More Of Bill Nighy In New I, FRANKENSTEIN TV Spot

More Of Bill Nighy In New I, FRANKENSTEIN TV Spot

Bill Nighy, who was featured in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest and Shaun of the Dead will next be seen in Stuart Beattie's upcoming action-thriller, I, Frankenstein.

200 years after his shocking creation, Dr. Frankenstein's creature, Adam, still walks the earth. But when he finds himself in the middle of a war over the fate of humanity, Adam discovers he holds the key that could destroy humankind. From the co-writer of the hit supernatural saga, UNDERWORLD, comes the action thriller I, FRANKENSTEIN, written for the screen and directed by Stuart Beattie, screen story by Kevin Grevioux and Stuart Beattie, based on the Darkstorm Studios graphic novel "I, Frankenstein" created by Kevin Grevioux. The story is brought to life by a cast that includes Aaron Eckhart, Bill Nighy, Yvonne Strahovski, Miranda Otto, Jai Courtney, and Aden Young as Victor Frankenstein.

I, Frankenstein is written and directed by Stuart Beattie ("30 Days of Night"). The film is based on a graphic novel created by Kevin Grevioux. The cast includes: Aaron Eckhart, Bill Nighy, Yvonne Strahovski, Miranda Otto, Jai Courtney, Socratis Otto, Mahesh Jadu, Caitlin Stasey and Aden Young. In theaters January 24, 2014.
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steelboy57 - 1/6/2014, 5:12 PM
SuperCat - 1/6/2014, 5:14 PM
Movie still looks like [email protected]
rabid - 1/6/2014, 5:26 PM
I'm very much looking forward to the one. Frankenstein's monster rarely gets the respect he deserves. They usually gloss over how he's an intellectual prodigy and just go straight for the bolt-necked zombie retard act.
ChanchoMcGrady - 1/6/2014, 5:31 PM
Looks like a fun action flick. Don't know why everyone assumes it's garbage.
NovaCorpsFan - 1/6/2014, 5:34 PM
Who's Bill Nighy playing? Dracula?
rabid - 1/6/2014, 6:04 PM
Doesn't remind me of Underworld in the slightest. Does anyone remember the Frankenstein movie made in the 90s that was set in the future? I can't recall the name of it.
Jollem - 1/6/2014, 6:26 PM
looks fun. i'm seeing this and you can't stop me
PunPun - 1/6/2014, 7:20 PM
@Chancho everyone assumes it's garbage because they probably prefer movies like Love and Other Drugs to round out their day.
RodimusPryme - 1/6/2014, 8:24 PM
So not this guy?
RodimusPryme - 1/6/2014, 8:25 PM
This dude needs work! Bill Nye for Mr Fantastic? Who's with me?!
JillyMcBeam - 1/6/2014, 9:48 PM
You mean Bill Nye isn't in this movie?

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MightyZeus - 1/6/2014, 9:56 PM
I was expecting this guy to show up.

Brady1138 - 1/6/2014, 10:14 PM
Man, this looks terrible.
RodimusPryme - 1/6/2014, 11:37 PM

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