PollMaster Rates and Reviews Green Lantern

PollMaster Rates and Reviews Green Lantern

Just a REGULAR comicbook fan's view on DC's first full-length movie outing of their EMERALD KNIGHT. [The RATING CHART is spoiler free but beyond that is No Man's Land]

PollMaster Rates GREEN LANTERN

Very Bad





as a ComicBookMovie






Faithfulness to the "comics"

a) character design

Noooh! Those basterds what have they done to you?!

Barely resembles the comic character

Some changes here and there but is still recognizable

Character look is altered for the movie but the design works

Smart/Perfect adaptation and presentation of character design from comicbook page to live media



b) character personality

"Get out I don't know who you are!"

"Hmmm... I recognize you somewhere?"

"Oh! Hi… hello there."

"This is different but it fits you."

"NOW that's You!"



c) relation to comicbook storyline

No relation to any comicbook storyline

Generic comic-fare that would fit any other character

Some hint of inspiration from the comics

Original story that is custom fit for the comic character

Excellent adaptation / great story inspired by a comic storyline 



as a MOVIE

Picture In General

Vomit Inducing


Just Ok

It was Goooood

Uber Great!




lousy and clunky screenshots

noticeable amateur shots

A watchable movie

Good scene compositions

Innovative and memorable scenes




Skill Non-existent



Inhabits the Character

Is the Character!




Nauseating and Repulsive

Zzzzzzz… wha… what was that?

That was nice…  Next!

It's good

Whoa! Mindblowing!



Movie Editting

A monkey could have done better

A monkey has done it

Nice but there's still some monkeying around

A monkey has nothing on you





Worse than Crap







Visual FX

I'll gorge my eyes out now

I'm squinting

Doesn't make me dizzy

Good to look at

Amazing to look at



Costume Design

Good Gawd!

You won't see it near me


Love to have one

I MUST... get me one of those



Sound Editting

After that, I wish I was deaf!

A monkey is doing it again.

I didn't really mind it.

Nicely done

Kudos! Bravo!




No way that's music!

"Amateurs clanging in the basement"

Highschool Musical Presentation?

Now that's good music

Angelic Chorus



OK Movie



Good CBM




Definitely a must see in theaters.


As always, I have tried to stay away from other previous reviews to not taint my opinion about the movie. Here is my unadulterated look of DC's Green Lantern.

In General, the movie was good, and to be honest I was actually expecting it to be better than Marvel's Thor. So, I was a bit disappointed that it fell a little bit short but that doesn't mean that it was a horrible movie, it just felt lacking a little in some places.

Here's my first irk as a comicbook movie fan, I'm not sure if it’s Anthony Hopkins doing the narration (I guess I was a bit excited to actually look for his name on the credits) but if it was not then the narrator sounded uncannily like Sir Hopkins. With that said, I was confused early on whether I was watching the next installment of Thor upon hearing the voice of Odin (might not be the best move DC have done considering that Thor was just released just a month ago).

Then we have our first view of the CG characters of the movie, in all honesty and I might be the minority here, but I like how they present the characters here, how clean but still natural looking. I especially how these alien character moves, they seem normal but with other minor twitches that actually make them seem "alien". However, at times, these go over the top and we get to see a more "cartoony" depiction.

I feel that the moviemakers put a lot of effort and thought in doing Hal Jordan's costume; I have to give kudos to the creators. It felt organic, and actually, looks like a second skin for the character but was still respectful of its comicbook roots. I am not saying that other superheroes should go this route but this definitely works for the character of Green Lantern.

For the characters' personalities, I believe they did not deviate much from their comicbook counterparts. Like most of you here, at first it was difficult for me to accept Ryan Reynolds for the role of Green Lantern, as he was more of a "Flash" type of guy but a little tweak to his natural "Ryan Reynolds" persona he did inhabit the role of Hal Jordan. For the other characters, it just felt like that, there is not much of a character development for them for the actors to really botch them up.

In terms of the story, it was fun to see some parts of comicbook storyline adapted in this movie. The geek in me liked how they handle Hal's father and his relationship with his brother (for however brief it was). I am just not sure how much it resonates with regular moviegoers. However, it did feel that they cramped a lot of GL mythos in the movie for a non-comicbook fan to wrap their head around.

It was great to see OA, the short time that Hal trained with Kilowog and Tomar Re, I think that was a missed opportunity for the moviemakers because these were the more interesting part of the movie. They should have just cut short the scenes with Carol because it just did not feel that it moved organically (but I have to say that Blake Lively was easy on the eyes).

I was a little bit disappointed with Campbell's directing because I was expecting much action considering he has done Bond and Zorro, but this time around it felt that there were moments that was just dragging. It was sad that we did not see the Corps having a big fight and Hal Jordan's final confrontation with Parallax was a bit anti-climactic (Silver Surfer facing-off with the Galactus cloud comes to mind).

The audio and the musical score were unremarkable. It is serviceable but nothing epic and memorable.

I guess I just got spoiled by Marvel Movies’ cameos and easter eggs that I was also hoping that we could have one in a DC movie but I guess they decided to really cater to the general public than the fanboys. Though they should have borrowed some moves in Marvel's playbook and have those easter eggs without derailing the movie.

In the end it is a good movie, still a must watch for comicbook non-comicbook geeks alike but they should have done much more. I am still hoping for a sequel, especially with their tease of Sinestro wearing his yellow ring.

Now for our Special Edition CBM FIGHT CLUB


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EditNinja - 6/17/2011, 4:20 AM
Highly comprehensive article - well done.

MISTAKES - Warner Bros will never make one again By EditNinja
REDSTORM - 6/17/2011, 4:22 AM
I liked both GL and Thor, however GL was more fun to watch. Thor was a great film, don't get me wrong. X-Men: First Class beats both though.

Definitely don't think the Critics do GL justice.
BillyBatson1000 - 6/17/2011, 4:28 AM
JUST A QUESTION TO EVERYONE WHO HAS SEEN THE GL MOVIE; Do you think the problems could be fixed with a different final cut?
Ruben - 6/17/2011, 4:46 AM
i went to the midnight showing and it was awesome!! everyone left the movie giving it a "B" and i think it was alot of fun!!
Berger45 - 6/17/2011, 4:52 AM
Good review Pollmaster. @Patrickbateman47 - shut the hell up with your nonesense.
kashchei2003 - 6/17/2011, 4:52 AM
the movie felt a bit rushed, especially scenes with the GL and villains on screen, or even the scenes on OA. Hopefully they'll put out an extended edition on bluray or something, then maybe i might feel a bit better about it. Felt like the ending had cuts that made it abrupt as well, so yes some things could be fixed with a different cut.

We all laughed at the jokes, but there was never a time when anyone was rooting or cheering for any particular scene. No one in the theater clapped at the end either, and usually we all clap during midnight viewings at this Arclight. It was just... meh...

I went to watch the Lord of the Rings re release on Tuesday night in the theater, that 10yr old movie brought out more excitement in the theater than GL did...

i really wanted to enjoy it more than i did
EldeMit - 6/17/2011, 4:58 AM
I saw Green Lantern last night. Biggest disappointment of the year, just a plain boring film. Sigh, there goes my Flash movie...
95 - 6/17/2011, 5:01 AM

I agree with your rating and I like you rating system.

I thought the movie was a solid A. Our theater had technical issues, missed the prologue. I hated the musical score, lacked the scale of magic most space opera film score's have. I went in fearing an over comedic film but came out pleasantly surprised. Could have been better, but I'll take it over 'Thor' anyday.


I personally don't think so. It was brief, not long and drawn out. Rather have that over longer, possibly over-dramatized scenes. Especially given that the dialogue and certain situations aren't taken very seriously, I'm glad the film cuts back and forth to Space action scenes which are very well handled. Nothing was anti-climatic, just, dare I say, to-the-point. It was an entertaining and energetic motion picture experience.


I thought the pacing was fine.


Funny. No one clapped during my screening either, they liked it, but it wasn't great, just another "good movie". I was the only that clapped. I clapped five times, not too loud, not too soft. I had fun, that's all...

marvel72 - 6/17/2011, 5:05 AM
still haven't seen it,i hope to go over weekend.
Berger45 - 6/17/2011, 5:16 AM
@patrickbateman47 Shut the hell up you douchebag!
LuckyKyd - 6/17/2011, 5:22 AM
Actually, I was wondering about just that. And I really hope we get a Director's cut/Final cut type of DVD at some point because the pacing was jumpy and editing at some places just seemed odd.

Other than that this is a great review, I'm ecspecially fond off your rating system. Great work PollMaster!
EldeMit - 6/17/2011, 5:27 AM
I hope the writers of this movie stick to tv work from now on. Seriously, the dialogue was cringe-worthy at best.
ThaMessenger07 - 6/17/2011, 5:32 AM
Great review Pollmaster.

I Will do my own tonight. Really annoyed by the biased comments from Fanboys. Need to see for myself.
Orko - 6/17/2011, 5:33 AM
I really enjoyed the movie. Could they have fixed some small things. Sure However, this was still a great movie and is worth seeing. I am glad they pumped some extra money into the special effects! Can't wait for the next one!
StrangerX - 6/17/2011, 5:36 AM
Yea i was suppose to see this last night, but I ended up spending time with a female for once. There's one thing I love more than comic book movies it's.. pussy.
axiouz - 6/17/2011, 5:39 AM
Hey, is the 3D any good? I've not yet decided to see it in 3D or 2d or in Imax.
OnLeatherWings - 6/17/2011, 5:39 AM
I am still stoked to see this! sounds like a hit or miss film with the critics but thats ok, only problem with that is some people take into consideration the critics too much and prevents them from forming their own opinions. i love GL and i wana see it and i know ill like it. i think the general population will enjoy the movie much like they enjoyed THOR and X MEN FIRST CLASS.

ps. i think its funny that Rodger Ebert liked it more than THOR ;)
Corpse - 6/17/2011, 5:48 AM
I saw Green Lantern... I gotta say... It was not anywhere near what the negative critics has been throwing around! Yes, it was a bit rushed and could benefit from being a bit longer and having fewer people writing the story(more Geoff John involvement!) but overall, it is great entertainment! My exceptations were not completely met but they did a fine job! Just hoping we get a sequel!!
BillyBatson1000 - 6/17/2011, 5:49 AM
Re: Starfighter, kashchei2003, reclusemaverick, LuckyKyd: Thanks guys! I immediately though of the terminally slow pace of Martin Campbell’s previous films as soon as his name was picked. Check out their running times, it’s amazing. Even his Bond films really drag themselves out. They seem to go on, long after they’ve made their point. And he never seems to focus on the important elements of the main plot. Guess from what’s been said it wouldn’t be an easy fix.
95 - 6/17/2011, 5:55 AM

It was better than Thor's 3-D. You could see the depth in Space action scenes like the final confrontation with Parallax. On Oa, the camera's focus doesn't allow for you to see depth in the background. Nothing "pops out". Earth-bound scenes, 3-D is almost non-existent. Not much a difference. I took my glasses off and saw a slight difference, but it definitely didn't make it better. 3-D did not enhance the experience. View the trailer again, if you like it, then 2-D is the way to go. Personally I think the image quality is sharper in 2-D. I viewed it 3-D because I'm always curious as to what the format offers to the story. Unfortunately, it had no effect on this film what-so-ever, some would argue it made the film worst. A shame, considering how nice the ring construct would look if the 3-D was done properly. Sadly, it's not shown in IMAX.

Greengo - 6/17/2011, 5:56 AM
@Berger & @ Patrickbateman47... both of youtz shut the hell up!
CBArtist - 6/17/2011, 5:57 AM
It's definitely a fun film. I actually enjoyed it a lot more than Thor.
manymade1 - 6/17/2011, 5:59 AM
@ Intruder Yeah I had saw that on RT. Very sad.

I guess with some comicbook films you have to look at it as just a film(X-Men) and some only as a comicbook adaption(GL).
spiderneil - 6/17/2011, 6:16 AM
in brightest day
in blackest night
no evil shall escape my sight
let those who worship evils might
beware my movie, it's f***ing s***e!
Shadowelfz - 6/17/2011, 6:26 AM
Good review, Pollmaster. I'd take your opinion over that of a 'professional critic' any day of the weak. When a critic views a film, thier intent is not to enjoy the feature, but to analyze and pick it to pieces. You seemed to have analyzed the film, but didn't let the shortcommings ruin the fun over all.

One of our local critics gave First Class a C- and Thor a C+ but gave that Mel Gibson Beaver Puppet movie an A. Even if the movie is better as a piece of cinema (i doubt that) there is no way it can be more enjoyable than a good CBM to us fans, though maybe I'm wrong. Maybe watching Mel Gibson talk to a beaver puppet is more entertaining.... unlikely.
axiouz - 6/17/2011, 6:26 AM
Thanks Man, I'd go for 2D then. :]
BlackLanternJake - 6/17/2011, 6:27 AM
I'll save most of my praise/vitriol for my actual review tonight. All I will say for now is that this GL movie felt like one big setup for the SECOND lantern film, if that makes any sense. Did anybody else get that sensation watching the movie?

CBM's that were WORSE than GL:

Xmen 1,2, and 3
Iron Man 2
Spiderman 3
Batman & Robin
Superman Returns
Superman III
Superman IV
Batman Forever
Batman Returns
Jonah Hex
Ghost Rider
Punisher: War Zone

Movies that were on-par:

Spiderman 1
Superman I
Superman II
The Punisher

Movies that were superior:

Batman Begins
The Dark Knight
Spiderman 2
Xmen First Class
Iron Man 1
NiteSoul69 - 6/17/2011, 6:31 AM
@StrangerX, find ya a woman that likes CBMs, believe me its much better when u can see a cbm and then come home and get some too:)
capreborn - 6/17/2011, 6:34 AM
can we stop comparing Thor to green lantern.Thor was awesome, green lantern was just watchable. The green lantern cartoon tell a better story
StrangerX - 6/17/2011, 6:53 AM
@NiteSoul69-Yea last night I had to catch her up to speed with Emerald Knights [frick]ing hilarious she thought it was the movie that was in the theaters half the time.

@capreborn-THOR was good not that awesome.
Dedpool - 6/17/2011, 6:54 AM
This was awesome! I'll have to come back and vote when I see GL.
95 - 6/17/2011, 6:55 AM

I agree with your comparisons 100%. I can understand where you get the idea that 'Green Lantern' was one huge set up for a sequel. Especially with YELLOW playing a big part and Sinestro playing the good guy before the fall from grace foreshadowing. Felt like a prologue to something bigger DC is planning, probably testing the market's reaction.


I hate to compare it to 'Thor' but they're both CBMs for this summer movie season. They were both in 3-D. Both with cosmic scale. Both used alot of CGI. Both have arguably "too much comedy". Both can fly, lol. Both disappointed many. Personally, I didn't like 'Thor', seemed "watered-down". 'Green Lantern: First Flight' is a good Green Lantern movie, it's does everything better than the live action did.

Spidersocks - 6/17/2011, 7:03 AM
Pollmasters reviews are probably the only ones that can have an effect on my opinion of a movie. Critics are a waste... I thought GL would be a game changer for comicbook movies but I also had my doubts. Well now I know it will be good while watching it but forgettable a day after or so like Thor and Iron Man 2 because it seems GL is just a set up for a bigger movie
95 - 6/17/2011, 7:09 AM

I know. Alot of people on here liked 'Thor'. But you have to admit that there was a significant amount of people who felt let down by it. Anyways, can't you still like a movie but still feel disappointed because it "could have been better"?

CapemA - 6/17/2011, 7:11 AM
Is it a great movie, no. Will comic book fans enjoy it, most likely. At least you get an after credits scene.
Dedpool - 6/17/2011, 7:14 AM
@Pollmaster- It was Geoffery Rush (Tomar Re) narrating
TheSuperSoldier - 6/17/2011, 7:15 AM
@Rm - I didn't say liked, I said LOVED. Big difference.. The only thing I was disappointed in was that it should have been longer because it kicked so much f*cking ass!


Thor - 77%

Green Lantern - 21%

Take your story walking, Thor was great, GL sucks, deal with it.
Spidersocks - 6/17/2011, 7:19 AM
@rm - agree with Intruder and you for thinking it couldve been better, all Marvel movies could be a lot better but they keep using them as a set up for Avengers and other movies, making these forgettable. A lot of people loved Thor.. I went to see it with my uncle who's been reading the comics since back in the 70's and he started crying when they showed asgard and the rainbow road, cheered for Odin's horse and pointed out to me the eight legs(can't remember if it was eight)

While I thought it was just good enough, not memorable because I've only read two comics in my life a Batman called Hush and a Superman. I only knew about these characters but not their stories. So I saw Thor as any other regular person. Thor was amazing for fans and just another summer movie for me, I think GL will be the same
SageMode - 6/17/2011, 7:20 AM
Awesome review chart Pollmaster.
Im will be goin to see it after work today.
Thor and Odin wins the battles. Fandral, Volstagg, and Hogun loses theirs
95 - 6/17/2011, 7:23 AM

'Thor' definitely should have been longer. We obviously have different opinions. Yes, 'Green Lantern' has very bad reviews and I agree with them all. However, my experience with 'Green Lantern' was much better than that of 'Thor'. That was just my viewing experience. I will say this though... Chris Hemsworth's character is a much better hero than Ryan Reynold's.

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