The Incredible Hulk

The Incredible Hulk Release Date:
June, 13th 2008 - Universal

Edward Norton - Bruce Banner/The Hulk, Liv Tyler - Betty Ross, Tim Roth - Emil Blonsky/The Abomination, William Hurt - General Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross

Even though this second Hulk movie picks up right where Ang Lee's movie left off, this is considered a Re-do NOT a sequel. With the addition of a real villain "The Abomination" it is supposed to have a lot more action and "Hulk SMASH" like a comic book movie is supposed to have, instead of all that greek tragedy crap.
With the critical and financial success of Marvel's Avengers, Marvel studios have continued on the next stages of their Universe. Here, I will explain why Marvel's Phase 1 serves as the most important chapter.
Hit the jump to check out how the rumored ending to Avengers: Age Of Ultron could affect the each film in Phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the Infinity War! If this theory is true, it will really be a WAR! Come check it out!
We haven't seen Abomination since 2008's The Incredible Hulk and now, Tim Roth (Pulp Ficition, Planet of the Apes) has spoken about reprising the role and the fact he may have been in the upcoming Avengers sequel...
Big RUMOUR time - but it's a slow news day, so why not? I recently found an article that indicated how Ant-Man will possibly factor into the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe, in particular Captain America: Civil War. Hit the jump, and grab a TON of salt!
EF Here at Wizard World Richmond, Virginia, and last night I had a wonderful chance to sit with one of my favorite people, Lou Ferrigno, the Hulk himself. Hit the jump for some tidbits of our first conversation.
Look at what I came across. A non-scripted "Airliner Fantasy" scene created by director Louis Leterrier ("Now You See Me") for The Incredible Hulk. Come check it out!
After Iron Man, the next up and coming Marvel project focused on everyone's favorite Green Goliath. Trying hard to set itself apart from Ang Lee's original story have they succeded to make it stand out from the rest?
Huffington Post sat down with director Louis Leterrier to discuss his new movie, Now You See Me, but came away with some candid quotes detailing his issues with The Incredible Hulk and Clash Of The Titans. It's a must read! Check it out!
Check out this unused theatrical poster for Marvel's 2008 Hulk movie, featuring a transforming Edward Norton. It's definitely a throwback to the old Bill Bixby Tv series. Updated with some more posters..
There are already plans for "Thor" and "Captain America" movie sequels after next year's blockbuster-to-be "The Avengers", but despite a new TV series planned for ABC, will we get to see a sequel for the Hulk? And if so, when?
An incredible information about the Green Goliath, HULK.
Has Marvel always planned for 2008's The Incredible Hulk to become a tv show? I think the answer may in fact be yes.
The Incredible Hulk, is Edward Norton a big deal??
Apart of a bigger LA Times interview, Kenneth Branagh talks about Thor, and Anthony Hopkins's rumored set trouble.
HitFix got the chance to sit down with Edward Norton to discuss his upcoming film, and of course you know who came up. Check it Out
Let's take a look at these little additions and decide on their relevance in the Marvel movie-verse; If you know of one that's not listed we'll add it to the list!
Has the green gamma giant gone into permanent hiding?
Awhile back we reported on an interview where The Incredible Hulk's Edward Norton described his future with Marvel projects as "opaque." Here is the video of that interview...
The Incredible Hulk 3-Disc set contains plenty of extras, plus a digital copy of the film, so you can take the Hulk with you!
Get a bit of what's in the Incredible Hulk DVD in these two clips...
Many lucky geeks, like us, have gotten advanced copies of The Incredible Hulk DVD, and nerds the world over are searching for that Captain America cameo director Louis Leterrier promised was in the movie--or deleted scenes somewhere. Well, we got our copy, and we've searched and searched. So, where the hell is it?!!
With the release of the DVD fast approaching, we thought it was time to get a killer Hulk wallpaper out there for everyone to dress-up their desktop!
The LA Times hosted a live chat with Iron Man director Jon Favreau and opened it up to the fans. See what was asked and answered about many Marvel projects that Jon has been invoved with...
Hulk actor/writer Edward Norton is uncertain about Marvel's plans for the Hulk franchise and what his role will, or will not be. He says Marvel Studios isn’t giving him any indication they want him to reprise his role in either a solo sequel or team-up project...