GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Post Credits Breakdown <font color="red">SPOILERS</font>

The Guardians Of The Galaxy post credits reveal, for better or worse, is one of the most talked about in recent years. Hit the jump for a short breakdown of a certain Marvel characters surprise appearance and how it may influence the future of the MCU. And be sure to sound of with your own thoughts!

Critics are calling Guardians Of The Galaxy one of the best Marvel movies as of so far and with good reason. It's exciting, action packed and just a good time all round even. Check out the embedded video below for Mr Sunday's breakdown of the opinion dividing GOTG post credits stinger and be sure to subscribe to Mr Sunday's new channel,

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batz11 - 8/3/2014, 4:41 AM
I thought it was a fitting stinger...loved the movie...don't really care what the scene was at that, don't really wanna see more of him in the MCU either, doubt we ever will...

Oh, we got this great scene from the original...
ckal - 8/3/2014, 2:08 PM
Like most I wish we got Richard Rider or Adam Warlock coming out of his cocoon but whatever.

Was hoping to hear Cosmo speak! (telepathically)
TopCat89 - 8/3/2014, 2:14 PM
Cool I guess....would of preferred a teaser though to A2 or beyond....such as the Avengers teaser at the end of Cap:TFA, which was the final movie of Phase 1
CuddlyCereal - 8/3/2014, 2:14 PM
Cosmo looked perfect, but he was just a dumb slobbering dog :(
TopCat89 - 8/3/2014, 2:16 PM

As always though I love these weekly videos, keep em coming!
typicalfanboy - 8/3/2014, 2:17 PM
killing ronan was dumb. he's an interesting character in the comics, and they just threw him away in the movie. i don't get the love for howard the duck. in my theater during the post credits reveal, some weird asian guy who was barely in his twenties threw his arms in the air like it was the greatest thing ever. i hate going to theaters because of people like that.
ManofSteel23 - 8/3/2014, 2:20 PM
nah I do not want to see a film about a duck, I remember watching the 80's film and it was years ago, but I remember it being wank! It used shit load of 80's references in this film, which was kinda good since it could related to the older generation while also appealing to the younger, was really smart
QuiLL13 - 8/3/2014, 2:22 PM
Typicalfanboy.. I don't see what's so wrong with someone doing that. If that's why u don't like going to the movies then u have issues haha
KnightArtorias - 8/3/2014, 2:22 PM

Your name really sums up your views perfectly.
AlexanderLykins - 8/3/2014, 2:23 PM
I feel like my comment continues falling on deaf ears but here I go again. Apparently the cocoon we saw in the Thor: The Dark World post-credits scene was shown to have been opened or broken in the Guardians of the Galaxy post-credits scene. Can anyone confirm this?
marvel72 - 8/3/2014, 2:28 PM
it was a shocker to say the least & a wasted opportunity to reveal warlock into the marvel cinematic universe.

don't want to see him turn up in guardians of the galaxy 2,maybe an episode of agents of shield but that's about it.
aRandomSinisterClone - 8/3/2014, 2:28 PM
worst voice for videos ever
AlexanderLykins - 8/3/2014, 2:30 PM
Marvel needs to step up it's post-credits scenes or I'm not going to stay anymore. These are great opportunities to introduce new characters and tease future plots.
Javilinthrower - 8/3/2014, 2:32 PM
I hope cosmo will be added to the sequel. I like the cosmo-rocket love-hate relationship in the comics, it's hillarious! Didn't care about Howard the Duck. Like mostly here, they should have shown an open Warlock's cocoon.
Chekkarma - 8/3/2014, 2:36 PM
This guys voice is super harsh on the ears.
AlexanderLykins - 8/3/2014, 2:41 PM
Maybe he'll be given an actual actor in a sequel if he joins the team?
BabyGroot - 8/3/2014, 2:42 PM
Least Baby Groot didn't disappoint.
Kyos - 8/3/2014, 2:48 PM
So the Collector/Cosmo/Howard scene really is the only scene after the credits start?
AlexanderLykins - 8/3/2014, 2:48 PM

AlexanderLykins - 8/3/2014, 2:48 PM
Sadly, yes. A missed opportunity in my opinion.
UltimateCookie - 8/3/2014, 2:52 PM
Better than any reboot they could ever do.
macfint - 8/3/2014, 2:53 PM
Amazed that they showed a Celestial. Did anyone notice those "beings" in a circle, in that Collector narrative? From behind they looked like Watchers, (their collars), but when they showed their heads, alas, they had small noggins. Not the appropriate Watcher size. Were they Watchers tho????
grif - 8/3/2014, 2:53 PM
just like the post credits scene to the avengers. it should be afterwords where people wont be forced to watch it again. who gives a [frick] about cosmo and howard the duck?
LaserKing - 8/3/2014, 2:55 PM
One of the many things that I laughed at was during the end credits. No raccoons or trees were harmed during the making of this film......Hilarious!!!!
Namor - 8/3/2014, 2:59 PM
I think it was just a wacky after credit scene that means very little to Howard in the future. I mean, we seen James Gunn's Slither creatures as well, do you people think those will show up in the future of the MCU? Exactly, there is no chance..
GeekyCheekyChic - 8/3/2014, 3:00 PM
At least it was better than the post credits scene of Iron Man 3
Namor - 8/3/2014, 3:00 PM
@Grif- I care about Cosmo. Hes hugely involved in the GOTG comics. Pretty much anyone who likes Guardians would expect Cosmo to be involved in the franchise.
KeithM - 8/3/2014, 3:01 PM
There was a collective "da fuq?" in my cinema, with just me and about half a dozen other 'nerds' laughing out loud. Had to explain who the duck was to a few people around me. Howard exists in the MCU... how awesome is that?
KeithM - 8/3/2014, 3:02 PM
@Namor: Word. Cosmo's part of the team.
KeithM - 8/3/2014, 3:03 PM
And no - no need for Howard to turn up in sequels or get his own film. Still, the thought of Stark meeting him makes me giggle...
Kyos - 8/3/2014, 3:04 PM

Okay, thanks for the info! Hurm, that is a tiny bit disappointing indeed. But I guess it won't affect me much when I finally get to watch the movie. :)
MyloSteamwitz - 8/3/2014, 3:07 PM
More Howard!!!

He could be the next RR.
TankD - 8/3/2014, 3:09 PM

I was thinking they were The Universal Church of Truth.
PiscinaDeLaMuerte - 8/3/2014, 3:10 PM
But who did his voice? I really want to Know that!
typicalfanboy - 8/3/2014, 3:12 PM
my hatred of arms and how they are thrown up in the air has made me a social pariah...such is life.

the movie sucked, btw. i saw it 3 times in the theater. once in imax 3d, then in real d 3d, then in regular. i hated it ever time. i also hate ducks, raccoons, dogs, quills, those who accuse, people who collect things, and gunns. also gamora was dumb. she's supposed to be this killer, and she didn't once attempt to take a life. she subdued quill and cut off a tree's limbs, that eventually grew back. getting drunk and compromising your safety for a fight that you cna't win was great exposition. what a predictable story. i mean marvel is great at setting up hype and rarely delivering.

i just don't get why movies like this, iron-man3, iron-man2, thor 2, captain ameria, thor, and incredible hulk get such favorable reviews for being so mediocre and lazy.
GodzillaKart - 8/3/2014, 3:14 PM
Seth Green did the voice.
JoeMomma29 - 8/3/2014, 3:25 PM
Yeah I get what Gunn was trying to do in the end credit scene, but he could have given us something amazing like a tie into Antman or Avengers 2.
UltimateCookie - 8/3/2014, 3:30 PM
I want Howard to be the Nick Fury of Marvel's space-flicks.
UltimateCookie - 8/3/2014, 3:31 PM
Seth Green, the nerd Prince himself.
DylanTBest - 8/3/2014, 3:46 PM
Howard will probably become Marvel Studios' Pizza Planet Truck, he'll appear during a short glimpse in each film as an easter egg/injoke. Either that or he'll be the Cosmic Marvel's Stan Lee.
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