HANNIBAL "Su-zakana" Video Teaser

HANNIBAL "Su-zakana" Video Teaser

Exploring the relationship between psychiatrist and patient in the early years of Hannibal Lector. Description and promo after the jump...

Will assists the investigation into a woman's body found inside a horse, while Alana frets about Will's intentions toward Hannibal. With the clock ticking, Will and Hannibal race to protect a witness they believe to be in great peril.

Starring: Mads Mikkelsen, Hugh Dancy, Laurence Fishburne and Caroline Dhavernas.

LEEE777 - Very dark but enjoyable show, not one for the kiddies. "Su-zakana" airs 18 April on NBC 10/9c.

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SuperCat - 4/13/2014, 3:02 PM
Missed Friday's episode. Gotta catch up.
SpiderFraud - 4/13/2014, 3:05 PM
Some Hannibal stuff on this site.
TopCat89 - 4/13/2014, 3:15 PM
LOVING Season 2!
bobevanz - 4/13/2014, 3:17 PM
What makes this show unique? Haven't seen an episode of it yet
Klone - 4/13/2014, 3:52 PM
I'm really not sure how to feel about this series. I mean I'm unsure of the guy playing Graham, I'm sorta disappointed Hobbs, referenced several times in the books/films was only in one episode and I honestly think this entire series encompassing Graham pre-Red Dragon, through Red Dragon itself and then Clarice in Silence of the Lambs and Hannibal and then the aftermath where Graham would get brought back in would benefit much more from being set in the 80's and into the 90's/early 2000's.

From Lecter's capture pre-Red Dragon right through to Hannibal's prologue it's about 20 years worthy of story in the Universe. We won't get that with it being set in [frick]ing 2010's... I don't like how pre-Red Dragon stuff is in the 2010's. Anyway, they will have a hard time matching Manhunter when the get to Red Dragon and an even harder time matching Demme's Silence of the Lambs when they get to that era of the Hannibal saga.
Klone - 4/13/2014, 4:02 PM
I also thought it was odd how they made a shitbag guy like Lounds some annoying redhead bitch. Never been keen on the pointless gender swapping.
Klone - 4/13/2014, 4:08 PM
By the way, I've only been watching the first Season thus far but does this show actually have Will Graham evolve as a character so he gradually becomes more and more like the Will Graham we know in Red Dragon that took down Dolarhyde and got his face [frick]ed up?
thor2273 - 4/13/2014, 4:21 PM
has anybody heard when Mason Verger will come on? I remember reading he's been cast.
Klone - 4/13/2014, 4:28 PM
Another reason why I feel it would have benefited from being set in the 80's and into the 90's/early 2000's. They've cast a young actor as Verger, so by the time the events of Hannibal occur, around 18 years later, he would be in his forties. If they've set it in the 2010's I doubt it will be span across that time period...
Klone - 4/13/2014, 4:29 PM
Although to be frank I always considered Verger somewhat laughable. You go from terrifying killers like Dolarhyde and Gumb to a pedo that drinks martinis made from children's tears... LOL!
Nick56 - 4/13/2014, 4:34 PM
@Bobevanz The show is very dark and stylish, which is its biggest draw. Plus the performances are stellar and the lead characters are great.
wcwpoet - 4/15/2014, 7:45 AM
Glad this site is giving this show some love. After Game of Thrones this is the best show on TV. This season has been beyond awesome.

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