Jeph Loeb On Marvel TV: Goes In Depth On Hulk, Possibility Of S.H.I.E.L.D/Coulson Show

Jeph Loeb On Marvel TV: Goes In Depth On <i>Hulk</i>, Possibility Of S.H.I.E.L.D/Coulson Show

Loeb discuses plans for some upcoming shows with CBR. He reiterates the possibility of a S.H.I.E.L.D series post Avengers, talks about the Ultimate Spider-Man animated show, and compares the live action Hulk series to the classic Bill Bixby show..

Marvel's Head Of Television Jeph Loeb goes fairly in depth on the plans for the Hulk tv series here. He says that the most popular incarnation of Bruce Banner has always been Billy Bixby and explains how we never got to sympathize with his plight in the two Hulk movies the same as we did in the classic show. He says Mark Ruffalo's version of the character in The Avengers will change all that. He says Betty Ross is as big a part of the show as Banner and it's very much a love story between them. He also hints that even though the show will air after The Avengers movie, it will be set a long time before it. He also talks about the special effects that will be used to bring The Hulk to life, hinting that Guillermo Del Toro will use a similar approach to Hellboy. There is MUCH more on Hulk and various other Marvel projects too so be sure to watch but the TV stuff comes in around the 13 minute mark.


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sexymuppet - 11/4/2011, 6:46 AM
yeah im all for a coulson show, it would give marvel an opportunity to introduce their lower tier characters in an easier way, as opposed to them throwing them in a movie for a split second
rbfn04 - 11/4/2011, 7:03 AM
Yeah, a series with Old Christine's husband. That will work...
jjmeylar - 11/4/2011, 7:04 AM
Can I get a transcript?
RorMachine - 11/4/2011, 7:06 AM
No!:) He talks for almost 15 minutes solid about The Hulk, the main points/juicy stuff is written out above.
Mrcool210 - 11/4/2011, 7:13 AM
shut up jeph loeb, dont ruin a hulk show too
Bobby2889 - 11/4/2011, 7:14 AM
I completely agree with his points about creative teams doing a short run and a new team doing another run and them be contained but still interlinking. 1-the end. And then new team, new story. All planned, no space for filler material. Thats how I like to read and buy and to be honest that's how I'd want to right. As long as the story needs to be, could be 1-10 or 1-60 as long as its an entirely planned out run.
Bodwulf - 11/4/2011, 7:27 AM
Hulk,Avengers Trailer
Still say the one photo we have of Ruffal Hulk reminds me of this. Wonder who the 5th actor to play Banner will be.........
comicoverlord - 11/4/2011, 7:28 AM
Great great post. Lot's to look forward too. Coulson Live action TV would be a great idea.
SuperSomething616 - 11/4/2011, 7:33 AM
So after all that who-ha about it not being set in the turns out it will be the movie Banner and also set in the same universe as the movies...

Excellent...thats what you need to be doing Marvel...also guest star appearances from other Marvel characters that have not appeared in the MMU would be a good way to expand the universe there...
rbfn04 - 11/4/2011, 7:34 AM
@patrickbateman Loeb/McGuinness there's a team I can't stand
Mugwamp - 11/4/2011, 7:42 AM
Think about this. Unless they have Marvel heroes and villains in this show it would be just another cop show. Maybe like X-Files but without the Superpowered ones this show will not be very interesting over time.
RunDTC - 11/4/2011, 7:49 AM
The Coulson show could involve a different hero each episode. A guest spot from like Captain America, Iron Man, Hawkeye, etc. and much smaller characters, like Justice, Black Knight, or Mockingbird.

Will Ruffalo be Banner in the Hulk show or will they have a 3rd actor playing Banner in these connected shows and movies?
MassExecutions - 11/4/2011, 7:49 AM
This is all going to add up to 10 minutes or less of Hulk per episode, isn't it?

JohnnyKrypton - 11/4/2011, 7:53 AM
LOL I'm no fan of Loeb (imo his Batman work is WAY overated and often out of character) but his Hulk (with the classic Hulk) was the most enjoyable I've seen in years.
Rulk - 11/4/2011, 7:54 AM
Agent Coulson is an overrated bore...

Jericho - 11/4/2011, 8:04 AM
as long as they introduce some characters i dont mind :) such as she hulk, wendigo, sasquatch, the leader, absorbing man etc then it will be amazing just to see them on the screen, oh and be amazing to see him turn into grey hulk
SuperSomething616 - 11/4/2011, 8:11 AM
@ Jericho - Tru Dat!!!!
tazmaniak - 11/4/2011, 8:15 AM
When he mentioned having conversations with Joss Whedon about the Hulk, that got me excited.Now that Whedon is in the Marvel Studios family, can you imagine if they made him executive producer on one of these Marvel shows?

Look at how well put together Buffy and Angel were.I've never watched Firefly, but I'm guessing it was also great judging by it's fanbase.Without network interference(Dollhouse), he puts together some of the greatest genre series.

I'm very excited about these series.Much like their movies, Marvel has the benefit of witnessing about a decade of successful and unsuccessful live action films and TV series and now they probably have a good idea of what to do and what not to do.
kevberg - 11/4/2011, 8:34 AM
PLEASE....Please ........move on from the 80's TV show.

That wasn't the comic Bruce Banner. They NEVER have got it right. Its just sad that the closest to getting Banner like the comics was on the 80's cartoon.

Bixby was fine, but the whole show was nothing like the comic. They've honored his memory enough already.
MassExecutions - 11/4/2011, 8:39 AM
^^^^ Yes. Make it like the classic 60's and 70's comic. Not the old TV show. I want to see Leader, and Tyranus, and Modok, and Absorbing Man, and maybe even that journey to the center of the atom story line! THAT would be great.
VictorHugo - 11/4/2011, 8:46 AM
Why don´t they just do a SPIDERMAN tv show.

The new movie already looks like a TV-movie-pilot.

It could be a mix of "Everybody hates Chris" and "Smallville".
bbarber2323 - 11/4/2011, 8:46 AM ur name a tribute to Goldberg?? Just curious. And ur post was spot on.
kevberg - 11/4/2011, 8:57 AM
its a hockey in- joke between friends at the best buy where i work.
pintoman - 11/4/2011, 9:08 AM
I'm sorry, when I got to the part about "Guillermo Del Toro" I stopped reading.
Rulk - 11/4/2011, 9:32 AM
@ pintoman - Why? Because Del Toro is hard to pronounce? Don't give up pintoman! Reading is fundamental!
JackBauer - 11/4/2011, 9:38 AM
I'm a little confused. If I'm not mistaken, in The Incredible Hulk, Betty hasn't seen Bruce since the accident and doesn't know that he is the Hulk at first. If the series is set before TIH but after the accident, then how would Betty have a role in the show?
nuck82 - 11/4/2011, 9:39 AM
i would [frick]ing love a SHIELD tv show!!!
MassExecutions - 11/4/2011, 10:09 AM
If there are no super-villains, not even Del Toro may be able to save it.
EdParker - 11/4/2011, 10:33 AM
I'm with robocop on this one
pintoman - 11/4/2011, 10:37 AM
@ Rulk

No, because Guillermo Del Toro is very over-rated and predictable. He's a creature designer trying to be director, like Tim Burton. So very glad he's off the Hobbit.

Having Guillermo Del Toro on the project means this Hulk will only be a green version of Hellboy and somehow, someway, Doug Jones will be involved. Uggghhh
MassExecutions - 11/4/2011, 11:00 AM
@pintoman - Your crazy. Blade 2 and both Hellboys were all kinds of entertaining. Devils Backbone and Pan's Labyrinth boarder on greatness.

Also, what have you got against Doug Jones?
RorMachine - 11/4/2011, 11:04 AM
"Guillermo Del Toro is very over-rated and predictable. He's a creature designer trying to be director"

No he isn't. Fair enough if you are not a fan of his Hellboy movies ( I am as it happens), what about Chronos, The Devils Backbone, Pan's Labyrinth, Blade 2..seen those? Hated em? If so don't blame Del Toro cos you have no taste:)
comic2004 - 11/4/2011, 11:18 AM
Am liking Jeph Loeb more and more.
GodzillaKart - 11/4/2011, 11:38 AM
@pintoman: "Guillermo Del Toro is very over-rated and predictable. He's a creature designer trying to be director"

Incorrect. Pan's Labyrinth is better than anything Jackson (who is over-rated) has ever done.

I have high hopes for this show. I disagree that they will need super villains. If the writing is good and the human drama is compelling, the show will succeed.
MassExecutions - 11/4/2011, 11:49 AM
@RorMachine and Godzillafart - I love it when we can come together on an issue. Not like that damn Batman/Occupy Wall Street article.

GodzillaKart - 11/4/2011, 12:21 PM
@MassExecutions: Agreed!

@Cataract: But they are all so dang good!
plasticman - 11/4/2011, 12:33 PM
Bill Bixby didn't play Bruce Banner. He played David Banner. And I agree with, kevberg, the Incredible Hulk cartoon nailed Bruce Banner down. I can see this show following in that trend.

Just imagine Walking Dead, but it is about one main trying to hide from the rest of society while still seeking out a cure in the most likely places. Only to find that along the way there are some people more messed up than him and they want him gone.

I see Bruce roaming from town to town much like Bill Bixby did, but the people that he will encounter will be more relevant to the story of the Hulk, not just randomized people in need all the time.
plasticman - 11/4/2011, 12:34 PM
First! On second page!
headlopper - 11/4/2011, 12:38 PM
Loeb is immersed in the comic book world. He loves comics -you can tell. He speaks of the medium like it's a real world. Gotta respect the guy.
headlopper - 11/4/2011, 12:42 PM
Send Banner to Afghanistan n' trash some terror cells , or Mexico and put some hurtin' on drug cartels.
Make him international, that way the stories told will be fresh and interesting.
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