TRUE BLOOD "I Found You" Extended Promo Trailer

TRUE BLOOD "I Found You" Extended Promo Trailer

The final season of True Blood is now with us on HBO. You can check out the latest from Sookie (Anna Paquin) and co right here with the next video teaser for the second episode and the weeks ahead.

A trio of hostages taken in the Bellefleur's attack looks to a familiar face as a possible liberator from the H-vamps. Sookie and Jason visit the neighboring town of Saint Alice, where a young woman's diary offers clues to the potential fate of Bon Temps. Spurned by Lafayette, a desperate Lettie Mae turns to Willa to channel her family past. Vince whips his fellow vigilantes into a dangerous frenzy. Pam's search for her maker leads her to a very familiar place.

Starring: Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer, Sam Trammell, Rutina Wesley, Chris Bauer, Nelsan Ellis, Alexander Skarsgård, Joe Manganiello and Ryan Kwanten.

LEEE777 - "I Found You" airs next Sunday on HBO 9/8c.
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tongtong - 6/23/2014, 2:33 AM
First episode of the new season was boring.
batmanvsuperman - 6/23/2014, 2:45 AM
Awesome start cant wait for more
batman001 - 6/23/2014, 2:45 AM
that's not a trailer for the next episode that's just telling us what's happening this season
batmanvsuperman - 6/23/2014, 2:48 AM
Sookie got some tits on her
SuperCat - 6/23/2014, 3:55 AM
I agree. Last night's episode was a little boring. Kind of glad this is the last season. The first season was the best.

deepee3 - 6/23/2014, 6:38 AM
Penny Dreadful has rendered True Blood totally meaningless. Thank God this is the final season. I'd be shocked if this series has ANYTHING interesting left to say.
Gusto - 6/23/2014, 7:28 AM

gaikinger - 6/23/2014, 7:39 AM
Watched the first season and kinda got into it. Second season struggled to the end but hung in there. Third season got about half way through then asked myself why i was doing this to myself and quit. Watched about 30 minutes of last nights episode and thats all i needed to remind myself how bad this show is.
rabid - 6/23/2014, 7:56 AM
I really liked last night's episode. Anxious to see what a vampire apocalypse looks like. And there were some fantastic sets of tittays.
Hard to believe people would place that snoozefest Penny Dreadful above the hardcore sex and fun of this show.
SychoSid85 - 6/23/2014, 8:47 AM
I thought the episode was pretty good. Plus Sookie god nekkid, and that counts for a lot. Gusto, I love Mcnuggets!
SychoSid85 - 6/23/2014, 8:48 AM
I haven't watched Penny Dreadful yet, I have the episodes dvrd. I'm also now two full season begin on Game of Thrones.
TheBeard - 6/23/2014, 9:00 AM
Sookie always gets naked
TheBeard - 6/23/2014, 9:04 AM
crazy diseased vampires running around town killing and kidnapping folk what do ya do

Have sex on the hood of your police car of course
SychoSid85 - 6/23/2014, 9:59 AM
TheBeard: what other solution was there?
deepee3 - 6/23/2014, 10:13 AM
Penny Dreadful has rendered True Blood insignificant and useless! All HAIL VANESSA IVES, QUEEN OF THE DAMNED!
Bl00dwerK - 6/23/2014, 10:45 AM
"Penny Dreadful has rendered True Blood totally meaningless. Thank God this is the final season. I'd be shocked if this series has ANYTHING interesting left to say."

Agreed. I'll watch the final episode but I'm out until then...
BlindJustice - 6/23/2014, 12:45 PM
This show is still around? I figured the books made the show completely meaningless.

Unlike another show on HBO...

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