BATES MOTEL "Meltdown" HD Video Teaser

BATES MOTEL  "Meltdown" HD Video Teaser

Bates Motel the series, being a "contemporary prequel" to Hitchcock's 1960 film Psycho has a new promo out plus summary just past the jump if you dare...

From A&E:

Romero digs for the truth behind Miss Watson’s murder, while the war between the drug families presents Dylan with an impossible choice. Norman pushes Norma away when she won’t tell him the truth about his blackouts.

Starring: Vera Farmiga, Freddie Highmore and Max Thieriot.

LEEE777 - Airs Next Monday 10.9c. 21 April on A&E.
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LEEE777 - 4/16/2014, 10:34 AM
batz11 - 4/16/2014, 10:45 AM
Really good show, haven't watched last ep yet...
charlie2094 - 4/16/2014, 10:47 AM
Looks good! Honestly completely surprised by how, not awful, this show is :P Actually pretty good
Nick56 - 4/16/2014, 10:49 AM
The series is good, though I feel a lot of the episode sub plots are just filler. I want less "town with a mystery" and more "slasher" stuff.
sameoldthing - 4/16/2014, 11:05 AM
Vera Farmiga / Norma Bates is the best actress working today. Too damn good.
Freddie Highmore / Norman Bates does a real good job of seeming like a goofy harmless teen but then when he goes "psycho" it's very disturbing. He will bet crazier as the show progresses I'm sure.
thor2273 - 4/16/2014, 11:30 AM
It's nice to see this show get some love on the site. I really like these movie shows this,Hannibal and From Dust Till Dawn. Fargo was good too last night.
LEEE777 - 4/16/2014, 7:21 PM
thor2273 @ Cool Thor, deffo, I like them shows too, not seen Fargo yet looks good tho!

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