Jon M. Chu Says HE-MAN AND THE MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE Is In The Experimentation Phase

Jon M. Chu Says HE-MAN AND THE MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE Is In The Experimentation Phase

G.I. Joe: Retaliation director Jon M. Chu dishes on his next 80's franchise reboot, Sony's He-Man and The Masters of the Universe, says everything is on the table. Who would be your pick for He-Man?

He-Man Jon M. Chu

Jon M. Chu was announced as the director for He-Man and The Master of the Universe back in July of last year but details on the project have been piecemeal ever since. The Sony and Escape Artist joint venture will see Chu at the helm of a contemporary take on the classic 80's toyline and cartoon series. The project is currently working off a script from Alex Litvak (Predators, The Three Musketeers) and Mike Finch (Predators, American Assassin, Hitman Reboot). Speaking to IGN during press for G.I. Joe: Retaliation, Chu updated the status of the project.

He-Man Jon M. Chu"We're still early but we're deep in experimenting. This is the most fun phase for me because we get to try everything we've ever wanted to try in [Masters of the Universe] and then we get to throw out all the things that don't work, which is most of it. [This allows us to know] what our tone is, where we're going to head with it and it's a very important phase because it shows [us] the direction we're going to go in the future. So we're very early, we don't know a lot yet other than that we're playing around and having a lot of fun."

It's pretty easy to imagine the concepts Chu and co. are toying with while trying to hammer out a winning He-Man formula. Do we make Prince Adam a wimpy alter-ego? Do we need two separate actors to play Prince Adam and He-Man? How do we make it so that no one recognizes that Prince Adam and He-Man are the same person? Are we going to include Cringer aka Battle Cat and if so, how? Hopefully, the director can crack the code and deliver and entertaining fantasy spectacle. Hollywood Stock Exchange currently has G.I. Joe: Retaliation slotted for a $52M estimated opening weekend and a 4-week domestic gross of $136M which should please not only Paramount but also Sony.

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Hellsing - 3/27/2013, 2:54 PM
Hopefully he has a better script coz Retaliation was decent flick but damn some of the scenes just dragged on and characters like Flint did nothing in the movie. But The Rock and Snake-Eyes/Ninja Crew were bad. Also RZA stick to rapping dude your pretty damn awesome at that Acting not so much.
Hellsing - 3/27/2013, 2:54 PM
Also 3D was just pointless watch it in 2D it doesn't add or take anything away
Hellsing - 3/27/2013, 2:55 PM
Damn [frick]ing type I meant to say The Rock and Snake-Eyes/Ninja crew are [frick]ing badass in this movie. Everything else is meh.
dodgerfan805 - 3/27/2013, 3:35 PM
G.I. Joe is DONE! RE: He-Man, Dolph Lundgren is waiting for his phone call.
InfiniteMonkey - 3/27/2013, 3:36 PM
They're going to get a wrestler from WWE for sure. LOL
JohnnyKrypton - 3/27/2013, 3:41 PM
Prince Adam was never part of the original story; I'm hoping they stick to that.

Of course, if the early buzz on GI Joe is to be believed, I'm wondering if Chu is the right guy to begin with
Greengo - 3/27/2013, 3:41 PM
Josie Lannister : /

WakeOfMagellen - 3/27/2013, 3:46 PM
This sums it up sadly....


ConnerKent - 3/27/2013, 3:49 PM
I really want this movie to be good, I've been a fan of MOTU for over 10 years, but the reviews Chu is getting for G.I. Joe 2 are not boosting my confidence.
thatiscrazy - 3/27/2013, 3:55 PM
this movie will suck goat balls
SunfireUrA55 - 3/27/2013, 3:56 PM
@earzmundo: Wow you sure have high expectation of his Joe movie.
Since you don't like it from what you've seen so far, then why bother going to see it?
Or is it because he is Asian and you are a racist moron so you hate whatever he does anyway?
JohnnyKrypton - 3/27/2013, 4:02 PM
Jollem - 3/27/2013, 4:15 PM
i've known girls who were in an "experimentation phase"
Vaportrail - 3/27/2013, 4:41 PM

Whoever can pull that look off without looking completely ridiculous has my vote.
The most recent TV series really was quite good. Never cared to watch the original.
adm38kan - 3/27/2013, 6:32 PM
I agree RZA is a horrible actor. I liked "Man with the Iron Fist"....minus RZA as Iron Fist!!!
Optimus83 - 3/27/2013, 7:55 PM
He-Man movie. ...¡¡¡NOW!!!
ComicFan1134 - 3/27/2013, 8:32 PM
Josh Something Or Other from Lost As He-Man!!!!
TerminalVoyd - 3/27/2013, 9:02 PM
And yet the 2003 series managed to make it work without throwing "most of it" out. Honestly, they've actually managed to cobble together a decent mythology from the early mini-comics that came with the toys, the various comic series, and the two animated series.

There's actually a potentially fun big science meets sorcery mythological playground to play in (as long as you don't wink and nod at the audience and play it straight). They're not going to have the budget issues the first film had the first film around, so hopefully we'll actually see Eternia in full scope this time around.
Darriann - 3/27/2013, 11:44 PM
As far as whether or not they need one actor or two.I say one actor for both roles.They could always use the same efx that were used in Captain America.The one that had Chris Evans as a small feeble man then turn into a bigger,stronger super human.

The actor would have to be a very muscular person.I don't know who it would be though.And Dolph Lundgren should have a cameo as King Greyskull which was not a part of original cannon.But it an excellent story plot.
StrangerX - 3/28/2013, 3:54 AM
This is not the movie to rush, and just make some high paced action flick that lasts an hour and 30 min. There is a lot of rich history that would be wasted if not shown. Somethings I would like to see
Dolph lundgren cameo as King Greyskull.
Peter Mensah cameo as King Hiss
Jai courtney as HeMan
Kevin Grevioux as Beastman
Orko isn't a bumbly magician instead he's a superintelligent AI.
ClarkFarley2012 - 3/28/2013, 6:09 AM
Hugo Weaving is Skeletor all the way!!
AlexDeLarge87 - 3/28/2013, 6:32 AM
This could be awesome if made right... MAYBE!

AlexDeLarge87 - 3/28/2013, 6:34 AM
Richard Armitage for Skeletor. If he can do Willem Dafoe type of voice he will be perfect.
Dedpool - 3/28/2013, 6:42 AM
Dustin Clare (Gannicus in Spartacus) for He-Man.
LeoAtrox - 3/28/2013, 6:58 AM
Whoever they chose, he will have to bulk up. Right now, I don't know of any actor that is the right size and young enough to play the role. If I had to choose someone, based on his brother's physique, I'd say that Liam Hemsworth could pull off the role. It will require a lot of lifting and "300" type training, but I think he could do it.

As for Skeletor, Weaving wouldn't do it. The guy played the Red Skull because it was something he hadn't done before, and hated it and said he never wanted to do something like that again. Why would he choose to do a role with a similar makeup and SFX requirements? Would he be great in the role? No doubt. The man is a terrific actor. But I think he's off the table, and folks are just throwing him out there because he's a great character actor and the first name you think of when you consider guys who play characters with skull faces. Nope. Think outside the box. Think about someone who maybe hasn't played a great villan role yet. Think Paul Bettnay. Or Viggo Mortensen. Or Jim Caviezel. Or Ben Foster.
LEOSTRATOR - 3/28/2013, 8:03 AM
Go in the direction of Lord of the rings with laser guns and aircrafts. They shouldn't have to change the character design too much, I love the Original he-man looks like Conan in a space adventure.
Archangel82 - 3/28/2013, 10:27 AM
With a little tweaking this could be the next Lord of the Rings/Star Wars. I've always loved He-Man but the film needs to be a serious take on the franchise. I hope they'll be able to pull it off.
P.S. when will we be treated to a great ThunderCats movie?
JonF - 3/28/2013, 4:27 PM
Everyone take a close look at my avatar. The right way to go is to use the 11 original mini comics from '81 - '83 as source material! NO Prince Adam , Cringer , or Orko! Go back to that take!

Once Filmation's cartoon came out in '83, it permanently dirtied the waters and the franchise just turned into an exploitative cash grab! See the '87 movie as evidence! The Beastmaster film from '82 was actually much closer to the proper tone for a He-Man movie than the actual MOTU film!!! All that was missing was the technological slant!

One huge hurdle Chu has to overcome is the temptation to "kidify" the thing! Skeletor and his minions need to truly be a scary threat! Silliness has always held this franchise back, and I have had enough of it! This needs to be an otherworldly EPIC!
Superman1938 - 4/7/2013, 2:30 PM
This movie better be epic if not Chu should never be allowed to make a movie ever again. Please for the love of all that is holy do NOT cast Channing Tatum as He-Man. I've been a fan of MOTU since the early 80s it deserves a great film.

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