New GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Concept Art Reveals Nebula's Alternate Costume

New GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Concept Art Reveals Nebula's Alternate Costume

Marvel Studios' longtime, truly talented artist Andy Park has shared new concept art for Guardians of the Galaxy, featuring his work on Thanos' least favorite daughter, Nebula, played by Karen Gillan.

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Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy expands the Marvel Cinematic Universe into the cosmos, where brash adventurer Peter Quill finds himself the object of an unrelenting bounty hunt after stealing a mysterious orb coveted by Ronan, a powerful villain with ambitions that threaten the entire universe. To evade the ever-persistent Ronan, Quill is forced into an uneasy truce with a quartet of disparate misfits–Rocket, a gun-toting raccoon, Groot, a tree-like humanoid, the deadly and enigmatic Gamora and the revenge-driven Drax the Destroyer. But when Peter discovers the true power of the orb and the menace it poses to the cosmos, he must do his best to rally his ragtag rivals for a last, desperate stand - with the galaxy’s fate in the balance. Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy is presented by Marvel Studios and stars Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Dave Bautista, Bradley Cooper as the voice of Rocket, Vin Diesel as the voice of Groot, Lee Pace, Michael Rooker, Karen Gilian, Djimon Hounsou with John C. Reilly, Glenn Close as Commander Rael and Benicio del Toro as The Collector. Distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, the film opens August 1, 2014
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Pasto - 8/8/2014, 11:15 AM
Dat cyborg belly tho.
AnthonyLantern - 8/8/2014, 11:24 AM
….What could have been…..
MFDOOM - 8/8/2014, 11:24 AM
Here's to hoping she wields the gauntlet against Thanos in a future Avengers project.
luffycapri - 8/8/2014, 11:26 AM
Looks the same to me ?
wallhead - 8/8/2014, 11:26 AM
nightmare fuel or wet dream..
Darktower - 8/8/2014, 11:26 AM
did she die in the movie ? cause i can only remember her flyin off some where...
Jollem - 8/8/2014, 11:26 AM
Jollem - 8/8/2014, 11:27 AM
some girls really are cute bald
monkeyballs - 8/8/2014, 11:27 AM
LMAO. This is actually an article.
sKeemAn - 8/8/2014, 11:32 AM
Owlman88 - 8/8/2014, 11:33 AM
Was it too much to ask to show this sexy tummy?:

Doopie - 8/8/2014, 11:34 AM
that's a nice midriff. loved the bit where she puts herself back together. Afraid she might pull it off with those cybernetics doe.
Floke - 8/8/2014, 11:37 AM
She will baldly go where no one has gone before.
DrKinsolving - 8/8/2014, 11:39 AM
She looked amazing, loved it, and Feige has basically said we'll most likely see more of her

DCMarvelFreshman - 8/8/2014, 11:40 AM
@monkeyballs Why so surprised?;)
yossarian - 8/8/2014, 11:44 AM
What color will she turn if I choke her?
CherryBomb - 8/8/2014, 11:45 AM
Wow I actually prefer this costume!
Karen has an amazing body, she'd have still looked amazing.
Pasto - 8/8/2014, 11:45 AM
So thats how you get your kicks huh Yoss?
MrCBM56 - 8/8/2014, 11:46 AM
With your hand or...?
Gusto - 8/8/2014, 11:48 AM
I want some artwork that reveals
Nebula's sewer lid nipples.
Pasto - 8/8/2014, 11:48 AM
A girl complementing another girl's body...

Pasto - 8/8/2014, 11:50 AM
Mickey slid the check under the door, I simply looked the other way.
yossarian - 8/8/2014, 11:51 AM
I dig magenta.
MrCBM56 - 8/8/2014, 11:51 AM
@Dio I don't get paid in checks I get paid in sex. Ain't that right Mickey?
Pasto - 8/8/2014, 11:52 AM
I was, and then I didn't get an email with that art I asked for.

*Drops mic*

Wannabe - 8/8/2014, 11:53 AM
Midriff always is better. C'mon, Marvel.
AnAvenger - 8/8/2014, 11:54 AM
Ha! These comments man....
Pasto - 8/8/2014, 11:57 AM
Dang I really did turn this into a dark place. I understand completely man. I honestly didn't remember the photo until you mentioned the dinner thing. No worries.
ALmazing - 8/8/2014, 11:58 AM
Neat concept.
MexicanSexyman - 8/8/2014, 11:59 AM
I hope her hand gets replaced by a cylinder shaped object with a round tip, so she and Gamora, and maybe Nova Prime (for those into old hags like Gusto and McGee), can play with each other in GOTG 2.
batz11 - 8/8/2014, 12:04 PM
My blue balls found their target...
batz11 - 8/8/2014, 12:11 PM
Wtf @dio I knew I should have clarified lol
RaMan - 8/8/2014, 12:11 PM
@Darktower- No she didn't die. She took off with the jet she landed on.
She will appear in GOTG2 and maybe in Avengers 3 (also may be titled 'Avengers: Thanos Rising).

She was an important character in the novel, Infinity Gauntlet.

slickrickdesigns - 8/8/2014, 12:12 PM
She's a hotty! Let the Rock Display what exactly I would like to do to Nebula;)
ComicsBornAndBred - 8/8/2014, 12:13 PM
Love me some cybernetically enhanced belly haha
Gusto - 8/8/2014, 12:13 PM
Yeah...they found their target alright!

RaMan - 8/8/2014, 12:15 PM

Darktower - 8/8/2014, 12:18 PM
hmm thats wat i was thinking... pretty sure she goes back to thanos.
CherryBomb - 8/8/2014, 12:20 PM

I act all nice but secretly I'm throwing darts at her picture on my wall because I'm so jealous of her body :'(
Gusto - 8/8/2014, 12:29 PM
I'm not jealous of her body.
If I had tits I'd never leave the house.
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