BOX OFFICE: IRON MAN 3 Is Now The Fifth Highest Grossing Movie Of All-Time

BOX OFFICE: IRON MAN 3 Is Now The Fifth Highest Grossing Movie Of All-Time

Last week, Iron Man 3 managed to beat The Dark Knight Rises to become the highest grossing solo superhero movie of all-time. Far more impressive however is the fact that the Marvel Studios movie is now the fifth biggest EVER. Read on for details!

Marvel Studios sure do have a lot to boast about. As well as having the highest grossing superhero movie ever in the form of The Avengers, Iron Man 3 has today become the fifth biggest movie of all-time. As you can see from the stats below, only the final Harry Potter movie, The Avengers, Titanic and Avatar have beaten the third instalment in the Iron Man franchise. It's unlikely that it will now move any higher than #5, but do you guys think that the boost from Joss Whedon's superhero ensemble will mean that either Thor: The Dark World or Captain America: The Winter Soldier will manage to find their way onto the Top 10 list of box office hits as well? Sound off below!

Marvel Studios’ Iron Man 3 pits brash-but-brilliant industrialist Tony Stark/Iron Man against an enemy whose reach knows no bounds. When Stark finds his personal world destroyed at his enemy’s hands, he embarks on a harrowing quest to find those responsible. This journey, at every turn, will test his mettle. With his back against the wall, Stark is left to survive by his own devices, relying on his ingenuity and instincts to protect those closest to him. As he fights his way back, Stark discovers the answer to the question that has secretly haunted him: does the man make the suit or does the suit make the man?


Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark/Iron Man
Ben Kingsley as The Mandarin
Gwyneth Paltrow as Pepper Potts
Don Cheadle as Rhodey/War Machine
Guy Pearce as Aldrich Killian
Rebecca Hall as Dr. Maya Hansen
Ashley Hamilton as Jack Taggert
James Badge Dale as Eric Savin
Jon Favreau as Happy Hogan

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Rhysno1 - 5/26/2013, 8:26 AM
This will be the highest grossing franchise easily by A2
P862010 - 5/26/2013, 8:28 AM
yes lets support mediocrity
AlexLaChiusa - 5/26/2013, 8:28 AM
inb4 people complaining about the Mandarin.
Abary - 5/26/2013, 8:35 AM
YES! I CALLED IT! YOU ALL SAW IT! WHOA! Let's just hope it doesn't make more so it will stay here!!! Whoa!
marcvader1 - 5/26/2013, 8:37 AM
People must really hate this movie its been out a few weeks now, the word of mouth is this movie sucks, and it's barely making anything in the theaters anymore. Oh, wait NOT!
Gyasiman - 5/26/2013, 8:41 AM
That's crazy, movie was amazing, but I feel the Dark Knight trilogy should be higher :/
DukeAcureds - 5/26/2013, 8:42 AM
I still haven't seen it (even a work of bloody genius would be an anti-climax after Avengers), but everybody really seems to hate it. And yes, I know Guy Pierce is the Mandarin. Nobody told me, it's just a bit obvious from the headlines. I'm right about that, aren't I? That's the twist that everyone hates? I mean, they got Shane Black for the job, y'know, he guy that does lovable but disposable action films with a hint of Christmas, so it ain't gonna stand up to Avengers or the first Iron Man movie.
And yet it becomes this historical and makes this much money? Shall we all just shoot ourselves in the head right now, or shall we wait for Man of Steel first? I reckon we wait. That shit looks good.
jlabatman - 5/26/2013, 8:46 AM
Hopefully TWS blows this out of the water! Not a big fan of this one but Cap2 looks to be the best single hero movie since IM1!
THEDARKKNIGHT1939 - 5/26/2013, 8:46 AM
Very surprising.
SpaceGhost - 5/26/2013, 8:47 AM
doesn't deserve it....
These numbers are more a run off on Avenger's success rather than being a good movie.

Let's hope the other run offs are actually good as well.

i have Faith in Thor 2.
THEDARKKNIGHT1939 - 5/26/2013, 8:48 AM
Just goes to show any movie can surpass a billion.
ahhmynuts - 5/26/2013, 8:48 AM
this movie apparently sucks tho...
MJPETTY7 - 5/26/2013, 8:48 AM
I will say this, AVATAR and TITANIC are the first and second highest grossing films of all time. Those movies suck. IRON MAN 3 being number 5 does not mean it's good, it just means that people saw it because of it's promotion. I saw it because I thought it was going to be something amazing, it was mediocre at best. Did I enjoy it? Yes. Did I love it? Hell no.

That's crazy, movie was amazing, but I feel the Dark Knight trilogy should be higher :/"

Fastestmanalive - 5/26/2013, 8:49 AM
I actually just saw it last night, yea i know been wanting to see it since it first came out but stupid work, anyways it was really good, even though Im more of a DC guy and dont really care for Iron man and after reading all the shit on this site I still loved it.

Maybe its because I walked in with very low expectations but it was really good.

Dident see all the issues every one mentions. It wasent one joke after another, it did have its serious intense moments. nobody except for Tony and Rodey wore the suits. and it was very different then the first two, not just fighting other suits.

I dident like that he kinda gives up being Iron man like they did in tdkr but that dosent really affect the movie.

All in all I was very pleasently suprised.

Danbojohnj - 5/26/2013, 8:49 AM
Keep the seat warm until the new Star Wars films drop!
AgentZero - 5/26/2013, 8:50 AM
Marvel will be making serious bank from now on.

The best Iron Man movie ever !!!
LucasMend - 5/26/2013, 8:51 AM
China market helped a lot.
MrCBM56 - 5/26/2013, 8:51 AM
See this haters, this means people actually enjoys the movie.
AlanWarlock - 5/26/2013, 8:52 AM
I don't think either Cap 2 or Thor 2 will hit the top 10. The Iron Man franchise has a marquee advantage that the other two lack - a name actor, Robert Downey, Jr., in the lead. It's one of the reasons why all of the Iron Man movies have done better than either Cap or Thor did.
LucasMend - 5/26/2013, 8:52 AM
I think marvel should stop being cheap with their directors and music composers now and hire someone actually important and good. Also, they can give RDJ how much he wants to be back.
Pitt - 5/26/2013, 8:53 AM
"Hopefully TWS blows this out of the water! Not a big fan of this one but Cap2 looks to be the best single Marvel hero movie since IM1!" - jlabatman

Fixed it for you
jlabatman - 5/26/2013, 8:54 AM
Yeah I did mean Marvel movie!
Facade - 5/26/2013, 8:55 AM
Still haven't seen it :(
rocky - 5/26/2013, 8:55 AM
Great, I loved the film and I'm glad to see that people have kept coming back,
that's right folk for those that were calling a quick dip to the bottom after the first weekend

Love Marvel, love James Cameron.
Now if MOS can make top 5 and IM knock HP out all will be right
ruadh - 5/26/2013, 8:55 AM
Eh...wasn't as good as the first one, but still very enjoyable. Good for them.
kemuael - 5/26/2013, 8:58 AM
well thats proves that numbers doesnt matter Iron man 3 is still crap!!!
JoeMomma29 - 5/26/2013, 8:59 AM
Congrats to IM3 but the movie is still crap!
HarveyDent88 - 5/26/2013, 8:59 AM
Shame it sucked.
rocky - 5/26/2013, 8:59 AM
Oh and yeah I don't expect CA or Thor to equal these numbers.
Thor I'm thinking more near 700mill
CA around 550 mill

Hemsworth is a fast rising star
Capt.America doesn't sell as well overseas

Plus they open during the "off movie season" if you will
THEDARKKNIGHT1939 - 5/26/2013, 9:00 AM
Transformers 3 - 36% Surpasses a billion.

Star Wars Episode 1 - 57% Surpasses a billion

Alice in Wonderland - 51% Surpasses a billion

PotC: Dead Man's Chest - 54% Surpasses a billion

PotC: On Stranger Tides - 33% Surpasses a billion

News flash, movies don't have to be good to surpass a billion. Now am I saying Iron Man 3 is on the level of the films above? No way but it does not deserve to surpass a billion.
mbooch12 - 5/26/2013, 9:01 AM
Very average movie.
THEDARKKNIGHT1939 - 5/26/2013, 9:02 AM
Or at that rate, doesnt deserve to make more money than masterpieces such as Return of the Kind and The Dark Knight.
clogan - 5/26/2013, 9:02 AM
I like how your username is also THEDARKKNIGHT1939. :3
THEDARKKNIGHT1939 - 5/26/2013, 9:02 AM
THEDARKKNIGHT1939 - 5/26/2013, 9:03 AM
I like how I own all of phase one on blu-ray. Just because I didn't like Iron Man 3, doesn't mean I don't like Marvel.
Bread - 5/26/2013, 9:04 AM
To bad the movie sucks
Richardness - 5/26/2013, 9:06 AM
Preeeetty undeserved. But most of the highest grossing are
dmajors66 - 5/26/2013, 9:06 AM
Doesn't deserve it. Terrible movie. And being a Batman fan, I hated when I heard IM3 earned higher, but (IMO) I feel the numbers for TDKR were dropped due to the shooting.
RamonSuarez - 5/26/2013, 9:08 AM
LOL. Notice the DC fanboy who posted the RT fresh averages didn't mention that Iron Man has a 77% fresh average. You may not think its good, but the consensus says otherwise.
clogan - 5/26/2013, 9:09 AM
The acting, directing, script and cinematography was great, I still don't understand what all this fuss is about.

How can the Mandarin twist ruin the movie for everyone, that's what I don't get. It was well placed. Moreover, you DID get a menacing Mandarin who will probably return in the future.

I don't understand this site's fanbase sometimes.
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