybo4131 - I'm not disagreeing with you without a doubt. Let's see if there's any tie in's or mentions in the 3rd film. Now I do disagree on Dnno1 with his thought about Nolans owning the rights to Bats and Supes.
blueorangeny - 8/2/2010, 8:01 AM
@ tea - when did he go on record with that. All I recall is his mentioned on a 3rd Bat film when TDK came out.
juanimeli - 8/2/2010, 8:02 AM
blueorangeny - 8/2/2010, 8:03 AM
@ tea - when did he go on record with that. All I recall is his mentioned on a 3rd Bat film when TDK came out.
flames809 - 8/2/2010, 8:05 AM
tea- actually he said he doesn't want a jla movie to be done while hes doing batman he said is better that they do it after he finish the batman franchise so he could be ready for a jla movie. look it up bud. and he also said that he would love to be in a jla movie
blueorangeny - 8/2/2010, 8:09 AM
@ Anil Rickly - Well when Nolan came out with BB he said it's his own universe, then reclaimed in TDK but since then a lot has changed both in DC and MARVEL. With what the competition is doing, they can change people's minds. Nolan now can have a change of heart, we don't know but there's a chance. I believe as long as done convincing enough that all films can live in one universe perhaps Nolan will take part. Naturally this we won't know because he's very secretive. Plus if what you said is correct and everything stays status quo in respects to Supes and Bats being separate from everything else DC has plans then it will just delay a JLA movie. I just think DC/WB want to get their hands in with the hot commodity and it's cbm movies. So even though we're getting limited news that pinpoint to a JLA it's a "never say never" situation. IMO
flames809 - 8/2/2010, 8:11 AM
tea- you know he was talking about the jla movie that wB was going to make.
comicb00kguy - 8/2/2010, 8:12 AM
There is a LOT more crew around here today. Several parking lots in the area are filled with their campers and trucks that were not there on Friday. There isn't much difference in the set area itself as of yet. I'll be keeping an eye on things, and will report if I see anything.

On to the bigger topic of a JL film: I would love to see it, but I would like to see Superman and Batman as supporting characters ONLY. Those guys get plenty of exposure, let's see OTHER DC heroes given more of the spotlight here, and show all of them working TOGETHER, not just tagging along with Supes and Bats. Do it right, and that film will be epic.

flames809 - 8/2/2010, 8:15 AM
tea- here you go "It's like I was saying to Chris [Nolan] -- I'll be probably doing this in dinner theater somewhere in my 50s, so I won't knock it. Because who knows where I'll end up?" meaning that he wouldn't say no to a jla movie.
blueorangeny - 8/2/2010, 8:16 AM
@ teabag - yea I see, well if it is correct anyone can read it differently.

@ anil rickly - Ok here's a stupid question so bare with me maybe I don't see the difference. For example Batman Under the Red Hood which I saw the other day. What is the difference between that Bat and Nolan's Bat. They both don't show or have super powers and they both use gizmo's that they've created. Even when Bat when against Darkseid in the JLA cartoons he got his ass handed to him. Maybe I don't see the difference like yourself. The same goes for Green Arrow, he's human, I don't see the difference where they'll need to boost his style to be able to fight super villians
marvel72 - 8/2/2010, 8:19 AM
@ dnno1 i've never seen that page before what avengers or jla comic is it from ?
flames809 - 8/2/2010, 8:20 AM
tea- u did? i don't see it
Hawksblueyes - 8/2/2010, 8:21 AM
tea: Didn't he say he's love to do one? ;}
flames809 - 8/2/2010, 8:21 AM
anil- why reboot nolan batman?
113 - 8/2/2010, 8:22 AM
yeah i agree with what someone said above...this is wayy too early to introduce Krona. I mean GL movie will be the first time most people (non-comic readers) have ever even heard of Green Lantern and the Guardians of the Universe, and Sinestro and all these other characters.

I could see Krona being alluded to in the film or as an easter egg for us DC fanboys but his exitence in the DCU is SO huge that he can't be introduced well in the FIRST GL movie.

He would be a good villain in a JLA SEQUEL...The first JLA villain will need to be something a little more tangible like Brainiac + Lex Luthor...or Darkseid, although personally since Darkseid is my favorite villain in all of comics i'd want him to be in the 3rd JLA movie.
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