Audi Promotes Stunning "Iron Man Approved" 2014 R8 In Latest IRON MAN 3 Promo

Audi Promotes Stunning "Iron Man Approved" 2014 R8 In Latest IRON MAN 3 Promo

While it doesn't feature any new footage from Iron Man 3, this new promo for the 2014 Audi R8 continues to play on the fact that the stunning car appears in the Marvel Studios prequel. "You start with something pure. Something exciting." - Tony Stark.

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Marvel Studios’ Iron Man 3 pits brash-but-brilliant industrialist Tony Stark/Iron Man against an enemy whose reach knows no bounds. When Stark finds his personal world destroyed at his enemy’s hands, he embarks on a harrowing quest to find those responsible. This journey, at every turn, will test his mettle. With his back against the wall, Stark is left to survive by his own devices, relying on his ingenuity and instincts to protect those closest to him. As he fights his way back, Stark discovers the answer to the question that has secretly haunted him: does the man make the suit or does the suit make the man?


Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark/Iron Man
Ben Kingsley as The Mandarin
Gwyneth Paltrow as Pepper Potts
Don Cheadle as Rhodey/War Machine
Guy Pearce as Aldrich Killian
Rebecca Hall as Dr. Maya Hansen
Ashley Hamilton as Jack Taggert
James Badge Dale as Eric Savin
Jon Favreau as Happy Hogan

RELEASE DATE: April 25th, 2013 (UK). May 3rd, 2013 (US).

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TheOneAboveAll - 4/12/2013, 5:09 PM
Nice cars
DrDoom - 4/12/2013, 5:14 PM
Superheroes are taking over the world.
Minato - 4/12/2013, 5:16 PM
weak advertisement for a strong movie
Noble6 - 4/12/2013, 5:17 PM
I'd still rather take a suit.
marvel72 - 4/12/2013, 5:20 PM
audi should release a custom iron man colours car,a bit like this motorbike.

saidgb2 - 4/12/2013, 5:20 PM
JorL5150 - 4/12/2013, 6:23 PM
Whew! Close one!

We were almost paying attention to other movie news!
Jollem - 4/12/2013, 8:19 PM
the car did not stun me, but i'm also not a car/vehicle person
Invictor - 4/12/2013, 8:27 PM
Star Lord was the guy driving the car! You heard it from me!
campblood - 4/12/2013, 9:04 PM
seen the car and its shall I say in the words of Jim carrey " SSSSSSSSMOK'N! "
Ramiel - 4/12/2013, 10:42 PM
Wasn't he driving the NSX in the Avengers?

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