Arc of THE INCREDIBLE HULK - Why we won't get a Hulk sequel?

Arc of THE INCREDIBLE HULK - Why we won't get a Hulk sequel?

Looking outside of the box office numbers of the last two solo films, I give my explanation as to why we won't get a sequel to the Edward Norton film.

To forewarn you guys, I've been thinking a lot bout upcoming superhero movies lately so expect at least one or two more of these before the release of, Captain America: The Winter Soldier. That being said, this is an expansion of a comment I recently made in an article where Ruffalo talking about already doing some motion capture work for Hulk in the highly anticipated, The Avengers: Age of Ultron. Everybody wants a sequel to, The Incredible Hulk. But, here's something to think about. Is it because of The Avengers and how awesome he was OR do we genuinely want a Hulk sequel?

Let me explain. I will bring up the box office numbers briefly. Neither of the last two Hulk films broke $300 million world wide. It doesn't mean they were failures, they just made solid money is all. Hulk is by far the one of the toughest cookies to crack in bringing our beloved superheroes to the big screen. The general audience wants to see the Hulk smash things and fight. That's why he hasn't done well. They find the Bruce Banner aspect boring. This also brings up why I believe we will never get a Planet Hulk/World War Hulk film (besides the fact I don't want one). What makes Hulk so interesting is Bruce Banner and what makes Bruce Banner so interesting is, The Hulk. You can't have one without the either. Kevin Feige has even stated that what makes Hulk so interesting IS, Bruce Banner.

I have a belief as to what Bruce's arc will be in the films from Phase One's The Incredible Hulk to Phase Three's Avengers 3. The Incredible Hulk was about trying to find a cure to The Hulk and getting rid of him because he has not only ruined Bruce's life but is also a menace and the government wants to use it as a weapon. We then find him in Avengers in hiding still having gone a while without an incident. He believes that, The Hulk is a curse and knows that by going to S.H.I.E.L.D that there is a high chance that Hulk will come out and wreck havoc. BUT, Bruce does have control. He is able to use the Hulk for the greater good and save New York and the world itself. But, Hulk is still believe to be a menace. This brings us to, The Avengers: Age of Ultron where we will get to see the world's view of, The Avengers themselves. Bruce is at peace but, because everyone knows who The Avengers are and some even know their real identities. This would bring us to Baron Von Strucker with Loki's scepter to try and control Bruce and use the Hulk to his advantage. Bruce is tortured by this throughout the film as he is the cause of destruction at the beginning of the film. He is able to connect with Scarlet Witch and by the end of the film, after Ultron is defeated. We see Bruce leaving The Avengers, as he feels he is too much of a high risk and doesn't want anymore lives lost.

So, where is he at in Avengers 3? Let me get to that. In Avengers 3, we all know that Thanos will have the Infinity Stones and will rule the galaxy as he sees fit. The Avengers come together to stop this threat but know that even with the help of some new allies, they still need The Hulk to stand a chance. Bruce sees the threat that has come and is found by, The Avengers who seek his help. Bruce agrees to help in the final battle. He goes after, Thanos believing that he is the only one who can stop him. This causes Thanos to eventually killing the Hulk after a brutal fight, showcasing his power. Sure, not many of you are happy with this theory/idea. But, here's why he ends like that. After the battle is won and Thanos is defeated. We get a funeral for Bruce and The Hulk is finally realized as not a menace but a misunderstood monster who really was a hero. It makes sense for it to be like this because it brings The Hulk story to full circle.
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Pasto - 3/18/2014, 1:30 PM
Cause Hulk is so lame. Duh.
Kurne - 3/18/2014, 1:36 PM
Mark Ruffalo's shorter than Liv Tyler. That's why.
Alphadog - 3/18/2014, 1:48 PM
I'm really trying to hold on to my ideas for Phase 3 so I'll just say this. There's a perfect story not from the comics to be told that would not only move foward Hulk's and Bruce Banner's character arc but also the whole MCU while paying honor to the comics and the title for this movie would be too spoilerific for me to say but the acronym would be TIH and no it's not The Indestructible Hulk.
Alphadog - 3/18/2014, 1:50 PM
They could do an Planet Hulk movie in Phase 4 and it would fit perfectly if we had him return to earth in Avengers 4: The Infinity Gauntlet part 1 (It should be divided in two parts at least) and fight Thanos and his army during th final battle in Part 2. The Planet Hulk movie would have a lot more banner in it to show how Banner reacts to Hulk being an actual person.
Wallymelon - 3/18/2014, 2:04 PM
I disagree man. I dont think the general public wants to just see the Hulk smash. The general public wants a good balance. You forget that The TV Show was on for years and that was all for the general public and people loved it for its dramatic edge. The Ang Lee film was too much of a character study. IT was more dramatic than necessary, ended up being crazy boring. The Incredible Hulk was a really good balance, but because of the sour taste that the first film left, barely anyone went to see it. The general Public got a lot less Hulk in the Avengers and his scenes were key to the film. It was mostly smashing and they responded to the jokes that the Hulk had. Not really the fact that it was this new version of the Hulk. The Hulk wasnt much of a character in The Avengers for anyone to sit with and develop enough feelings to truly dislike him. His scenes were purley meant to entertain and entice you into wanting to see more of him.

Joss and Marvel succeeded in making you want more of that character because you barely got him at all.

Basically Ang Lees film messed the Hulk up for general audiences, TIH wasnt seen by enough people, Avengers was seen by everyone, now everyone wants more Hulk.

Banner and Hulk are great characters and I hope Marvel decides to explore more of them in a solo film.
Lhornbk - 3/18/2014, 2:18 PM, we don't all know that Thanos will have all the infinity stones in Avengers 3.
Highflyer - 3/18/2014, 2:20 PM
I agree with Wallymelon. TIH was great but it after Ang Lee's film, it didn't have an audience (Ang Lee's film wasn't terrible in my view). Everyone was going to watch The Avengers so the Hulk had another opportunity. What Marvel Studios need to realize is that TIH didn't make a lot of money because of Ang Lee's Hulk. Not because it wasn't good.
Doughdzm - 3/18/2014, 2:44 PM
The Hulk could do a great movie if only he has villains that are a legitimate threat. I think if they introduce the Leader and Absorbing Man they could put on a good show. But Hulk vs. the military is not a match. What made Iron Man so good in all of his outings was the fact that he actually faced a threat and faught people or robots on his level. We need to see the Hulk face a challenge that he cant just "SMASH". The most fulfilling parts in the Avengers was when he faught Thor. Thor was shown to be on his level in strength. As opposed to Hulk smashing Gamma puppies and (face palm ) Nick Nolte. Hulk has a rogue gallery of characters that would make good villains. They also need to give Hulk a reason for fighting or hunting them.
GliderMan - 3/18/2014, 3:35 PM
You're wrong.
BrowniesExplode - 3/18/2014, 3:45 PM
I wanted a Hulk sequel since TIH. I hope he fights The Leader, Abomination and Absorbing man if he gets a sequel then the events of this film will lead to Planet Hulk.
LEEE777 - 3/18/2014, 4:14 PM
Its a shame ED NORTON was the very best!
feedonatreefrog - 3/18/2014, 6:22 PM

There are a ton of great Hulk storylines in the comics. No reason someone can't make a great movie out of one.

The reason we're not getting another Hulk movie is because Marvel thinks it's bad business.
EdgyOutsider - 3/18/2014, 6:32 PM
@feedonatreefrog: It's bad business because the first two didn't do so well because casual movie goers weren't all that into the solo films. I didn't say one can't be made. I love, The Incredible Hulk film. Read the article first dummy.
feedonatreefrog - 3/18/2014, 6:58 PM
There's no reason they can't build the arc over The Avengers movies and solo movies in between.
Tainted87 - 3/18/2014, 8:23 PM
I've honestly never found the Hulk to be that interesting, and that's not to insinuate that I think Bruce is particularly exciting either. If I had written Age of Ultron....

Well, I think people would actually be satisfied with my ideas, actually.

It goes back to the X-Men issue of the World War Hulk tie-in. Darwin is trying to absorb the gamma radiation, then his body tries another adaptation when the Hulk grabs him - which is to teleport away. Of course, it's just ridiculous wank to make the Hulk THAT unstoppable, but let's go with it - the solution to the Hulk problem is to be somewhere else.

Ultron attacks the Avengers, and tricks Banner into a rocket. It launches into space and shoots off. Gone.

And in the meantime, we get a version of the Illuminati reading the Hulk his rights - through Ultron's voice replications (sort of like Skynet in Salvation), of how he is a danger, can't be trusted, how it's for his own good.

And that's it. That's the end of the Hulk for Age of Ultron.

Planet Hulk would pick up from there.... except not. Because it's really not that amazing of a story, the characters suck, and apart from a few bloody noses and flesh wounds, there's no ACTUAL danger for the Hulk. That's not to say that a movie couldn't incorporate those elements, because it definitely CAN, but they wouldn't be THE focus of it.

So imagine Star Wars or Star Trek, let's say Empire Strikes Back and the 2009 reboot to be specific enough. Luke's on Dagobah going on a journey of self-discovery/training, while Han and Leia are on Bespin getting handed over to the Empire.... Kirk's been shot off to the nearest M-Class planet while Spock and the Enterprise carry on (sort of). So we put the Hulk through Sakaar, but it's a side-story - one that keeps him from interacting with Thanos until his dramatic return.

Then he'll have his Big Damn Heroes moment, only of course, it won't be enough.
dethpillow - 3/19/2014, 2:55 AM
i don't like Planet Hulk. best thing about it is just the premise of the other heroes realizing he's a problem and making this choice... and then later having to be confronted about what could possibly make them feel they were in the position to make a choice like that.

that's the only thing good about the story. i kinda like the first Ultimate run when they nuked Hulk in the ocean. not sure which came first, i think Ultimates tho. but it's similar. but it's just actually not a very good Hulk Story, Planet Hulk. it robs the character of anything that actually makes him interesting and it turns it into the maybe most silly level of looking at him, which is just on the basis of how strong he is. everything else just seems like a bastardizarion of the character. World War Hulk is maybe a little cool cuz it involves more raking these Illuminati types over the coals, but it's fundamentally kinda stupid too, i think. and it completely avoids anything about what makes Hulk great.

i don't like these two story lines. they're just off the mark. they're clever and good in that way of looking at things, but they really aren't true.
World War Hulk almost seems like to me like a Bendis book type premise. Bendis at his worst, just being smug and easy with the characters and pushing them to silly conclusions for cheap applause. all that really should've been a What If scenario.

don't make a Hulk movie based on those, for god's sake. make a Hulk movie that doesn't dwell too intensely on his inner conflict, but instead really has a strong villain to counter Hulk. that's been the problem of both Hulk films, is that neither one really had a villain to it. u could say Ross, but it didn't feel like that with either one. TIH maybe did a better job of that.

but they just need to give Hulk a defined enemy. and set up some kind of believable situation where the Hulk would be invested in some type of goal versus this enemy. maybe even something as silly as like a Donkey Kong type premise. he's doing it to save Betty or something.

i mean if they make another Hulk movie, i'd hope the villain is Leader. and then if you know that, just move out from that central idea, you could make a bunch of possible ways to do that. Hulk's not that confusing if u don't go out of your way to focus on the weird stuff. there's ways that all his basic conflicts can be worked into a very normal story just involving Hulk vs blank.

unfortunately, i have the feeling what would happen is some kind of Indestructible Hulk movie, and by that I mean Hulk working for SHIELD. i don't like that premise tho, i don't like the Indestructible Hulk run now cuz it just feels like it just loses what the Hulk's really about to me. it's cool, i don't think it's awful, but it's not my ideal situation for the character. i like better him just roaming around and waking up in different weird situations, then being the tool of any organization.

dethpillow - 3/19/2014, 3:20 AM
But Hulk is hard tho, when u start scratching the surface. it's real tempting to focus too much on his internal conflict, which maybe amongst other things is what Ang Lee did. and also there's an internal conflict of Banner vs Hulk, but there's also Hulk vs Hulk, which i think is really intersting as well.

the Hulk movie i started trying to flesh out made this mistake. the whole thing was this weird situation, where the rest of the world wasn't really recognized or admitted at all, but we found Hulk in this wilderness setting. and it would just seem like he'd been there a while, and was at peace.

Like it would start out where Hulk was at a small lake or pond and scooping up water while laying on his stomach at the bank or some rocks. and he scoops up a handful and there's a turtle there. so he's got his hands cupped and staring intently down at this turtle, in his hands who is also staring back at him. and it would last maybe 5 beats too long. just the two of them examining each other.

and suddenly the noise of others approaching would invade and Hulk would calmly put the turtle back in to the pond and stand up to meet this new development. and you'd have like a thrashing and movement in the underbrush and out would pop a monkey sitting on a horse. and both the horse and monkey would have these collars around their necks and the monkey would be wearing clothes and obviously acting the superior of the horse.

and they'd come out, all out of breath and everything, and Hulk would nod and recognize them, and they'd start in with this appeal for help. the monkey would do all the talking, and he'd explain that over in their bordering land, there was a problem, and they'd heard of the power of this being known as Hulk. and Hulk would nod and keep listening. he'd be dressed in his usual purple pants. and the monkey would tell about how their village was based amongst these hills and they'd lived there for thousands of years, in harmony, but recently it became apparent that there was strong waters that had been unleashed and that a terrible flood might be imminent. that would wipe out the village if it were allowed to run it's course.

and Hulk would nod and listen. it would be a wise Hulk we had here. cuz Hulk vs Hulk is not very brutish, so u kinda have to have him be conscious, if Banner is not gonna play a huge part. sometimes the idea of Banner being the 15% and Hulk the 85% works out well too.

but he would nod, and ask the monkey what is their request of him? what could Hulk do to fix anything?

and then they monkey would tell him, please go to the waters and redirect them, so it doesn't wipe us out, if there was some kind of reinforced dam and some place else the water could run, then their village would be saved, and then the horse would look up and want to say something, but you'd see it's collar spark and it's wince in pain, and you'd see the monkey even before that, move to slap it on it's head to silence it. and the monkey would hit the horse a couple times, like punches to the head. and Hulk would nod and say ok, and follow them.

over the journey back to the village, conversation would be had, and it would kind of explain Hulk's role in this wilderness of being something like a balancer. and that all the animals there looked up to him as a god

anways, speeding thru now, Hulk would come back to the village, hear out the leaders, who would all have collars on too, in fact all the animals who could talk would have these collars on. and Hulk would go and do his task. he would build a dam with massive stones and just crush it into existence and he would redirect the flow of the river elsewhere. but we would see the flood now hit these plains, and we would see it flood this warren of rabbits, and we would just see all the mass death and destruction that the flood was causing to all these natural animals, none of them would have collars on. and it just be a blood bath of destruction. the rabbits, the mice, the insects, the birds in trees that got knocked down and swept up, it would just devastating and Hulk would see it too. but this would be the balancing and Hulk would just do what he needed to do.

and there would be some intrigue at this point, becuz it would begin to be revealed what the hierarchy of these collar animals were and how the leaders, the monkeys, were not so nice. but not important now. but then the next thing is you'd see what Hulk after this mass destruction enforced to save this village, how at night he would leap and check into the base of this volcano, far away from these events. and he would stomp down this tunnel that led to an enormous room, which we'd realize was the volcano itself and there'd be these chains and shackles hanging down, and he would walk to the middle of the room and assume a position, almost like a jumping jack, like Hulk would be posed in a crucifixion X shape. and these things would come out, alien looking humanoid things and shackle him in at the wrists and ankles and then disappear. and we'd see the chains crank and hoist and tighten and Hulk would be lifted up to hang in the middle of the room in this crucifixion X pose. and then a helmet would come down and cover is face, kinda like Luke wore when he was learning and fighting the probe in Star Wars. and all this energy would start to pulse at Hulk and he would just start screaming and screaming, and it would turn to this hideous weeping and Hulk would just moan and weep, "no, no no......."

and it would be obvious it wasn't any kind of physical torture but that whatever he was forced to experience underneath the mask was killing him. and it would just go on for a bit like this, with Hulk whimpering and begging "no...NO!"

so right there's a really interesting premise for a Hulk film. cuz it's obviously one that would be more slow and almost like an art film, but there's a lot of promise for drama, i think to come and follow that up that could go in any direction. like what role does Hulk play to these animals, who's torturing him at night? what hold do they have on him that he would willingly submit himself to this torture, night after night? u know?

good stuff i think.but Hulk's really weird cuz in situation like that, it gets really hard to figure out where it should go, cuz there's a lack of clearly defined enemy. this one would involve High Evolutionary, and it would actually end in the Hulk's attempted suicide, by the relationship of himself to Banner, but it would be a weird movie for sure.
dethpillow - 3/19/2014, 3:34 AM
cuz the deal with the volcano, is that it'd be like Hulk was being forced to realize the results of his actions. it would be like an atonement for his own power. and he would submit becuz he would realize what his role in the world was. and it would be kinda shown in the movie that Hulk can never do anything right. that every action he takes to help anyone is always gonna end up killing something else, that he has too much power. and the movie would be kind of about what it's like to be such a universal power of nature, but yet to have a consciousness and how messed up that would be.

like other stuff would happen, cuz there'd be an actual plot with the evolved animals and the High Evolutionary, and it would lead to cosmic stuff, but basically what the movie would dwell on was this messed up situation he was in. and kind of, by killing himself, he'd be hoping to move to a larger realm where he was less significant. and he would, of course, be thwarted, cuz every new realm Hulk tried to move to in order to up the ante or find something to kill him, it would turn out once again that nothing was greater than him.

and that goes to the core of what Hulk's become now, just as far as Hulk vs Hulk. and kinda what they are doing with Planet Hulk too. but it just turns out he's immortal, and it's the most [frick]ed up thing for him to truly realize what that means, entirely.

or there's other ways to do Hulk, more on the personal level, which is kinda what Waid's doing, and that's gonna involve more definite things like Banner vs Hulk and not be as abstract. but Hulk's tricky like that.

i can't see Marvel going abstract Hulk, especially in light of Ang Lee's Hulk for a while if ever again, really. in films at least. that's always gonna end up in more of an art house kind of film.

Hulk and Wolverine are the two biggest characters that you could make really trippy movies about and still stay true to what the character is really about. there's plenty of characters like that but i mean those are the two real big ones, i think. for Marvel at least.
dethpillow - 3/19/2014, 3:45 AM
the High Evolutionary too, would be fascinated with Hulk and see him like this almost idea specimen of what a living thing could be. so it would be him that basically ran the Volcano, but he'd be equally fascinated by the psychological ramifications of this, and kinda just going nuts on trying to figure out if it was possible to be Hulk and not be insane.

but he'd also hate Hulk becuz Hulk was an unnatural anomaly. which logically doesn't make sense, cuz that's all that High Evolutionary is into creating himself. but he'd despise that Hulk came into existence from an accident that was unrepeatable. cuz he'd, in his lab be constantly exposing different animals to gamma radiation, and never getting any survivable, beneficial result, so there'd be all these weird experiments that Hulk would have to fight later.

but this would really be the thing that drove the High Evolutionary most nuts, is just his displacement from any sense of evolution. and he'd always be tormenting Hulk, even besides volcano, but in conversation, like goading him into a suicidal state. and he would instrumental also, in creating a device that Hulk hoped would finally be able to end his wretched existence.

it'd actually be a pretty cool story, but i quit thinking about it, cuz it was just so lacking in direct conflict. but maybe there'd be a better way to introduce that. cuz the outlying premise and stuff is actually really messed up and sad for Hulk.
dethpillow - 3/19/2014, 3:55 AM
or what you could do maybe, just thinking about this again now, is make Hulk realize something and decide that High Evolutionary was throwing nature out of balance and then move to destroy him.

so the movie would be Hulk motivated to bring down High Evolutionary, but then once that is accomplished and nature is restored, he would recognize that he was the problem and he would go to kill himself. that's pretty much what it was at first. and he would kill himself by finding something that gave him peace and starting the act of suicide and before it was actually brought to conclusion, being able to turn back into Banner so that he could actually die.

probably involve a really high mountain or something. i forget, there was something i thought of for that too, like about a flower and a mountain and something weird being up there, but i forget now. but you could do it like that somehow too. but it still wouldn't be a very action type movie, more of an art house film, i guess. overall.
PewPewMcgee - 3/19/2014, 4:36 AM
I still think Planet Hulk could work. Send him into space after Avengers: AOU because he causes damage (maybe the secret council with SHIELD is like the Illuminati) and he comes back after Planet Hulk and attacks the Avengers with his alien army in Avengers 4
Doughdzm - 3/19/2014, 3:07 PM
@dethpillow as opposed to writing editorials in the comment section. Why dont you just do an Editorial
dethpillow - 3/19/2014, 11:21 PM
@Doughdzm - yeah, you're right.
case - 3/20/2014, 7:27 AM
Not sure why Planet Hulk gets so much stick. I thought it was a pretty good run.
NitPicker - 3/20/2014, 10:28 PM
This is what I think they should do with The Hulk.

In The Avengers 3, The Hulk and Thor should team up on Thanos while the other Avengers are dealing with Thanos' army. Thanos should be too much for The Hulk and Thor to deal with and as the battle continues, The Hulk should become increasingly frustrated and angry to the point where he attacks anything he sees. Then it becomes a three way fight between Thanos/The Hulk/Thor. Eventually the other Avengers join in to deal with The Hulk. The Hulk becomes overwhelmed by being attacked from every direction and flees the area, leaving The Avengers to deal with Thanos.

In a sequel to The Avengers, The Avengers (minus The Hulk) should be taken to the future by Kang in such way that the world thinks that they died, which leaves The Hulk as the only super powered "hero" on Earth.

In order to keep himself from going on another rampage, Bruce Banner lives a quiet life in a small town in the middle of nowhere. He lives a normal life, doing normal things like going shopping or eating at a diner. In different parts of the movie they should have these slightly weird looking people in the background who are kind of unnoticeable. Like they should have a scene where Banner is at a diner and there's a slightly weird looking guy reading a newspaper. Or Banner is in bank and there is a slightly weird looking guy filling out some forms.

Throughout the movie, there should be various objects in the town that remind Banner of a time when The Hulk went on a rampage and had a confrontation with the military/SHIELD which are shown as flashback scenes.

In one scene toward the end of the movie, Banner should be just chilling at a bar, when a group of guys start trouble with Banner. You know, smacking him upside the head and just [frick]ing with him. Eventually he transforms into The Hulk and goes on another rampage. Then out of nowhere, The Thunderbolts show up and he gets into a fight with them. Depending on what they do in The Avengers 2, the fight should seem kinda familiar to The Hulk and they could even film some scenes that look similar to scenes in The Avengers 2. The Thunderbolts should be no match for The Hulk and as The Hulk is about to win the fight, he suddenly disappears without a trace. The Thunderbolts are relieved because they don't have to deal with The Hulk anymore and it is revealed that they sent those guys to the bar so they can make the public think that they are heroes by stopping a Hulk rampage.

In the after credits scene they should show Banner laying on an operating table with all the weird looking dudes from the town standing around the table. The camera should pan toward a window where you see the Earth thousands of miles in the distance. As the camera moves toward the window and away from the weird looking guys, you vaguely see one of them transform into a Skrull.

The Planet Hulk comics suck, so if they want to make a Planet Hulk type of movie, they are going to have to change things up. For a Planet Hulk movie, The Skrulls take Banner to a planet that they want to add to their empire. There are two options in this type of movie. The planet can be a part of the Kree empire or it can be an "unclaimed planet".

For a planet owned by the Kree, it should have valuable resources and a strategic location in the Kree/Skrull war. The Skrulls take Banner to the middle of a city on the planet and smack him around then get the hell out of dodge. The Kree military try to stop The Hulk but he's too much for them. Captain Marvel shows up to deal with The Hulk. Eventually they find out what is going on with The Hulk/Banner and Banner helps them against the Skrulls.

If they go with an "unclaimed planet", there should be various alien species that The Hulk eventually helps defend the planet from a Skrull invasion.

ThunderKat - 3/21/2014, 6:55 PM
Are any of you who want a sequel looking at this from a non-comic fanboy perspective?

I love the Hulk. They haven't handled him correctly. He plays better against other heroes and villains. Who aside from the big three in The Avengers would that be?
dethpillow - 3/22/2014, 4:33 PM
@Nitpicker - rad!!!! i like that a lot... just that whole premise of Banner being alone and thinking he's normal but haunted by strange thoughts. there's so many ways to go with that.

I really like that idea. it's totally comic book logic, too. comic books are just truly [frick]ing insane man.

like if I tried to write out a straight bare bones synopsis of what's been going on in Uncanny Avengers this whole time, it would just sound so weird to people.
the best moments in your Hulk would be the mounting tension with Bruce, and this feeling of creeping weirdness all over. made me think of the first 20 minutes or so of Lost Highway with Robert Blake and the video tapes and stuff.

if only David Lynch liked comic books, he would be a force like Kirby for most of his life i bet. he would just understand them in a second and make up the best shit ever. out of this world in the same way that Kirby just made up whole universes and stuff.

David Lynch would be so rad on Inhumans, Captain America, Hulk, certain X-Men stuff, actually a lot of properties, great movies if he were to be into it. Tarantino too. those are the two people who i wish i could force to love comic books. Tarantino Sinister Six or something. maybe a Sif and the Warriors Three movie i could imagine him killing too. all happening outside earth, in other realms.
NitPicker - 3/23/2014, 9:01 AM

Thanks man. After reading your comment, it would probably be cool if he was always paranoid about things. Like, he's constantly worried about SHIELD agents and super villians sneaking up on him.

I would like to see Tarantino make a Daredevil or Gambit movie. I think the type of things he does in his movies would work well for those characters.

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