Mark Ruffalo Still Singing Same Song About A Solo HULK Film

Mark Ruffalo Still Singing Same Song About A Solo HULK Film

Via his Twitter account, Mark Ruffalo gives his fans an update on a future solo Hulk film, which is to say that the update is that there is no update. Hulk will next be seen in The Avengers 2, what happens for the jade giant after is anyone's guess.

Recently Kevin Feige said that a solo Hulk film could actually happen within the next couple of years, well the actor who currently portrays Bruce Banner/The Hulk in the Marvel Cinematic Universe thinks differently, giving us a quick update via his Twitter account Mark Ruffalo seemingly denies that a Hulk film is in the works.

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TheRationalNerd - 5/9/2013, 4:44 AM
^^^Dag, I just thought about that. But what about Iron Man in "The Incredible Hulk"?? How many pictures was RDJ signed for? Or did he renew his contract later on??
TheRationalNerd - 5/9/2013, 4:45 AM
But at LEAST the character made a cameo, even though someone spoiled it to me (well now twice) its good to know that they're still doing this. Just make the cameos mean something.
marvel72 - 5/9/2013, 4:50 AM
captain america & thor need one more film each for their trilogies,the hulk needs two more & daredevil,ms.marvel,dr.strange,guardians of the galaxy & nova need their trilogies to begin.
Jollem - 5/9/2013, 4:58 AM
i'll gladly trade an ant-man and galaxy guards movie for an incredible hulk 2
Abary - 5/9/2013, 5:03 AM
Avengers, IM3, Avengers 2... That's what we got so far (It's not 100% confirmed that he'll even come back for A2, but I think he will). I don't think we should have Incredible Hulk 2. Give a new name... Like Rampaging Hulk. The general audience will get confused, and Marvel is aiming for the general audience now or else we would have the Mandarin..........
AmazingFantasy - 5/9/2013, 5:15 AM
Iron Man and Hulk Team Up

TheRationalNerd - 5/9/2013, 5:20 AM
I honestly think that if/when they ever make Incredible Hulk 2 it should revolve around having a Gamma radiated Doc Sampson and Bruce Banner/Hulk team up to fight The Leader, while a third film should focus more on Hulk vs. Red Hulk and possibly that (blue giant he faced too) can't remember his name but he most certainly showed up in the Red Hulk comics.
nuclearpriest - 5/9/2013, 5:20 AM
A solo Hulk movie couldn't possibly be any worse than Iron Man 3.
Jollem - 5/9/2013, 5:22 AM
AmazingFantasy - 5/9/2013, 5:34 AM
Main this ffs
Jollem - 5/9/2013, 5:36 AM

thunderforce - 5/9/2013, 6:09 AM
I would love to see an Avengers Gamma World movie . Or another movie that will never happen A Hulk and Thing cross over .
ruadh - 5/9/2013, 7:42 AM
"But what about Iron Man in "The Incredible Hulk"?? How many pictures was RDJ signed for? Or did he renew his contract later on??"

Yes. His agent renegotiated with Iron Man 2, for a 3 picture deal, where he got a percentage of the back end. That's what's kicked off the whole salary dispute lately for Avengers 2.
DrDoom - 5/9/2013, 8:09 AM
Rather than that stupid animated movie, they should actually make Iron Man and Hulk: Heroes United a live action film.
marvel72 - 5/9/2013, 9:19 AM
& this story has nothing to with the mandarin,sad really sad.
Highflyer - 5/9/2013, 10:54 AM
The incredible hulk received well enough from fans to get a sequel.
Doncomicbook - 5/9/2013, 11:21 AM
I want an incredible hulk sequel with the LEADER. I wouldd like to see a planet Hulk movie but I think it is to soon for that movie. We also need a SHE-HULK
RaMan - 5/10/2013, 11:07 PM
I stated it in a previous post that Mark Ruffalo became the first actor to not only to play Banner & Hulk in (CGI)performance capture but also became the first actor to play Bruce Banner in two motion picture films (Avengers, Iron Man 3).

Neither Norton nor Bana ever accomplished either feat.

He will get his chance to have a solo Hulk film in 2016-2017.

Just as RDJr is Iron Man, Ruffalo is Hulk!!
RaMan - 5/10/2013, 11:09 PM
Mark will be Banner for a 3rd time come May 2015!!
RaMan - 5/10/2013, 11:12 PM
RaMan - 5/10/2013, 11:14 PM

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