Gullermo Del Toro Still Hopes to Make At The Mountains Of Madness

Gullermo Del Toro Still Hopes to Make <i>At The Mountains Of Madness</i>

Gullermo Del Toro hasn't let go of the hope of making At The Mountains Of Madness.

Speaking with empireonline, Gullermo Del Toro let it be known that he would love to still make At The Mountains Of Madness. Here is what he had to say:
“For me, the collapse of At The Mountains Of Madness was a soul-shattering experience. It was very difficult for me that that movie didn’t happen. We designed the creatures, the sets, we were scouting the locations, and went through any number of drafts. Everything was going and then it collapsed and it was a big blow. It was a very debilitating moment.

“But I think we may still make it. When I’m brave enough to go and see Prometheus, I’ll know. But for now, I don’t know. We are all nothing but human beings. I go to the theatre, I buy my ticket for Prometheus and I go and see something else, because I’m afraid. I’m not a mental entity, I am also emotional, because the ideas are similar, from what I’ve heard and I’ll see it next week, I promise!”

For those who aren't familiar with At The Mountains Of Madness, it's a story similar to Prometheus. A film Based on At The Mountains Of Madness would probably share similar set pieces to Prometheus and both would contain nearly the same ending. But regardless of Del Toro wanting to make this film, his slate seems full. He working on a Frankenstein film, Slaughterhouse Five, Drood, a re-boot of The Haunted Mansion, Pinocchio, and Beauty and the Beast. It would be awesome if Del Toro could fit in At The Mountains Of Madness but if not then we will have to settle for his other films on the list, but that wouldn't be so bad.
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Kalel219 - 7/18/2012, 2:39 AM
Would rather he made Hellboy 3
musashi - 7/18/2012, 2:52 AM
Didn't he say he was thinking about making Hellboy 3 after Ron Perlman dressed up as Hellboy for that kid? We need to clone him so he can keep on top of his insane movie schedule!
Kalel219 - 7/18/2012, 2:53 AM
There's talk but nothing set in stone.
batfan175 - 7/18/2012, 3:16 AM
instead of hoping to make 100 projects sometime in the future, just make 1 project actually happen now.
pOoPEE - 7/18/2012, 3:56 AM
Hell Boy 3 finish what you already started :-)
jimoakley666 - 7/18/2012, 4:03 AM
I'd love to see him film this story. I've never read the book, but listened to the BBC dramatisation on the radio, and that was eerie as [frick].
AlexDeLarge87 - 7/18/2012, 4:07 PM

Really want to see that in the big screen. And not some lame PG-13 stuff but the real deal. Dont give up to the studios Del Toro.
maito - 7/18/2012, 5:42 PM
Slaughter house 5 instead please.
cgrass5150 - 7/18/2012, 10:53 PM
Less talk...more action. Make this damn movie already.

PS: Please, please, please...gods of Tom Cruise. Dude is "insane in the membrane" and box office poison.
anGaidheal - 7/19/2012, 7:38 AM
"...For those who aren't familiar with At The Mountains Of Madness..."

Including apparently the author of this article...

"'s a story similar to Prometheus..."

The only similarity is that, in both stories, aliens created humans.

"...A film Based on At The Mountains Of Madness would probably share similar set pieces to Prometheus..."

Prometheus is filmed in Iceland and takes place on a rocky planet. 'Mountains' takes place in Antarctica, and, last time I looked, its all icy and snowy. Not to mention any ACTUAL set pieces, there is no ship in "Mountains" there is a massive city that they discover. Much more expansive than whats in 'Prometheus'...

"...and both would contain nearly the same ending..."

What, everyone dies and then they head off to the alien planet to murder everything? In 'Mountains', they discover the alien city, explore it, go underground, find Shoggoths, freak the [frick] out, then run away and try to convince other would be explorers never to go back there. If anything, 'The Thing'and 'Mountains' share alot of similarities, and there's been three of those, they apparently did nothing to dissuade del Toro from wanting to make 'Mountains'. He hasnt even seen it, last I checked, so hopefully he realizes its nothing like 'Mountains' and goes ahead with it.
ComicBookGoth - 7/20/2012, 6:49 AM
the Wold Needs More Lovecraft

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