Guillermo Del Toro Introduces The Scary Short That Inspired MAMA

Guillermo Del Toro Introduces The Scary Short That Inspired MAMA

Take 3 minutes to check out this very effective short film that inspired CBM favorite Guillermo del Toro to come on board as producer for the upcoming feature length version, which stars Jessica Chastain (Zero Dark Thirty) and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (Game Of Thrones)..

And here's the second trailer for the full-length movie in case you missed it last time..

Andres Muschietti directs Mama as his first big film from a script he co-wrote with his sister and producer Barbara Muschietti and "Luther" writer Neil Cross. Guillermo del Toro presents this supernatural thriller that tells the haunting tale of two little girls who disappeared into the woods the day that their parents were killed. When they are rescued years later and begin a new life, they find that someone or something still wants to come tuck them in at night.

Mama hits theaters January 18th, 2013.

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Valandil - 12/29/2012, 8:21 AM
So.. the mother is the monster? I thought in the movie was the little girl.
Jessica Chastain looks normaly (hot) to me.
Parker2017 - 12/29/2012, 8:57 AM
thats there mother! that thing is freaking looking!! (cOULD LOOK A LITTLE MORE SCARY) but jeez thats wonderful old school spanish horror.
RorMachine - 12/29/2012, 8:59 AM
Well, that's just in the short..the feature will probably be a lot different.
MarkJulian - 12/29/2012, 11:04 AM
I'm down for everything about this film until we get to the part where the little kids just start saying mama over and over again. So unintentionally funny.
Franshu - 12/29/2012, 11:41 AM
the short film is cool, i watched it on vimeo months ago. i'm nt sure if the story's complex or interesting enough for a full-length film tho
Jollem - 12/29/2012, 11:50 AM
SpiderBat209 - 12/29/2012, 12:11 PM
PapaEmeritus - 12/29/2012, 1:14 PM
Wow, i liked that!
macfint - 12/29/2012, 2:49 PM
That was sick. Always trust in Del Toro.
Polygame - 12/29/2012, 7:38 PM
ringu all over again? seriously?!
AUSSYACE - 12/29/2012, 7:56 PM
Not too sure about this one...

It might have to be a weekly rental...


EpicMan - 12/31/2012, 8:30 AM
Is posting this article because Guillmero happened to direct a comic Book Movie really any different than posting an atrticle that stars an actor that previously portrayed Comic book Character....


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