"War of Light" and "Blackest Night"

"War of Light" and "Blackest Night"

If you've followed GL up until now, you know of the impending "War of Light" that's just around the corner. Just as a heads up, I want to give everyone some knowledge as to what that means exactly.

We all know of the Green Lantern Corps, and now the Sinestro Corps, consisting of Sinestro (which has been the total opposition of the GL Corps since Sinestro first gained his Yellow Power Ring) and a cadre of various familiar DC villainous faces. But now there have been other, various colored, Corps' showing up throughout the Sinestro Wars, GL and GL Corps comics. The following is a listing of the multiple Corps in the "War of Light" and the Prophesized "Blackest Night" storylines. Along with links to each of the Corps' web pages.
This is what was told to the Earth Lanterns (Hal, John, Guy and Kyle) by the Guardians concerning the “Blackest Night” prophecy - The two existing Corps would be joined by five new ones, each driven by a specific emotion and empowered by a specific color of the emotional spectrum, leading to an all-out war that would end up destroying the universe.

Green Lantern Corps - Hal Jordan and crew are always up for a fight. And since the events of the Sinestro Wars, they have lost many, and gained many more, members.
They have also been given the authority to use lethal force against Sinestro and his crew. Niiiiice. Main players being Hal Jordan, John Stewart, Guy Gardner, Kyle Rayner, Kilowog, and a slew of both new and old corps members.

Sinestro Corps - Founded by Sinestro in an attempt to destroy the Green Lantern Corps which he was once a prominent member of, and who leaders, the Guardians, expelled him and sent him to the Antimatter universe of Qward, where he found the Qward Weaponers and their weapons powered by Yellow energy. His ranks have grown substantially and included the likes of the Anti-Monitor, Superman-Prime, Cyborg Superman, Despotellis, Parallax, Amon Sur (Abin Sur's son) and Bizarro Yellow Lantern.

Now, those have been the main 2 factions in this war of colors thus far, but now, there are new additions to the fray, leading up to the eventual "War of Light" these include:

Red Lantern Corps - Founded by Atrocitus of the 5 inversions, the 5 survivors of the Space Massacre of sector 666, this Corps is powered by the Red Spectrum of light and the power of Rage. The first Red Ring being born out of the crystallized blood of the inversions themselves. The Ring replaces the heart of its bearer, spoiling their blood, and expelling it from their bodies in violent vomiting. Atrocitus formed the Red Power Battery from a lake of his own expelled blood, and from this Battery emerged new Lanterns and Rings to find new hosts. Next to Atrocitus, Laira (a former GL expelled for the murder of Amon Sur) is the first to be inducted into the Red Lantern Corps. Their purpose is to destroy Sinestro. It is said this group will usher in the "War of Light".

Orange Lantern Corps - The Orange Lanterns are powered by avarice, or greed. The Controllers (an offshoot of the Guardians) are seeking the Orange Light of Avarice in the Vegan Star System. The bearers of Orange rings possess a much deeper aura than other Corps's members, and it is said they steal the rings of other Corps' as well.

Blue Lantern Corps - The Blue Lantern Corps rings are powered by Hope. They were created by the Guardians Ganthet and Sayd out of their Hope for the future. The Blue Power Rings are capable of energizing other Corps' rings. The first member is Saint Walker, sent by Ganthet and Sayd to help Hal and fellow lanterns in keeping Sinestro from falling victim to the Red Corps.

Indigo Lantern Corps - The Indigo Lantern Corps do not wear rings, but instead, wield Staff-like Lanterns made up of Coral-like material. They resemble shamans and do not wear uniforms, but instead tattoo their bodies with the symbol of their Corps, and are powered by compassion.

Violet Lantern Corps - The Violet Lanterns are Zamarons (female offshoot of the Guardians) and are powered by Love. When 2 beings were deeply in love, they met their deaths in loves embrace, and through their final act of love they managed to open a channel into the Violet emotional spectrum, crystallizing and entire planet. The Zamarons came to this planet and used these crystals (Star Sapphires) to give spurned lovers the ability to enact vengeance on their former lovers. They realized, when the Sinestro Corps was created, that the "Blackest Night" Prophecy would indeed come to pass. So they fashioned a central power battery out of the Crystals and created Rings and a Corps of their own. Once a bearer was found, the Rings would encase them in crystal, awaiting their new role.

Black Lantern Corps - During the events of the Sinestro Corps Wars, a member of the Sinestro Corps, The Anti-Monitor was hurled into deep space by Superman Prime who was enraged at the loss of the war. Battered and damaged, the Anti-Monitors Body shriveled, and eventually landed on dark, barren planet that started to envelop him and as he was powerless to stop it due to the damage suffered in the war, he was fully enveloped, and this created a Black Lantern Power Battery. The Black Lantern Rings are able to re-animate the dead, thus, the Black Lantern Corps is composed of the re-animated corpses of the dead in the DCU! The symbol for the Black Lanterns is the same symbol worn by former Hal Jordan enemy, Black Hand. It is speculated as this being the return of that character to the DCU.
Can you guess as to which “dead” will come back?
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RorMachine - 12/12/2008, 12:26 PM
wow, this is cool stuff. i had no idea there wer so many different factions of lanterns. how did you get the pics up with each paragraph by the way?
IonParallax - 12/12/2008, 12:41 PM
Aha! Shaman was having the same problem on his site, I will forward you the mail I just sent to him explaining the how-to deal.
JaxSunYoak - 12/12/2008, 2:43 PM
Nicely done.

And why do we not want the Red Lanterns to hand Sinestro his ass, or head, which ever is best?
IonParallax - 12/12/2008, 5:21 PM
Apparently, thats what will kick off this "war of light" the death (again) of Sinestro. Which I would surmise, afterwards, he becomes a Black Lantern. That guy gets AROUND!
CaptainCook42 - 12/14/2008, 11:17 PM
I'm following GL closely, and I'm half-excited, half-dreading this war of light. My brother and I came up with the different spectrum of rings nearly 10 years ago, so 'm glad DC finally caught up, haha.

But seriously, I'm dreading how much they will mess up the DCU, especially with the Black Lanterns. I can only imagine a re-animated corpse of Superman from Earth 2. Oh boy... Can you say Clusterf#ck?
Shaman - 12/15/2008, 9:59 AM
How about Superman? He did die at the hands of doomsday... Mabe the Superman we know of now, is actually a fake? And the real one is now part of the black lantern corps!!! Pum pum pum ...

But i am loving the hell out of this concept!!!
IonParallax - 12/15/2008, 10:46 AM
Or MAYBE, Bruce's Parents are coming back as Black Lanterns? Plus every single character that has ever died at the hands of naybody in the DCU.
Shaman - 12/16/2008, 2:04 PM
LOL, the army of death... If it's stars Bruce Campbell, sign me up! LOL
IonParallax - 12/16/2008, 5:07 PM
Nice change Shaman.
Shaman - 12/17/2008, 10:16 AM
Yes but DAMN IT the system is not leting me keep it!!! WTF?!?!?! It worked on my girlfriend's computer but on my job computer, it just automatically uploads the LOBO one!!! What can i do??? I cancel it, it goes away. I browse and open the kratos one, and when i click on submit, it loads up the lobo one! CURSES!!!
IonParallax - 12/17/2008, 12:47 PM
OK, here's how Spock gave it to me. Go in and delete your avatar. Log out. wait a few minutes and log back in. Add new avatar, should be golden. Worked for him, worked for me, I don't see why it wouldn't work for you as well.
Shaman - 12/17/2008, 1:28 PM
Actually ION, i found out it was only on my "work" computer so Nathan at techsupport told me to tweek the internet options so it would show! And if you guys think it's because i don't like LOBO anymore, it has nothing to do with it LOL. It's a request from my girlfriend because i look actually like Kratos with glasses on LOL.
IonParallax - 12/17/2008, 6:06 PM
That's awesome!
BuckyB7588 - 1/2/2009, 7:36 PM
That sounds really cool, I'm glad that I'm jumping on now.
TheSoulEater - 1/13/2009, 2:10 AM
Wow, green Lantern's certainly come a long way
alten2345 - 2/13/2009, 11:24 AM
This is going to be one of the best "events" ever!

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