Green Lantern Roller Coaster Test Videos & Opening Date

<I>Green Lantern</I> Roller Coaster Test Videos & Opening Date

Click here to check out a couple test videos for the upcoming 'Green Lantern' roller coaster which is set to open this summer...

Here are some videos of the new Green Lantern rollercoaster being tested out at Six Flags. I found this videos on the blog of oa website which also states a second Gl rollercoster is in design phase at the California six flags.The rollercoaster is set to open on May 25. so check out the videos and for more info on the coaster check out blog of oa.

P.S sorry if my article isn't that great, its the first one that i post on here.
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marvel72 - 5/13/2011, 4:20 PM
lunch date,i think its meant to say launch.
greenlanter13 - 5/13/2011, 4:23 PM
lol yea sorry i will fix that
marvel72 - 5/13/2011, 4:31 PM
@ greenlanter13

no problem,man.

the coasters look wicked,i've only ever been on a three loop.
greenlanter13 - 5/13/2011, 5:11 PM
@ taboo i don't think it's open but I don't know I could be wrong
bigbgl - 5/14/2011, 11:18 AM
what happened to the revolutionary flipping design we saw before. did they change their minds? this one looks like another riddler. or maybe it is just the riddler.
croniccris - 5/15/2011, 2:44 AM
magic mountain is sweet! hi taboo!!
flames809 - 5/15/2011, 8:41 AM
looks good

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