Green Lantern CinemaCon Footage Description

<i>Green Lantern</i> CinemaCon Footage Description

Check out a nice, detailed description of the Green Lantern footage that just debuted at the Warner Bros screening at CinemaCon..

The Warner Bros panel at CinemaCon has just screened footage from Martin Campbell's Green Lantern. The first trailer for the movie was met with a pretty mixed response from fans and critics alike, but almost everyone I have spoken to or read tweets from that attended the screening seemed to be very impressed indeed.

A few examples..

Alex Billington from was one such attendee, and was kind enough to give me beak down of the footage that he was shown..

We saw 4 scenes. First was Abin-Sur piloting his ship and being attacked by Parallax - was awesome. Then he ends up on Earth, next scene was Hal talking with Abin while he was dying. Scene seemed choppy, but he gives him ring. Next was him saying oath for the first time, then he goes to Oa immediately. Then we see him talking with Tomar-Re on Oa with Geoffrey Rush's voice and a GREAT looking very 'alive' CGI costume that looks MUCH better than the first trailer. Then we saw Sinestro addressing the Green Lantern Corps down in the core of Oa. Not fully finished but was great. Lots of other alien GLs seen there as there's a huge crowd of thousand of GLs and lots that people will totally geek out about. Won't spoil which ones. That was it plus a little montage of extra footage. I think it looks awesome, way way more excited than I was before this. Expect to see all of this footage at WonderCon, as it seemed hand picked for Green Lantern fans.

Many thanks to Alex, Green Lantern is set to hit theatres on June 17.

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PartyHard - 3/31/2011, 4:39 PM
CraptainAmerica - 3/31/2011, 4:39 PM
Great to see an article that will get people back on board with this movie! It is, and always was goin to be, epic.
bleedthefreak - 3/31/2011, 4:43 PM
So...When can we see this?
Yasn7 - 3/31/2011, 4:43 PM
YES! Finally good news. I doubt this will shut the haters up but whatever it will hopefully be an awesome movie.
Angelus - 3/31/2011, 4:43 PM
Of course it's positive! Green Lantern will be the best comicbookmovie this year! I cannot wait until we hopefully get to see the footage!
It's gonna get emerald green this summer!
PaulRom - 3/31/2011, 4:44 PM
YES! finally, people who loved what they saw of GL. :p
The description sounds sweeeeet.
JerBear - 3/31/2011, 4:45 PM
It WILL be good. But it's pretty much a toss up between the big 3
Thor Cap and GL!
DaenerysTargaryen - 3/31/2011, 4:45 PM
Corpse - 3/31/2011, 4:48 PM
IN BRIGHTEST DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ckirk8 - 3/31/2011, 4:51 PM
Very cool, I'm looking forward to seeing Hal Jordan's updated suit in the upcoming trailer.
Ethic - 3/31/2011, 4:52 PM
I have a good feeling about this film, I think it'll be a lot better than people are assuming.
Cant' wait to see Oa on a cinema screen :O
ironpool007 - 3/31/2011, 5:00 PM
@ ckirk8: i dobt the suit is updated so much as the cgi on has been improved.
TorturedXGenius - 3/31/2011, 5:00 PM
In Brightest Day...........
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drob127 - 3/31/2011, 5:01 PM
I hope Ryan Reynolds doesn't act like he did in blade:trinity where he tries to make a wise crack or gay joke every minute.
marvel72 - 3/31/2011, 5:01 PM
great,now its time to show us the new footage.

Mason - 3/31/2011, 5:05 PM
Lookin' forward to seeing some new footage. Sounds promising.
Peteyparker - 3/31/2011, 5:05 PM
@marvel72 Exactly!!!
xXkryptoniteXx - 3/31/2011, 5:06 PM
Whoa now I can't wait
Spidey91 - 3/31/2011, 5:07 PM
that's good to hear
In brightest day,in blackest night,this movie shall not escape my sight
luckylu - 3/31/2011, 5:09 PM
i think this movie will surprise alot of people. the more i hear the more excited i get
superbatspiderman - 3/31/2011, 5:11 PM
Sweet now just show us the fricking footage because I want to see more footage of this movie. I hope it is gret. Green Lantern is one of my favorite characters. If it is anything like the animated movie First Flight then it should be good that movie ws great.
greenlanter13 - 3/31/2011, 5:14 PM
cant wait for GL
cagq - 3/31/2011, 5:14 PM
My buddy saw the footage and he's geeking out!! Lots of cheers and excitement in the room. All those fans who've been worried will be pleasantly surprised when this movie comes out. And the haters? Well, they'll keep hating from their basements (lol).

Beware My Power --Green Lantern's Light!
gandalf550 - 3/31/2011, 5:18 PM
SWEEET!!! Can't wait to see it for myself! :D
BobGarlen - 3/31/2011, 5:21 PM
i wonder what Sinestro's voice will be like
xBlaze96x - 3/31/2011, 5:25 PM
In Brightest Day
In Blackest Night
No Hater Shall Escape It's Sight
For Those Weery of It's Might
Beware It's Power
Green Lanterns Light :D

Oh Yeah!
I Can't Wait For This Movie
DoctorRobert - 3/31/2011, 5:30 PM
wonder how much they got paid to write that? lol xD I still have no hopes for this movie
mainstream05 - 3/31/2011, 5:32 PM
Confirming what I believed all along - this movie is going to kick so much ass.

GL rules!
xBlaze96x - 3/31/2011, 5:33 PM
if you have no hopes for this movie then why look at this article and comment on...if you really didn't have hopes you wouldn't bother to even look at it.
Im not arguing or trolling or insulting I am just saying
CapFan79 - 3/31/2011, 5:33 PM
I don't go by what people I don't know think. Not buyin' it till I see for myself! I need to see another trailer.

Damn DC fanboys all the sudden coming out of the woodwork. Why? There's nothing to back this up. The first trailer was crap and until I see otherwise I'll assume it's gonna be crap.
dickmastaflex - 3/31/2011, 5:33 PM
call mea hater but i like the gl and thought the trailer sucked, ive been waiting for the 2nd with hopes of cgi improvement
AskaniSon - 3/31/2011, 5:34 PM
Cool. The CG was my only complaint. Aside from Blake Lively, but something tells me they can't fix her lol.
supertrackmonkey - 3/31/2011, 5:35 PM
I can't wait for this and Thor. I hope Cap is a good movie, but I'm not sold on what I have seen yet.
DoctorRobert - 3/31/2011, 5:43 PM
i like the GL character but i HATE Ryan and was disappointed when i saw that crap suit :S i want the white gloves! lol
i guess only time will tell if this movie is good or poop :P
JWStubner - 3/31/2011, 5:45 PM
When I heard people hated the first trailer I couldn't help but scratch my head as to why. I thought it looked great for how much they actually showed which wasn't all that much. Now apparently all the effects have been improved. I can't wait for the second trailer! I still have a feeling THIS will be more successful than Thor and maybe even Captain America and X-Men! We shall see.
DoctorRobert - 3/31/2011, 5:50 PM
i like the GL character but i HATE Ryan and was disappointed when i saw that crap suit :S i want the white gloves! lol
i guess only time will tell if this movie is good or poop :P
Peteyparker - 3/31/2011, 5:53 PM
The one and only reason i haven't changed my mind about seeing it. Is im afraid that if the Green Lantern tanks DC/WB will be too scared to make a Flash movie.......But im still hoping its worth going to the theater for
cagq - 3/31/2011, 5:53 PM
LOL at the Marvel zombies talking shit. Poor losers know Green Lantern will blow Thor & Cap out of the water! And the saddest part is they'll be the first ones in line to buy tickets to GL (lol); the more they cry the more they buy!
marvel72 - 3/31/2011, 5:58 PM
@ warrocketajax

i personally enjoyed iron man more than the dark knight.

also the comment about "stealing iron man's thunder"

this time round its gonna be different,we've got the god of thunder on our side this year. :P

@ jwstubner

i personally would love to see the top three being.

2.captain america lantern

but i reckon its gonna be

1.x-men first class
2.thor lantern
ceramyctyle - 3/31/2011, 6:01 PM
Some of you still don't get it, we should be glad we're getting so many great CBM's, not hoping that one film will destroy the other. The more great CBM's are made, the more will be produced in the future. I'm partial to GL, but I'm planning to see them all. Gonna be a great year for the Comic film!
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