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New cast member Indira Varma talks about Ilsa and Season 2 of the Fox show. - Gobsmith
FOX Network has released their Human Target Season Two video preview, watch right past the loop and new promotional image ... - LEEE777
"Human Target" premiere Wednesday Nov. 17, 2010. - Technoman81
Fox has released three new images for the upcoming Human Target Season 2 episode "Ilsa Pucci". The season 2 premiere is slated to air October 1st. - JohnWilbanks
Warner Bros. Home Video releases a first look at featurettes from the Human Target Season One DVD. - JohnWilbanks
FOX has released promo and premiere photos of the new season of Human Target, check them out past the loop and some new details too... - LEEE777
Target419 has reported that multiple sources have announced Indira Varma is indeed going to be in the line up as a series regular from season two... - LEEE777
I reported a week ago or so about the DVD artwork, well got much better pics now plus all the juicy bits that you'll be getting when you buy this classy DC comic TV show box set... - LEEE777
FOX's first season of their series Human Target DVD and Blu-ray artwork is now revealed at and rumored by retailer websites to be released on August 31. - LEEE777
FOX Networks press release for their Fall 2010 schedule is Human Target season two will be Friday nights on the same day and time as another DC related TV show, Smallville... - LEEE777
Fox have announced today that it’s renewing Human Target for a second season which is set to hit screens later this year... - JoshWilding
Executive producer talks "Christopher Chance" episode and hopes for a Season 2. - Gobsmith
At WonderCon, series star discusses season finale, favorite action scene and more. - Gobsmith
Well this is it girls and boys, the last episode of the first series promo past the loop. Human Target's "Christopher Chance" airs next Wednesday and the premiere date for Europe details inside... - LEEE777
Actor talks Guerrero, his hopes for Season 2 -- and more! - Gobsmith
Show creator Jonathan Steinberg, Mark Valley and Jackie Earle Haley spoke to the press at WonderCon in San Francisco. Check it out before the season finale of Human Target, titled "Christopher Chance", premiers - LEEE777
The Human Target star says every script is "like getting a new comic book." - DogsOfWar
Human Targets finale episode is titled "Christopher Chance," description inside and FOX has released several photos too. Armand Assante, Lee Majors and Amy Acker will also be guest starring... - LEEE777
The FOX TV series inspired by the DC/Vertigo comic book, has now got its latest promo trailer hitting the net and guest starring Christina Cole (Hex) as Princess Victoria... - LEEE777
FOX has released several Human Target images from the April 7th episode online titled "Victoria." - LEEE777
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