Check Out This LOST BOYS Poster From Mondo

Check Out This LOST BOYS Poster From Mondo

If you're an '80s child, chances are The Lost Boys was your favorite movie at some point. Now Mondo and Phantom City Creative have released this great poster and a variant from the film. Click on to check em out and find out how you can nab one.

The Lost Boys has dated now (quite considerably in fact), but warts and all it remains one of the most entertaining Vampire movies of all time in my opinion. Its cult credentials are unquestionable, spawning it a rash of pretty awful sequels which focused on Corey Feldman's supporting character from the first movie. Anyway, if the movie was as big a part of your childhood as it was mine you might want to pick up one of these posters from Mondo and Phantom City Creative.

The posters will be available online today (February 1st) at a random time at Mondo Tees, so keep an eye on their Twitter account (link below) for details.

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ABLEE337 - 2/1/2013, 5:08 AM
Love this guy's work.
jessepostal - 2/1/2013, 5:10 AM
Kinda lame,except the earring
SmellofDuty - 2/1/2013, 5:28 AM
Love Lost Boys but I would rather have a poster of the sexy saxaphone man... Is that weird??
RorMachine - 2/1/2013, 5:31 AM
Haha. Yes.
SmellofDuty - 2/1/2013, 5:32 AM

dezdigi - 2/1/2013, 5:37 AM
So oily!
Tao1 - 2/1/2013, 8:10 AM
looks great, however can someone help me and tell me what that thing on his ear is.
novaprime - 2/1/2013, 8:39 AM
Still a huge Fan of The Old 1,
JohnnyKrypton - 2/1/2013, 8:56 AM
"It's fun to be a vampire" Ugh.

The last line should be "But you must feed"
StephenStrange - 2/1/2013, 9:31 AM
I have a Lost Boys t-shirt that I still wear and a framed poster in my house.
alecwright - 2/1/2013, 11:42 AM
JohnnyKrypton, couldn't agree more. The tagline is great until that last line.
superpooper - 2/1/2013, 12:30 PM
@smellofdoody lol. I still believe.
Jollem - 2/1/2013, 12:43 PM
had me this on vhs. what's wrong with the tagline? that's pretty good for 80's hollywood
breakUbatman - 2/2/2013, 2:46 AM
Death by stereo
NorrinRaddical - 2/2/2013, 8:03 AM
right on!

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