Michael Rooker Spotted As 'Yondu' On Spaceship Crash Set Of GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY

Michael Rooker Spotted As 'Yondu' On Spaceship Crash Set Of GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY

Earlier this morning, Guardians of the Galaxy filmed scenes in Surrey with Michael Rooker's Yondu and a swarm of others seemingly invading someplace with a farmland backdrop. Check out set photos!

“Guardians of the Galaxy,” the next epic adventure from Marvel Studios, is directed by James Gunn from his screenplay, with a story by Nicole Perlman and Gunn, and the film will introduce audiences to a whole new side of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The all-star cast includes Chris Pratt as Peter Quill aka Star-Lord, Zoe Saldana as Gamora, Dave Bautista as Drax the Destroyer, Lee Pace as Ronan the Accuser, Michael Rooker as Yondu, Karen Gillan as Nebula, two-time Academy Award nominee Djimon Hounsou as Korath, Academy Award® winner Benicio del Toro as The Collector, Academy Award nominee John C. Reilly as Rhomann Dey, and six-time Academy Award nominee Glenn Close as Nova Prime. Marvel’s “Guardians of the Galaxy” is slated for August 1, 2014!
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ElBicho - 8/23/2013, 9:22 AM
"Good morning Michael... are you okay?"

"Yeah, just feelin' a little blue."
Dinotron - 8/23/2013, 9:30 AM
Oh my gosh! Where the crap is his red mohawk?? Or his red underwear??? This film will suck!!!!

Hahah jk awesome find!!
whoa123 - 8/23/2013, 9:32 AM
Practical effects ftw!
SuperDude001 - 8/23/2013, 9:34 AM
Umm cool. Although it does worry me a little all the aliens spotted have been really bright colour skinned. Not bad, just dunno of it'll work on camera.
MrReese - 8/23/2013, 9:34 AM
Lookin' good Rooker.Lookin' good.
TheEnd - 8/23/2013, 9:38 AM
@superdude001 they will look awesome on screen. things get darker in movies
ezio619 - 8/23/2013, 9:40 AM
galaxy-thank you for that gif, those are some great knockers, uuummm, michael rooker, yondu, looks cool, i dohope not every alien is green, blue and orange, and they actually look very weird and different and crazy etc
MrCBM56 - 8/23/2013, 9:44 AM
This is probably where he finds Peter quill in a flashback because if you recall in the picture where Starlord was getting arrested it had a part where it said he and Yondu had alliances I think. So when we skip ahead Yondu could possibly have the big read Mohawk.

Nonetheless he looks badass.
ALegendaryPanda - 8/23/2013, 9:47 AM
DAMN he looks dope!
TheWolverine08 - 8/23/2013, 9:48 AM
@Glaxy Those are some nice boobs. Name?
MrCBM56 - 8/23/2013, 9:49 AM
And you can tell his mohawk has some shade of red. especially in this pic,

Also, I see green, BADOON?

I'm also glad that for the most part they're using practical effects rather than CGI. It's alot more fluent.

cdpacheco89 - 8/23/2013, 9:49 AM
can we get a "like" button like facebook? Rooker looks like a boss BTW. I remember the only thing I saw him in before was Mallrats :P
timepuzzler - 8/23/2013, 9:50 AM
He blue himself.
gambgel - 8/23/2013, 9:50 AM
wow, how many colorfull characters there will be on this movie? lol

It will be a big Colours fest!
DioFoRio - 8/23/2013, 9:51 AM
I was expecting the big mohawk ..but that is a helluva lot more practical. GotG is gonna be so f'n rad!
jimoakley666 - 8/23/2013, 9:53 AM
Thank [frick] they got rid of that ridiculous red sail on his head and the uber-gay shoulder pads... Really looking forward to seeing how they portray Ronan The Accuser. I'd imagine his uniform will look a bit like a black and green version of Thanos' with a executioner's hood.
Comedian666 - 8/23/2013, 9:53 AM
That mohawk thing he has looks like it might be something that acts a placeholder. Maybe they're going to give him Yondu's normal mohawk with CGI, which is really the pnly way it would work.
DioFoRio - 8/23/2013, 9:53 AM
@92...it looks like a piece on his head. Maybe it's cgi'd in...who knows.
Omarvls - 8/23/2013, 9:53 AM
DioFoRio - 8/23/2013, 9:54 AM
what satans comedian said
Omarvls - 8/23/2013, 9:54 AM
and our boy @beto has no interest in seeing this
Danbojohnj - 8/23/2013, 9:55 AM
Rogue Trooper.
DioFoRio - 8/23/2013, 9:55 AM
Lmao @monkeyballs
Omarvls - 8/23/2013, 9:55 AM

that is funny
timepuzzler - 8/23/2013, 9:56 AM
@monkeyballs Never forget.
3DWitchHunt - 8/23/2013, 9:56 AM
LMAO batz
I will forever associate that song with disappointment
DioFoRio - 8/23/2013, 9:57 AM
where are thos close up pics that were posted? I bet it raises up and goes back down via cgi.
Bearjew - 8/23/2013, 9:59 AM
I really just want to see Ronan. An if they can throw us a bone and add a skrull in somewhere I would [frick]in appreciate that
Marqy47 - 8/23/2013, 9:59 AM
Maaaan, thats one fiiiiiine lookin smurf over there
HulkDraxGroot - 8/23/2013, 10:00 AM
was expecting something else but sill cool.
imaginejim - 8/23/2013, 10:00 AM
they could easily be adding the red Mohawk in post....
VolkanTaskillas - 8/23/2013, 10:01 AM
The original design of Yondu is RIDICULOUS. Lot better in the movie.
MightyZeus - 8/23/2013, 10:01 AM
Looks good. Glad there going with practical effects.
PC04 - 8/23/2013, 10:04 AM
Red Mohawk is CGI
Marqy47 - 8/23/2013, 10:04 AM

Random alien bad guy nr. 37
Floke - 8/23/2013, 10:04 AM
-You guys! Do you think we can build some drums out of this scraps?--Yeahh sure! Go for it!
Dunejedi - 8/23/2013, 10:06 AM
@Dio Yeah, I'm thinking they throw it in later. It's gonna be bangin'.

Most of my sphincters will be doing the hokey-pokey until this flick hits. I'm trying to stay away from it, but it won't stay away from me.
Kayo - 8/23/2013, 10:07 AM
good stuff.............looks pretty cool
ParisSun - 8/23/2013, 10:08 AM
This is a case where I'm glad they departed a bit from the original design. The comic look for this character would have looked awful on the big screen.
Marqy47 - 8/23/2013, 10:10 AM
maybe even 38 :D
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