James Gunn On Where He's At With GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY 2

James Gunn On Where He's At With GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY 2

Yesterday we found out that Gunn would indeed write and direct a sequel to Marvel's brilliant space adventure flick, and it turns out he already has a fair idea of the direction he'll be steering the Milano. More Yondu and the Ravagers? the Kree? Quill's Dad? Yup..

Although it's obviously very early days, director James Gunn does sound like he's already made headway into the story for a Guardians Of The Galaxy sequel. While chatting to Film Divider he comments on co-writer Nicole Perlman, and her original script for the first movie, and it sounds to the site like he'l almost certainly be flying solo with the sequel's script. Gunn also seems to have several ideas already in place, and he's filled Kevin Feige in on the plan too. Here are his quotes in full, although beware of SPOILERS as it pertains to certain characters who may or may not survive the first film!

"I know a lot of where I want to go. I have a lot of ideas for stories and characters that are going to appear, and there are documents written up, that some people have, about Peter Quill’s father and his relationship, a lot of stuff about Yondu and a lot of stuff about Drax that nobody knows. There are a lot of things that are part of the overall schematic that already exist, not to mention a lot of stuff about all of the cultures. There’s a lot of stuff about Xandarian and Kree culture that I’ve written down or I have in my head, as well as Krylorians and Ravagers. Kevin Feige has stuff. I wrote up a lot. He knows all the stuff and if I died tomorrow they could go make a movie. They could write the story of Peter Quill’s father and it would all be there. I think Yondu is a very important character, a really important character in this universe, and I think Nebula is really important too and so I think we’ll see more of both of those characters."

Gunn even suggests that he has chosen a few songs for the "Awesome Mix-tape 2" already. There's more at the link below, but what would you guys like to see in a Guardians Of The Galaxy sequel? There are quite a few potential characters from the comics who could join the team after all.
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Lozzy - 7/26/2014, 3:23 AM
I really hope we do get Peter quills father J-son in a sequel.
Lozzy - 7/26/2014, 3:24 AM
Also I think this confirms Nebula survives the first film.
WorstUserNameEver - 7/26/2014, 3:25 AM
As well as a GOTG sequel (with Adam Warlock), I want at least one Marvel Cosmic spin off like Nova, Quasar etc.
Starkasm - 7/26/2014, 3:26 AM
Maven - 7/26/2014, 3:30 AM
More Rooker would be great.

And again;

NeKroziFeRPrime - 7/26/2014, 3:32 AM
this day will be epic..
PeterDarker121 - 7/26/2014, 3:42 AM
Damn...I KNOW the inevitable salty reviews'll be comin in, but as of NOW, GOTG STILL has a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes with 25 reviews (and another top critic from yesterday). Good stuff.

And by this time tomorrow morning, we may know the schedule of Marvel's entire film slate for the next FIVE YEARS.

I LOVE the smell of Marvel in the morning.

Smells like....VICTORY.
DrKinsolving - 7/26/2014, 3:49 AM

tongtong - 7/26/2014, 3:50 AM
Those leg muscles looked like he's hiding a wang.
LordThanos - 7/26/2014, 4:06 AM
Need Adam Warlock and Nova! And more Thanos!
malekithdude - 7/26/2014, 4:14 AM
Well once Thanos has battled the Avengers and the Guardians (presumably with the Infinity Gauntlet), Nebula could take over as it's to my knowledge she has a story where she takes the gauntlet and it takes the Avengers to stop her. I'd love to see something like that in Avengers 4 etc.
TheDpool - 7/26/2014, 4:22 AM
@Lozzy - New here? There's a thing called spoiler alerts for a reason.
DarthSandwich - 7/26/2014, 4:25 AM
@DrKinsolving, that's the cutest thing i ever saw.
Lozzy - 7/26/2014, 4:26 AM

Im not spoiling anything, its in the article.
thunderforce - 7/26/2014, 4:28 AM
Hopefully we will get something that the Guardians just can't handle so we can get some form of the Annihilators .
TelaVizion - 7/26/2014, 4:29 AM
@Lozzy - no is not the answer
SnapperCarr - 7/26/2014, 4:31 AM
I'd like to see the Guardians visit Planet X so we can more of Groot and his backstory.
SnapperCarr - 7/26/2014, 4:31 AM
Oh and Adam Warlock, Mantis and Quasar should join the team.
TelaVizion - 7/26/2014, 4:32 AM
Can't wait for the next one. It would be cool to possibly have Yondu be a little jealous of Peter meeting his real dad finally (considering he was the one to raise him in the MCU).

Y'all need to hurry up and see this movie dammit. I'm dying to see what some of you think. We already know they will be those that won't like it, but I'm anxious to see what the rest of you think about the film.
Lozzy - 7/26/2014, 4:36 AM
"I think Yondu is a very important character, a really important character in this universe, and I think Nebula is really important too and so I think we’ll see more of both of those characters."

@TelaVizion @TheDpool

ckal - 7/26/2014, 5:15 AM
Richard Rider Nova
Adam Warlock

Bring that shit

Would be something incredible if Quasar, Gladiator, and Silver Surfer (if Marvel can get the rights back) showed up.

The Annihilators, galactic Avengers. Most powerful team in the universe.
Demongod20 - 7/26/2014, 5:26 AM
Nebula reminds me of post Namek Freeza.
SnapperCarr - 7/26/2014, 5:30 AM
More Yondu is also welcome.
TheDarkKnightSlap - 7/26/2014, 6:04 AM
I've been talking to Gunn for 2 years now about including Jack Flag in the sequel. I'm super excited about the possibilities and what we could do with this character...I'm just waiting to hear back from him on Twitter.
DrKinsolving - 7/26/2014, 6:12 AM

Definitely, The cutest. Thanos is such an a-hole, ha

shaddowkhan - 7/26/2014, 6:15 AM
slyjason - 7/26/2014, 6:37 AM
Jack Flagg
slyjason - 7/26/2014, 6:38 AM
Mantis and Bugg
TelaVizion - 7/26/2014, 6:48 AM
Ugh, @Lozzy u didn't get it.
Lozzy - 7/26/2014, 7:02 AM

I'm completely lost right now.
TelaVizion - 7/26/2014, 7:49 AM
lol @Lozzy
TelaVizion - 7/26/2014, 7:52 AM
Don't worry bout it. You'll figure it out soon enough.
ALmazing - 7/26/2014, 7:53 AM
Hulksta - 7/26/2014, 8:34 AM
Funny we get no mention of Magus or Michael Korvac, two of the Guardians largest villains. This could be Gunn trying to keep their possible inclusion in Guardians a secret, who knows.

The bit about Yondu interests me...I always thought he was a background character in this, but perhaps there's more to him then what we've seen so far!
TheAbomination - 7/26/2014, 8:38 AM
Adam Warlock for GotG 2 or GTFO.
ComicsBornAndBred - 7/26/2014, 9:04 AM
Nebulae does look similar to Freeza. And Quill's dad has some interesting history as does Drax
beane2099 - 7/26/2014, 9:34 AM
I think we'll be seeing J-Son in the sequel. It would make sense anyways. I'd also like to see more Nebula.
Scorpion8125 - 7/26/2014, 10:20 AM
GotG2 quest.

Find Adam Warlock.


TheDpool - 7/26/2014, 11:19 AM
@Lozzy although i read the article others come to voice an opinion to those that didn't read you let out a spoiler.
DrDoom - 7/26/2014, 12:07 PM

More villains need to survive in the MCU!

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