John Stewart in Green Lantern Movie!

John Stewart in Green Lantern Movie!

IMDB lists Nick Jones Jr. as John Stewart.

I was checking the cast in the green lantern movie and then I saw that Nick Jones Jr. was listed as John Stewart. I was suprised that another green lantern of earth will appear!


CBM insert: Nick's scene is just a quick cameo--probably a military buddy at the base or during the bar scene, etc. He definitely will NOT be suited up as a green lantern of earth. This is just a geek shout out to the hardcore fans who even know who he is. Non-nerds won't even notice. See what we reported about Nick Jones ages ago HERE.
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lokisilvertongue - 4/14/2011, 6:37 AM
yea i wudnt take anything u c on imdb very serious they rnt tht reliable
ThisFan - 4/14/2011, 6:38 AM
IMDB is not reliable. You need a real source.
marvel72 - 4/14/2011, 6:40 AM
i thought this was already confirmed that john stewart had a cameo.
ironknight - 4/14/2011, 6:52 AM
Yeah I'm pretty sure its been confirmed already.
cashsteele - 4/14/2011, 7:32 AM
There was set visit last April he was confirmed to be in the movie in a small scene he was not confirmed to be John Stewart, it was merely speculated on IMDB last year but he is a military man so they said he had a small scene in a bar room fight...
KidLantern003 - 4/14/2011, 9:04 AM
Maybe theyll use him for the Justice League movie like in the show. if he doesnt get his own Green Lantern movie
TheUnHasseled - 4/14/2011, 9:24 AM
Ugh... This is the third time I've posted this...... I worked on GL... The dude is just a background extra who was dressed as a marine in the bar. He took a pic with Ryan and posted it online... Then when the speculation started he never denied it. We all laughed about it on set... B/c he was just an extra. Look at his imdb page... It's all little extra roles in Louisiana shot films... NOT playing John Stewart...
CoolioVids - 4/14/2011, 9:45 AM
I hate IMDB
chilipot - 4/14/2011, 12:03 PM
While we understand CBM trumped IMDB long ago. I Hope DC WILL NOT put Kyle into any of the movies as a cameo or not. Guy sure thing Maybe Hal gets the flash from the ring that shows Guy getting the ring instead of Hal. Or Hal needs to get into extra good shape for some test pilot test and the local high school coach is brought in to train Hal and its Guy. After all Guy started out as a High school gym coach.

Just not Kyle do not bring the Jason Todd of the Corp to the movie. Better G'nort than Kyle.

Ok that's my two bits worth or rant. Please continue.

yankeemanf - 4/14/2011, 12:05 PM
i believe this cuz i saw this months and months ago on imdb and its still there that has to mean he is in the movie if he was never removed but i think stewart is only gonna be like a cameo possibly a post-credit scene.....i wish they would go with guy or my fave green lantern kyle instead
StrangerX - 4/14/2011, 12:38 PM
@TheUnHasseledhoff- I hear ya b..

I get no respect Pictures, Images and Photos

JackDexx - 4/14/2011, 2:09 PM
i was thinking of the jew john stewart. i was thinking hows that gonna work?
AlternateNo4 - 4/14/2011, 4:51 PM
@JerkDixx - WTF? 2011 and you're saying things like "the jew"? seriously? hope ur ok with stan lee, jack kirby, jerry siegel, joe shuster, bob kane, neil gaiman... not to mention kitty pryde, ben grimm, dr. fate, firestorm and magneto...

oh btw "kal-el" is hebrew for "all that is god."
manymade1 - 4/14/2011, 5:00 PM
Yeah this is old, he's gonna appear in the bar fight, with the Air Force vs Marines. An identical scene from Secret Origin.
CeltiC527 - 4/14/2011, 5:22 PM
This was actually confirmed a while ago.
andypand89 - 4/15/2011, 6:08 AM
imdb seriously? [frick] off
StrangerX - 4/15/2011, 9:07 AM
@jackDexx-plz explain. Hows what gonna work?
98speedboy - 4/15/2011, 11:35 AM
it would be AWESOME if they can bring the 4 Green lanterns in future.
KALel3412 - 4/15/2011, 7:31 PM
this was confirmed awhile ago. he is a great choice. he will be in the bar scene as a marine when hal gets beat up. atleast thats how it was in the comics.
Ven0m - 4/16/2011, 3:48 PM
Dont report IMDB bullshit here please.
JackDexx - 4/18/2011, 2:59 PM
@alternateno4 whoa man, i have no problem with jewish people. im 1/12 jewish.
P.S. stan lee is my god
@strangerx i didn't think it was going to work thats why i read the article

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