Scarlett Johansson wants to star in an ‘Iron Man’ spin-off.

Scarlett Johansson wants to star in an ‘Iron Man’ spin-off.

ScarJo talks about her hopes for the character and some possible Avengers spoilers.

The Hollywood beauty – who portrays Natasha Romanoff and her alter-ego, sexy Russian spy Black Widow, in the upcoming ‘Iron Man 2’ – is desperate to don her skintight, black cat-suit and reprise her role for another Marvel comic book adaptation.

She said: “She has many different incarnations and different storylines so I'm hoping she will be able to continue in that way. I'm hoping that if the fans like the character and support the character, we'll see her again."

As well as a movie based on the Black Widow, Scarlett has hinted the character will return to screens in the hotly-anticipated ‘Avengers’ movie.

The 24-year-old star added: “I hope I get to come back and do it again. The character certainly comes back. We see that she does in the comics and certainly she is a big part of The Avengers. I don't know if that is where it's going to go but she is definitely a big part of The Avengers.”

'The Avengers' will see Iron Man - played by Robert Downey Jr. - the Incredible Hulk - portrayed by Edward Norton - Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury and Thor - who will be brought to life by Chris Hemsworth - join forces for an all-action blockbuster.

'Iron Man 2' director Jon Favreau is expected to helm the project, which is tentatively scheduled for release in 2012.

Johansson’s husband Ryan Reynolds is already in talks to have his own superhero spin-off movie – based around his ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’ character Deadpool as well as landing the lead in "Green Lantern."
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DDD - 8/19/2009, 6:47 AM
Bring on the Avengers!

And I'd watch a Black Widow movie with Scarlett in it...Red hair and tight black leather...bring that on too! Yesindeedy!!!
THEHAWK - 8/19/2009, 7:12 AM
I might see it, I would worry that it would turn out to be another Catwoman though...
dellamorte1872 - 8/19/2009, 7:12 AM
i knew she would be in THE AVENGERS as well. i dont wanna see her in a solo BLACK WIDOW film, the character is only good when shes with THE AVENGERS or DAREDEVIL
longbowhunter - 8/19/2009, 7:19 AM
I cant say until I see her portrayal of Black Widow.
superdog - 8/19/2009, 7:28 AM
Longbow@ I agree. Let's see how she does first. I also agree with dellamorte her character is not really a solo character she is meant to play off of other heros
SoulAllFlush - 8/19/2009, 7:32 AM
there ah alot of plots they could do with a solo Black Widow. Plus, their are loads of good marvel characters who won't get their own movie who could be throw in as supporting cast.
divo - 8/19/2009, 7:59 AM
this isnt news HAWK....This is just [frick]ing qoutes that she said like a month or two ago and you decided to make an article out of them. jackass.
THEHAWK - 8/19/2009, 8:05 AM
Divo. Shut the Hell up. No one wants to hear your bitching about every article that doesn't meet you standard of approval. God your getting worse than Supermike sometimes.
bladeshad - 8/19/2009, 8:07 AM
wheres those hot Scarlett Johansson pics?
LEEE777 - 8/19/2009, 8:07 AM
I could see this coming, its all part of SCARLETT'S deal!

Still might be good!

HAWK @ ; )
superdog - 8/19/2009, 8:08 AM
divo@ if your going to be critical of every article go start your on frigen site and you put up whatever articles you want. please point to me the articles you have written on this site and i will critique them as well...................yeah, didnt think you had any.
LEEE777 - 8/19/2009, 8:09 AM
Bladeshad @ My PC's playing up dude, but i'll see what i can do lol! ; D

An yeah @ DIVO @ If it wasn't that good it would be on top of main man, its good stuff!
superdog - 8/19/2009, 8:15 AM
here ya go bladeshad

superdog - 8/19/2009, 8:18 AM
and this ones for teabag

THEHAWK - 8/19/2009, 8:20 AM
@Everyone. Damn strait! ;)

@Superdog, Great pic of Scarjo there! I think she looks better without the mustache though.
LEEE777 - 8/19/2009, 8:29 AM
Super @ lol! ; D
divo - 8/19/2009, 8:32 AM
Even you know this isn't news HAWK. Just admit it. I know this week has sucked ass for news and your trying to get everyones spirits up and I respect you for that.
superdog - 8/19/2009, 8:45 AM
divo@ yeah, you showed him alot of respect by calling him a jackass.
divo - 8/19/2009, 8:54 AM
lol I added jackass at the end of it to let him know that I actually was not bothered by this not being news. Its called sarcasm, you should calm down and try excercising it sometime.
divo - 8/19/2009, 9:03 AM
lol the word jackass is so humourous one shouldn`t have to add a lil face or an LOL....anyways back to scarlett. I am looking forward to her breasts in her that suit.
ironknight27 - 8/19/2009, 9:30 AM
If they do a Black Widow movie they should introduce Hawkeye. It would make the movie a little more interesting.
JoshWilding - 8/19/2009, 9:35 AM
divo: looks like the only jackass here is you - noticei havent added an 'lol' because im NOT being sarcastic!

Great article HAWK! ive actually been hoping to see this news fo a while now!

its good that Scarjo is seemingly quite enthusiastic about this role - i remember seeing an interview with Paltrow and when she was asked why she decided to do Iron Man she said it was because she wanted to be in a movie that people actually see - pretty obvious she doesnt care all that much about the role IMO!

I wouldnt mind seeing a solo Black Widow film but i think id prefer to see her in The Avengers first as there are loads of other Marvel movies id like to see before a Widow solo film!
CorndogBurglar - 8/19/2009, 9:39 AM
@ thehawk

in the article it says this!

'The Avengers' will see Iron Man - played by Robert Downey Jr. - the Incredible Hulk - portrayed by Edward Norton - Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury and Thor - who will be brought to life by Chris Hemsworth - join forces for an all-action blockbuster.

is it confirmed that ed norton will be hulk in avengers?? did i miss news?? i really hope he is!!!
THEHAWK - 8/19/2009, 9:45 AM
@Joshw24. Thanks man, and I too could live without a Black Widow film. I really don't care for the character much.

@Corndog. Since they have said that a Hulk character will be in it, and Ed Norton is under contract for three more Marvel films it is a 98.9% chance that he will be in there, probably as the first villain.
CorndogBurglar - 8/19/2009, 9:55 AM
@ hawk

yeah, i thought the same thing, but i would rather hulk be the end guy they fight. he shouldn't be taken down in the first 30 mins of the movie, he's the hulk! cool news though, i'm not sure how excited i would be to see a black widow movie though. put her in other stuff, but she doesn't need her own movie.
CorndogBurglar - 8/19/2009, 9:56 AM
@ hawk

also, i didn't think norton was under contract, i know there was all kinds of controversy between norton and marvel when hulk was being made, so i was unsure where all that stands.
superdog - 8/19/2009, 9:56 AM
divo@ im not buying it. if you look at my post you'll see that im quite an afficianado when it comes to sarcasm. and i didnt detect any. if it truly was then i accept your explanation. however, i believe you are back peddling and josh may be right.

hawk@ im indifferent about a black widow movie. i dont know if she is a strong enough character to hold a movie on her own. but as long as its not this

i'll be fine.
GUNSMITH - 8/19/2009, 9:58 AM
THEHAWK - 8/19/2009, 9:58 AM
@Corndog. Yeah last I read, he had signed contracts for three more Marvel movies
StephenStrange - 8/19/2009, 10:00 AM
Cool! I would so watch her as Black Widow in any movie that she appears in.
Something tells me she has absolutely owned that role. She just IS black Widow now.
And she gets mad props from me till eternity for being so into doing these movies. Enthusiasm like that is a darn good way to win loyal fans these days me thinks!

Heck, they should throw her into the mix on the new Daredevil reboot they are talking about!
mounted88 - 8/19/2009, 10:01 AM
could divo be supermike in disguise.. im just saying!!!
dellamorte1872 - 8/19/2009, 10:13 AM
if DAREDEVIL was bought back by MARVEL i totally agree @DARTHMULDER
AvengingAngel1022 - 8/19/2009, 10:20 AM
mounted88 - 8/19/2009, 10:23 AM
i really hope they dont use hulk as the villian. Use him as a allie. I mean the way the hulk ended it showed him to be almost to be controling the power. Then tony stark told gen ross about forming a team. So with that being said i dont think the hulk is gonna be a villain. But who knows i just hope not.
StephenStrange - 8/19/2009, 10:26 AM
Oh yeah, Dellamorte. It just couldn't possibly be done by Fux again. That would be tragic.
dragonJP - 8/19/2009, 10:27 AM
Don't forget everybody that MARVEL's plan is to eventually produce FOUR films a year instead of just the one or two they are producing now. A star like Scarlett and a classic character like Black Widow would seem to fit nicely into those plans. Even if not, we will be seeing a lot of her in that skintight black suit, between IM2 & the Avengers & S.H.I.E.L.D. (Sam Jackson does have a nine picture deal after all.) films....
mounted88 - 8/19/2009, 10:32 AM
good point dragon
mounted88 - 8/19/2009, 10:38 AM
this is for leee!!!
breakUbatman - 8/19/2009, 10:54 AM
No Black widow movie, thats how you end up with Electra type nonsense. Just focus on the Big Boys and establih the MU properly
LEEE777 - 8/19/2009, 11:15 AM
MOUNTED @ Cheers! Heh heh! ; D

SirPrize @ Very cool! ; )

breakUbatman @ I wouldn't say no to a BLACK WIDOW movie, if done right it could be a very entertaining feature!

I really don't think she should be AVENGERS as well, keep that for just the ORIGINAL members!
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