Guardians of the Galaxy

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy expands the Marvel Cinematic Universe into the cosmos, where brash adventurer Peter Quill finds himself the object of an unrelenting bounty hunt after stealing a mysterious orb coveted by Ronan, a powerful villain with ambitions that threaten the entire universe. To evade the ever-persistent Ronan, Quill is forced into an uneasy truce with a quartet of disparate misfits–Rocket, a gun-toting raccoon, Groot, a tree-like humanoid, the deadly and enigmatic Gamora and the revenge-driven Drax the Destroyer. But when Peter discovers the true power of the orb and the menace it poses to the cosmos, he must do his best to rally his ragtag rivals for a last, desperate stand - with the galaxy’s fate in the balance. Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy is presented by Marvel Studios and stars Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Dave Bautista, Bradley Cooper as the voice of Rocket, Vin Diesel as the voice of Groot, Lee Pace, Michael Rooker, Karen Gilian, Djimon Hounsou with John C. Reilly, Glenn Close as Commander Rael and Benicio del Toro as The Collector. Distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, the film hits Dec. 9, 2014.
Ever since Marvel released Guardians of The Galaxy to large success last year, the team of misfits have been becoming much more prevalent in other media. Click the jump to see a brand-new clip of the team's upcoming animated series, which will air on DisneyXD! - Gutspinner
The release date of Marvel's Guardians of The Galaxy animated series is drawing ever closer, and now the latest in a series of short clips highlights the origins of team member Gamora, who's played by Zoe Saldana in the live action movie. Click the jump to have a look... - Gutspinner
Marvel Comics will be launching its All-New All-Different universe in October this year, and they've just announced yet another new series, and its based on the Guardians of The Galaxy - all of 'em! Click the jump for details and the official synopsis now! - Gutspinner
Marvel's Secret Wars is proving to be a massively successful crossover event, and now its beginning to find its way into Marvel's other media, with a brand new Secret Wars update just released for Marvel Future Fight! Click the jump for details on the new additions! - Gutspinner
“Hooked on a Feeling”, “I want you back”, and “Come and Get Your Love”, just a few examples of hit tracks featured in last summer’s blockbuster Guardians of the Galaxy. With the high cost of licensing these types of hits, you wouldn’t expect the same quality of music in a cartoon would you? - speedyg33
Marvel's Guardians of The Galaxy is getting the animated treatment this September, and the latest in a series of short promo clips highlights Drax the Destroyer's origins! Click the jump to see for yourself! - Gutspinner
With the Awesome Mix Volume 2 already being worked on, Tyler Bates will return and prepare the original soundtrack for Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2.! If his work is going to be anything like it was in the first film, it's sure to be good! Click on to check it out! - NightWatcher
We've had the backstories for both Star Lord and Groot already, now find out how Rocket went from an ordinary raccoon to the big-gun wielding smart ass we'll meet in Disney XD's upcoming Guardians Of The Galaxy animated series. Plus, see how he wound up teaming with Groot... - RorMachine
Are Fox and Marvel playing nice? "Deadpool, A Crossover With Rocket Would Actually Benefit You" Check out a preview for Guardians Team Up #10, with Rocket Raccoon and Deadpool, Guardians Team-Up #10 goes on sale Aug. 19 - DrKinsolving
Next to Civil War, Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 is one of Marvel's most exciting Phase 3 projects. Fans may be disappointed to learn then, that James Gunn has revealed he won't be on hand with any sequel news at this weekend's D23 Expo. Read on for more! - Minty
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After releasing Peter Quill's origin story for the Guardians of the Galaxy animated series, Marvel Entertainment follows up and released a new video that reveals Groot's backstory! The clip also showcases a whole planets full of Groots and the Dark Aster! Hit the jump to check it out! - NightWatcher
With the release of Ant-Man, the Phase 2 of Marvel´s Cinematic Universe is finally complete. I present here a posible running theme that unites the films in said phase. - Saga
Yesterday director James Gunn hosted a Snapchat, and during this Snapchat Gunn teased Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, by revealing a very, very small part of the script that unveiled a character's name that will apparently return! Hit the jump to check it out! - NightWatcher
Here we have a new TV spot for the upcoming Disney XD Guardians Of The Galaxy animated series, which not only features a first look at some of our heroes in action, but the Blue Swede tune that's now synonymous with Marvel's big-screen blockbuster. Take a look... - RorMachine
Could Thor be showing up in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 before his climactic third solo outing in Ragnarok? - JacuzziJoe
A few days ago, we posted an article revealing "part 2" of Star lord's story and revealing how he first met up with Yondu! Now, Marvel Entertainment has released the first part of that story revealing Peter Quill's first encounter with Ravagers! Hit the jump to check it out! - NightWatcher
With Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy opening up in theaters exactly one year ago today, Director James Gunn acknowledged and celebrated the film's success with this awesome, heartfelt letter to the many fans around the world. Actor Chris Pratt also shared his thoughts... - NightWatcher
The "Rock and Roll All Nite (Guardians of the Galaxy Video Mix)" by Kiss!!!!! - 2013venjix
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If you've always wanted to drink your morning coffee from the head of a sentient alien tree, this is the free drawing for you! This mug doesn't actually hit stores until January, but thanks to PREVIEWSworld we have one to give away to a lucky CBMer. Click on to find out how you can win... - RorMachine
Even though this series doesn't tie into Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy movie, a new clip has been released for the upcoming animated series that sees Peter Quill (Will Friedle) meeting the Ravager, Yondu for the first time! For those interested, hit the jump to check it out! - NightWatcher
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Marvel has released the first promo for Disney XD's upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy animated series (which isn't set in the Marvel Universe, but borrows a lot of plot points from James Gunn's movie). It looks like a lot of fun, so give this a watch after the jump... - JoshWilding
Since Comic Con is now over, the question everyone ask is "Who won Comic Con?". Not only I'm answering this question, but I think my answer is going to surprise you. - AvatarTarSauce