Paul McGuigan Set To Direct FRANKENSTEIN For Fox

Paul McGuigan Set To Direct FRANKENSTEIN For Fox

"It's alive!" One of the true classic monsters will be returning to the big screen, as Fox have tapped the Lucky Number Slevin director to helm a brand new adaptation of Mary Shelly's terrifying tale. Details are scarce, but read on for what we have..

Variety report that Twentieth Century Fox and Davis Entertainment are in final talks with Lucky Number Slevin director Paul McGuigan to bring a new take on Frankenstein to the screen, with a script by Chronicle scribe Max Landis. Real Steel director Shawn Levy had initially been in line for the directing job.

The last time we saw a straight adaptation of the story was the mediocre Mary Shelly's Frankenstein from Kenneth Branagh, but a variation on the character also appeared in the woeful Van Helsing. There aren't any new details on what we can expect from this incarnation of the story yet, but we will keep you posted.

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Jolt17 - 9/5/2012, 12:38 PM
He directed some of the best episodes of Sherlock, so I'm totally fine with this.
Ha1frican - 9/5/2012, 12:40 PM
What happened to I, Frankenstein?
PaulRom - 9/5/2012, 12:42 PM
Would've liked to see Levy's take, but McGuigan seems like a pretty good replacement.

As for I, Frankenstein, production wrapped on it some weeks ago. Surprised that we haven't seen anything from it yet.
Jolt17 - 9/5/2012, 12:44 PM
No story details for this one yet, though? I sure hope it's just a straight adaptation of the classic, and not a modern take on the story, or whatever...well, I support McGuigan after Sherlock - which is a modern take on the classic character - but, I don't think the same formula will work for Frankenstein.

Anyway, I'd still love to see the director handling the Batman reboot.
RorMachine - 9/5/2012, 12:52 PM
All we know is that it'll be a "new take". Whether that means being updated to present day (hopefully not) or just a different telling, no idea. I do trust Landis though.
ChiefJudge - 9/5/2012, 12:55 PM
This isn't a CBM
NightmareB4 - 9/5/2012, 1:01 PM
Gonna text Max to say congrats! 3...2...1...SENT!
IIIAdamantiumIII - 9/5/2012, 1:02 PM
so it will be shit ? bet Frankenstein's Monster is some dreamy teen struggling to fit in at his high school, He desides to goto one of the house parties hosted by the newage hippsterjocks . He trys a mixture of redbull and vodka has a puff of a "doobie" *which is really A.Pubic Hair or B. oregano - then acts like a complete jackass wanders out into the road and gets creamed by a drunk driver. The driver is one of the Jocks who just happens to date the only girl the "loner" has a crush on. He dumps the body in a shallow grave where the goth kids find it. they do some lame "satanic" shit thinking they are lords of the underworld or some dumbshit and the geeky science dorks trying to catch bigfoot stumble across the body they accidentally take some of the goth kids acid and take the body home where they do experiments on. they figure they can get the body working if they had some spare parts so they dig up newly deceased people in their little town and make them selves a monster......and you can take it from there
1RoninAmongBitches - 9/5/2012, 1:06 PM
@ BossWalsh deadpool stinks nowadays. he's become so corny its ridiculous!
ironpool007 - 9/5/2012, 1:10 PM
I very strongly feel that only Universal Studios should handle the classic monsters. Or Hammer
RorMachine - 9/5/2012, 1:17 PM
In the book the monster is described as looking completely different than any version we;ve seen on the movies..he's actually supposed to be wiry, pale skinned, quick, almost graceful in his movements, and looks more like a proper supernatural creature. So maybe they'll go that way.
Jolt17 - 9/5/2012, 1:19 PM
Yeah, Max Landis writing it makes it sound even better...if it doesn't go down the wrong way, I'll be looking forward to this.

Interestingly enough, McGuigan's Sherlock collaborator, Benedict Cumberbatch, was also once Frankenstein in that Danny Boyle's play. I think it's unlikely; but, I'd sure love to see Cumberbatch having a role in this movie, too.
PaulRom - 9/5/2012, 1:34 PM
@ChiefJudge: You say that, yet the article has a pic from a Frankenstein comic book. Brilliant.
JULEZ13 - 9/5/2012, 1:59 PM
OMG, Branagh's Frankenstein was ATROCIOUS! That movie was just so bad....

2 different Frankenstein movies being released about 2 years apart could cause some confusion from moviegoers. They'll probably think its a sequel or something. At least the 2 Snow White movies came out around the same time and created somewhat of a competition.

Anyway, hopefully we get a good Frankenstein movie and hopefully the other famous, supernatural creatures will get good movies soon... My personal favorite, Dracula.
IIIAdamantiumIII - 9/5/2012, 2:29 PM
@1ArrowsGreen - greenarrow has always been lame, his new show looks just as stupid as smallville
superbatspiderman - 9/5/2012, 4:21 PM
I hope this is a close adaptation to the actual Frankenstein book because that would be great. Frankenstein is not some slow, brainless green guy like he was in the old movies with Boris Karloff he is fast and intelligent.
Optimus83 - 9/5/2012, 7:55 PM
¡¡¡It's Alive!!!. ...¡¡¡Frankestein It's Alive!!!
grampageezer - 9/6/2012, 6:05 AM
Wow! ANOTHER remake of Frankenstein!
I wonder what this one's going to ba about? Maybe about some crazed scientist who sews body parts together and brings them to life? That Sure would be new and refreshing!
Except in this version I'm sure there will bee plenty of romance, sex, nudity and profanity to appeal to the younger viewers who wouldn't watch it otherwise.
JohnnyKrypton - 9/6/2012, 6:37 AM

"I hope this is a close adaptation to the actual Frankenstein book because that would be great. Frankenstein is not some slow, brainless green guy like he was in the old movies with Boris Karloff he is fast and intelligent."

Congratulations, Sport! You've managed to be wrong on EVERY ONE of your points regarding the Karloff films. You clearly haven't seen the films and have NO idea what you're talking about; why would you even comment?

superbatspiderman - 9/8/2012, 10:52 AM
@JohnnyKrypton - Umm I have seen the movie and in the movie he is slow and trudgs around and rarely doesn't really say anything. Frankenstein is sipposed to be able to talk and run. Do you know what you are talking abou?

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