Teabag Reviews Iron Man 2!

Teabag Reviews <i>Iron Man 2</i>!

Shoot To Thrill or Shot in the Foot!??? Come inside and find out...

AAAAAAAAAAHHHH, lucky us Brits were today to see probably the most anticipated sequel in many years. Iron Man 2 has been on our radar for a long time and with an impressive first movie the expectations were very high!

First of all let me say this movie is epic, in scale and performance so lets start with the latter as I'm sure you will agree the plot is something to be enjoyed first hand...

RDJ is as charasmatic as ever as Tony Stark, its easy to see how much RDJ lives the Stark role. Every facial expression every whisper every line is commanding the audiance to love this character. Plus, with added drama and personal turmoil he delivers beyond his work in Iron Man.

Paltrow again delivers everything and a little bit more from her performance in the first. The chemistry between her and RDJ lifts the normal love interest storyline into compelling viewing.

Mickey does add some spark as Whiplash and emotional depth in the first half but fizzles out in the 2nd half of the movie. As great as he is, I just didnt feel he was an effective villain. What I mean, is that a good villain is threatening. I saw in another article that he said he didnt know what was going on in the movie and I can beleive it :P

Rockwell is a master in the same mold as RDJ. I must admit I thought Hammer was going to be a similar character but I was happy to see his character had less confidence and was a more effective villain.

Cheadle lacked impact for me, he came across a little lost in my opinion and the only time I felt any impact or charisma from him was his very last line.
Saying that, I found Cheadle to be the real villain of the movie.

Scarjo was very cool in her action scenes but in every other scene she came across robotic for me. I know I'm not a big fan of her but I dont think it was her fault more the writing.

SLJ was awesome as Fury....yes, he wasnt Dirty Harry but he was more engaging! :)

LEEE will be happy since Stan Lee's cameo is too quick to notice, lol! :P

The movie is great but I think the anticipation for this movie made me feel the first half was strung out. I was desperate to see some Iron Man action but I felt like I waited an eternity. (exaggeration I know!)

Once the Action hits OH MY was it fantastic, with great CGI and a bigger budget the action literaly blew me away with its awesomnesssseses!!! :)

War Machine did what it said on the tin but I was impressed more with IM's hand to hand fighting than with WM firepower.

Overall, I give Iron Man 2....

4 Ironettes out of 5

To be honest I gave Iron Man 4/5 when I first saw it but after the second time it became 5/5 and I'm sure this will be the same!

Iron Man 2 is epic, epic, epic, and I have just tried to be honest with my thoughts and I'm sure im the only one who felt them.

Is it the best CBM?? I'm not sure yet but i do know its the most fun.

Teabag out :D
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ngu13 - 4/29/2010, 1:59 PM
ha ....eating is cheating ... all you need is vodka m8
ThisFan - 4/29/2010, 1:59 PM
Great review teabag i wish we in america got it today also
ngu13 - 4/29/2010, 2:00 PM
good reveiw m8 ..
Instantclassic - 4/29/2010, 2:05 PM
Sounds like a very thorough review, cant wait to see it on May 7th! Scarlett Johansson looks pretty bad-A** in the trailer and the tv-spots so i wanna see what she brings. Plus War machine and Tony Starks different suite is a must see for me!
PrincessLeather - 4/29/2010, 2:24 PM
that was a good and honest review TEA :) I'm getting my tickets ASAP! and Im going to wear the iron man shirt i got from the little boys section in walmart!!!
ngu13 - 4/29/2010, 2:31 PM
@PrincessLeather...tea will be happy with your choice...get your tickets its a great film ..get the early showing .i went today at 11am ... 4 people in the cinema you will enjoy it more
PrincessLeather - 4/29/2010, 3:07 PM
@ngu13- i mite post pics, but yea, im gonna try to go as early as i can so i can avoid the talkers, the crying children that have to pee 5 times during the movie & the people that repeat lines and state the obvious. I live in south florida so that pretty much describes old ppl...
LEEE777 - 4/29/2010, 3:22 PM
TEA @ Great review man, funny too! ; D

Heh heh, i like STAN LEE! : P

Gotta disagree with SLJ but great stuff dude, IRONETTE'S marking., only you lol!

Thumbs up, geez i gotta pee!
JoshWilding - 4/29/2010, 3:25 PM
Great review tea! :) Apart from the odd one or two points we talked about on my review, I agree with everything you say here! And yeah, Stan Lee's cameo was very much a case of blink and you'll miss it! What did you think of the after credits scene?
Minotauro - 4/29/2010, 3:35 PM
Good review. But you're correct! Lucky you Brits..

ngu13 - 4/29/2010, 3:36 PM
@PrincessLeather....on behalf of most of us post lots of pics .x ... and go see ironman 2 as early as pos ...im in the uk .. today i thought i would be packed but ..no i was wrong .. empty .. i enjoyed it a lot more ..
InstigatorGIRL - 4/29/2010, 3:38 PM
Awesome stuff Tea but I am sad to know the 2 actors I was really looking forward to watching didn't really bring it to thier characters but still looking forward to this flick.
lc - 4/29/2010, 3:40 PM
i have to say tea very very well done hun x :)
BillyBlack - 4/29/2010, 3:43 PM
I just came inside... and I also shoot to thrill.
THEMRTERRIFIC - 4/29/2010, 3:45 PM
Most of these reviews are positive!! I can't wait to see this MOVIE!! Lucky Brits!!
bsprecher - 4/29/2010, 3:46 PM
Good review, tea! Simple and straightforward with no B.S.

(Still disagree about SLJ, though. Boooring as Fury!)
cologne - 4/29/2010, 3:48 PM
Thanks for the review tea, think I have to fly to the UK now..
ngu13 - 4/29/2010, 3:52 PM
@brent .... ididnt think much slj as fury ....still good film tho ..did enjoy it to the very end
PrincessLeather - 4/29/2010, 3:53 PM
yesterday yahoo reported Iron Man 2 gettin Shi**y reviews so i got a little worried but i knew it was from the simple people who dont kno squat about CBM's. They would rather see a drama infused movie with long stares and confusing self indulgent dialog.
Joe6Pack74 - 4/29/2010, 3:54 PM
Neat can't wait to see it.
ngu13 - 4/29/2010, 3:57 PM
go see it ... im gana watch it again monday in london in imax ......ironman 2 is fxxxxing great .
LEEE777 - 4/29/2010, 3:59 PM
BRENT @ What have i been saying dude lol.

And as for SLJ, every character he plays is SLJ lol! : P
ngu13 - 4/29/2010, 4:01 PM
the most boreing bit of the film is waiting for the credits to finish ...to see what is next for us
SkullFace616 - 4/29/2010, 4:05 PM
I just got back from watching it too, so awesome! Can't wait to watch it again!! Make sure you stay til the end of the credits for an extra treat!! :oD
ProfOJ - 4/29/2010, 4:06 PM
great review . all are making me want to go!!!!!like now!!!!
ProfOJ - 4/29/2010, 4:10 PM
p.s. scarlet is always a robot....shes like an eternally stoned hot chic!!!!! i bet she watches mansers while eating cereal!....so hot!
ngu13 - 4/29/2010, 4:10 PM
@tea ... what the hell did you have for dinner ... a whole cow or pig roast m8 ..... was gana send a search party for ya .lol...
CorndogBurglar - 4/29/2010, 4:12 PM
@ tea

great review, bud! :)

i'm eternally jealous of you for having seen it already. well, maybe not ETERNALLY jealous, just until next week.

i gotta ask what you thought of Cap's shield?? whats the verdict, is it his original shield from WWII or what?
ngu13 - 4/29/2010, 4:12 PM
@tea are you gana go watch it again m8 .. if so mite pop down your neck of the woods for the day m8
ngu13 - 4/29/2010, 4:20 PM
it looks like the same unfinished sheild from the first film its a shame they used the sheild in ref the way they did in the film they could of gone into it a bit more ... but still good film
Ranger14 - 4/29/2010, 4:22 PM
Nice review, Tea!
JoshWilding - 4/29/2010, 4:37 PM
CDB: I agree with tea - there was nothing hi-tech about it! It was just a half built version and the way that Agent Coulson looked at it definitely hinted at the fact that Cap has a round shield in WWII!

tea: What did you think of (SPOILERS: Highlight To Read!) Fury telling Stark that he's unsuitable for the "Avengers Initiative"? I wasnt entirely sure what to make of that scene but I'm guessing for now, Iron Man isnt actually a member of The Avengers and is only a consultant!? (which might explain why he was the one that got in touch with General Ross? That's what I thought anyway! :P
Hawksblueyes - 4/29/2010, 4:38 PM
Great review tea. I can't wait for this to hit the states.
Paulley - 4/29/2010, 4:38 PM
Teabag.. totally agree with your review.. and i think your right once i get this on blu-ray an watch it a few more times i will appreciate it more
RorMachine - 4/29/2010, 4:42 PM
Great stuff Mr Bag! I agree on pretty much everything except Scarjo, I thought she out did her self.
ngu13 - 4/29/2010, 4:46 PM
@RorMachine i would love to be thrown about by scarjo o yes
ngu13 - 4/29/2010, 4:48 PM
to have 1 of those legs across my chest would be a nite to remember
ngu13 - 4/29/2010, 4:51 PM
@ tea ... about the black widow like tony said i want 1
DrDon - 4/29/2010, 4:53 PM
Good review. Can't wait.
vanillabear - 4/29/2010, 6:39 PM
@ tea good review man
seen it last night was class:D
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