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HankBeastMcCoy - 1/13/2015, 2:42 PM
Gr33n4rrow - 1/13/2015, 2:50 PM
I preferred the 1st trailer.....
RexMason - 1/13/2015, 2:56 PM
Both trailers were disappointing.

But... The Avengers has a great trailer and it was a mediocre movie, so...
Amazing512 - 1/13/2015, 2:56 PM
Excellent! The next four months feel like a f***ing eternity!
Sxcory - 1/13/2015, 2:58 PM
Very good. Not on the level of DOFP trailer but still very good. Not showing too much but throwing a few little things in there to get us all talking. I'm glad they aren't revealing much. Keeps us all guessing and excited for the movie.
GliderMan - 1/13/2015, 2:59 PM
I wonder if Age of Ultron will end with Civil War about to happen like a cliffhanger, or if that'll all take place in Cap 3.
Handsomelygeek - 1/13/2015, 2:59 PM
This trailer didn't have the level of editing polish every other Marvel trailer had. It was good. But I think the first trailer was much better. It told a clearer story arch. This one was all over the place. Still excited about it.
Amazing512 - 1/13/2015, 3:00 PM
Before anyone rags on the CGI, I feel inclined to point out that any jabroni with minimal studying in computer animations and generated images can tell you that those shots were unfinished and will surely look better and more polished by release. Commons sense, people. Use it.
TheOverlord - 1/13/2015, 3:04 PM
When people say the first one was better, what they really mean was that the anticipation level was higher for the first one. This one was excellent in its own right and has me stoked for this film.
Amazing512 - 1/13/2015, 3:05 PM
It was the perfect trailer to be honest.
▪️Didn't give aways any major story details
▪️Stakes are obviously high
▪️Didn't show much of QS, SW, or especially Vision, to keep it all a surprise
And still remained grand as f**k. Whoever edited the trailer deserves a raise.
Titanace - 1/13/2015, 3:09 PM
I voted excellent because it has given us so much to discuss and still don't know much about movie....
dannramm113 - 1/13/2015, 3:12 PM
Okay, there is a difference between showing too much, teasing the audience, and showing nothing but action scenes. The Amazing Spider Man 2 showed too much, I'd say The Dark Knight 2nd trailer was perfect, and this one is showing nothing but action scenes. Seriously, not a "great" trailer, not bad though. Better than Antman.
LEOSTRATOR - 1/13/2015, 3:16 PM
I can careless about the trailer, I just hope this movie don't let me down. My kids are going crazy for this movie.
CaptainRedFurySpain - 1/13/2015, 3:17 PM
Trailer was perfect, didn't showed much but i'd rather see the best part of the film in theaters than in trailers like TASM2, I still love that the trailers from the first Avengers only showed the peak of the iceberg.
DCeddie - 1/13/2015, 3:19 PM
I'd love to see someone with the skills mash both the first and second trailers together.
dannramm113 - 1/13/2015, 3:31 PM
Basically you'd get a 15 second longer first trailer, right?
Mephistopheles - 1/13/2015, 3:32 PM
Anything I WANT to know or see from this movie I will have to wait until May 1st... so hey! Some new action shots, Hulkbuster, Klaw, Hulk, should be a good time!

Ultron attacks Avengers by taking over Stark's drones.
I think Von Strucker will be defeated by Ultron early on in the film, with Ultron taking over the Hydra base of operations and recruiting the twins.
Avengers locate Ultron heading to Africa to create a body for himself. Scarlet Witch (mind controlled Hulk), Quicksilver and the drones hold off the team while Ultron makes his vibranium body (Klaw and Panther cameo).
The team then follows Ultron around the globe trying to thwart whatever his plan is, with flashbacks from each team member's illusion they saw when first fighting Scarlet Witch.
Also, I think Idris Elba and Hiddleston having filmed scenes for this movie tells us where Thor will be; Asgard. Scarlet Witch shows him Ragnarok (Thor losing his powers, naked in that water), and he runs home to make sure everything is cool. He'll make it back in time to help the team beat Ultron.
Ultron creates Vision just before he enacts the final part of his plan.
Vision turns against Ultron, and persuades Pietro and Wanda to join him in aiding the Avengers.
The badass Avengers team defeat Ultron with something like "he isn't really dead because he doesn't need a body" They don't NEED to bring him back to the MCU, but it leaves the possibility there.
Team dissolves with Stark as penance for creating Ultron, becomes a proponent for heroes to be under the direction of either the government or the World Security Council (sub this for "registering secret identities, since secret identities aren't a big thing in the MCU). We see Stark creating a new SHILED-esque program (the set shots of the younger folks in uniform.
Cap on the other hand, having experienced the demise and infiltration of SHIELD in TWS, opposes Stark and this splits the team. He's joined by Fury and Maria Hill.
gugs69 - 1/13/2015, 3:48 PM
I like that this one feels like it actually has a sense of danger, unlike the first. Hopefully RDJ won't try to get attention the entire time.

GentlemanlyBatman - 1/13/2015, 4:00 PM
I miss voted. Do not count that good vote!
PymParticle - 1/13/2015, 4:07 PM
@gugs69 "Hopefully RDJ won't try to get attention the entire time."

Lol! Good luck with that one. The guy just wurmed himself into Captain America's third film after Marvel told him there wasn't going to be an Iron Man 4 for a while.

Entirety of AOU revolves around him, and in his mind the entire MCU does too. (Sadly he's partly right thanks to shitty creative decisions by Feige)
Greengo - 1/13/2015, 4:16 PM

Titanace - 1/13/2015, 4:16 PM
Yeah Marvel is sucking with Feige....face palm.
Gary8264 - 1/13/2015, 4:24 PM
The trailer is great. And Cap is the only one with Avengers A on his soldier?
Mercwitham0uth - 1/13/2015, 4:28 PM
It was sexcellent.
m0th3r - 1/13/2015, 4:31 PM
i am marvel fanboy...BUT

i found the last two trailers both did not live up to the First Ultron trailer OR either Cap2 or GotG trailers..
lapadite73 - 1/13/2015, 4:33 PM
It worries me that there hasn't been any comedy at all in their trailer. No one has even smiled.
BeeMo - 1/13/2015, 4:43 PM
Personally, I liked the first trailer far better than this one. Didn't care for Ultron's voice sounding more like the "human" version of James Spader. Had this trailer come out first, it would not have intrigued me that much to see Avengers 2. It was just "meh" for me.
mc7791 - 1/13/2015, 4:53 PM
trailer was all kinds of awesome. I just wonder will they show too much with the most likely superbowl trailer? We have barely seen vision except for a glimpse. It did everything it was supposed to do. Not reveal too much and have a lot of people wanting more. AOU is gonna rule!!
dezdigi - 1/13/2015, 5:29 PM
Liked it, made me worried about the fate of our Avengers!
Deschain99 - 1/13/2015, 6:23 PM

I judged a McDonald's commercial just the other day . . .I highly recommend it.
technodrome518 - 1/13/2015, 11:18 PM
14 people are idiots
Danbojohnj - 1/14/2015, 2:31 AM
Would like too see an established, respected award winning Director tackle a Marvel film.Throwing millions at CGI and hiring TV directors show.I like Marvel as I like DC, but their films to me are good and enjoyable but not excellent, like with the Bond films in the 90's to Skyfall for example , they should up the game and hire a Sam Mendes type, proven oscar winner to take them to the next level artistically.
Not trolling fanboys just my humnle opinion.
DudeGuyManBro - 1/14/2015, 8:38 AM
"Not showing too much" doesn't make a good trailer. Good editing makes a good trailer. This trailer was rushed together to show off newly finished special effects. Nothing else. The real 2nd trailer will be released eventually.
lucio7lopez - 1/14/2015, 12:29 PM
Not a great trailer.
Jau0062 - 1/16/2015, 2:18 AM
I am glad they are not telling us that much, sometimes by the time you see the movie they have told you the entire story in the trailers, I like that the story is still mostly a mystery.

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