ALL HAIL THE KING: Check Out A Cool New Poster For The Marvel One-Shot

ALL HAIL THE KING: Check Out A Cool New Poster For The Marvel One-Shot

The latest Marvel short film (or "one-shot") will be officially released with the Thor: The Dark World Bu-ray tomorrow, and EW have debuted a very Mondo-esque poster which calls to mind ’70s-era prison flicks. Take a look after the jump.

After the events of Iron Man 3, Trevor Slattery is an infamous icon. He's also locked up in a high-security prison. Luckily, his newfound profile has brought him celebrity and protection on the inside - and the actor has gladly agreed to an in-depth profile with a documentary filmmaker
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anthonyEstark - 2/24/2014, 10:58 AM
Ahhh, that was a good one-shot.
JoeMomma29 - 2/24/2014, 10:59 AM
Please let this die!!!!!!
PsychoManiacJacky - 2/24/2014, 11:01 AM
Ah, just goes to show how Marvel always loves to treat their comic book villains with proper care. A brilliant and most intelligent version of the Mandarin. Brave Marvel, well done.
Ramiel - 2/24/2014, 11:01 AM
Very good one-shot indeed. Haters can die.
LMB10 - 2/24/2014, 11:02 AM
A nice set up for whenever Marvel decide to boot up the Iron Man franchise again, post Avengers 3.
Clara - 2/24/2014, 11:03 AM
Trevor is hilarious. I loved it!
Pasto - 2/24/2014, 11:03 AM
I saw the commercial last night, they referred to him as 'The Mandarin'......
cipher - 2/24/2014, 11:04 AM

My idol.
MrCBM56 - 2/24/2014, 11:05 AM
They're promoting this one shot more than the DVD itself.
MrCBM56 - 2/24/2014, 11:06 AM
The one shot was ok. Felt it was unnecessary though.
charlie2094 - 2/24/2014, 11:08 AM
Good poster! One-Shot was brilliant, honestly preferred it to the entirety of Iron Man 3, was funny, smart and Kingsley was brilliant as ever

Keep forgetting it hasn't actually released yet
GodzillaKart - 2/24/2014, 11:09 AM
Looking forward to seeing this. Is it online anywhere?
JohnnyRoss - 2/24/2014, 11:10 AM
I wish I didn't already see it.

I want to look forward to the DVD release.
ALmazing - 2/24/2014, 11:10 AM
Pretty awesome one shot, keep it coming Marvel.

@PsychoManiacJacky-What happened to your article about Michael Cera for Dr. Doom?
charlie2094 - 2/24/2014, 11:10 AM

It did leak online a while ago, not sure if its up anywhere anymore, Marvel took it down pretty quick
DrunkenNukem - 2/24/2014, 11:12 AM
fix the screw up with the almost screw up
tadrob - 2/24/2014, 11:13 AM
I personally loved it. It showed that Marvel still cares about the fans. I hope this lead directly into something amazing in a Ironman 4. I love RDJ, but if he's getting "too old" lets pass the reins and keep this ball rolling. and if Marvel want's to keep it to a 2 movie a year schedule they need to find so more outlets for the product. Give me some decent direct to DVD movies or keep pumping out netflix series.
PsychoManiacJacky - 2/24/2014, 11:13 AM
Some non English speaking person sent it to fan fic ALmight, don't want to start calling names but am remaining numb on the matter. I shall fix up the breakfast they served and make it into a grain of salt.
HeisenbergSaysRelax - 2/24/2014, 11:15 AM
I like the design of the poster and I actually really liked the one-shot. So this is kinda cool.
Havensent - 2/24/2014, 11:16 AM
A great one-shot. Haters can kick rocks.
GodzillaKart - 2/24/2014, 11:17 AM
@Duke: Thanks, man. I couldn't make it work, but appreciate the effort.
ALmazing - 2/24/2014, 11:18 AM
@PsychoManiacJacky-That sucks man, I thought it was brilliant BTW.
SmokedTheBoss - 2/24/2014, 11:19 AM
I saw this like 3 weeks ago, it's kinda really dumb.
TheRationalNerd - 2/24/2014, 11:19 AM
Really respect Marvel for doing this one! This helped the movie become a 7/10 for me. I still hate that War Machine was crapped on but them cleaning up the Mandarin thing was glorifying.
Maximus101 - 2/24/2014, 11:19 AM
Was a horrible take on the mandarin
DrunkenNukem - 2/24/2014, 11:20 AM have to download the torch torrent first(click on how to download at the main page)...then you can download it
GodzillaKart - 2/24/2014, 11:21 AM
@Duke: kk.
TheGreenBastard - 2/24/2014, 11:22 AM
I guess. I mean covering your tracks, is better than leaving dirty ones.
VISIONaryNPa - 2/24/2014, 11:23 AM
Great one-shot. [probably] the best one.
dannramm113 - 2/24/2014, 11:24 AM
Everybody saying MS cares about its fans, they only care about your business. Marvel is nothing but crowd pleasing assholes. I swear this will cause a flame war and I will be seen as a hater, but if DC did a tremendous [frick] up to a character like marvel did to the Mandarin, DC would make it work instead of taking it back. And I already know y'all are gonna throw a "dc screwed up Batman, WW, and LL already with their casting choice". There's no logic in saying they screwed up with that since THE [frick]ING MOVIE HASN'T EVEN STARTED FILMING
charlie2094 - 2/24/2014, 11:24 AM

Same here! Even though Iron Man 3 to me is still disappointing, knowing that I can watch it and knowing that All Hail the King exists makes it a lot better. Doesn't make up at all for having a weak villain and some boring supporting characters or anything, but at least it allows the potential for them to try again, instead this being it...
DanMcNice - 2/24/2014, 11:25 AM
I think the one shot was ok.

Only thing I really dislike:

----- SPOILER WARNING-------

Justin Hammer, being with a dude... I mean, I got the feeling that in Iron Man 2, he was trying to make a move with the hot reporter played by Leslie Bibb. I guess the jail changes you, but still, for me that was really unnecessary for the character, and he was my favorite part from Iron Man 2...

----- END OF SPOILERS --------
TheRationalNerd - 2/24/2014, 11:31 AM
Man I REALLY can't wait to see how DC handles their after credit short movies that will introduce new heroes and villains in their growing cinematic universe! That sounds too awesome!
Joementum - 2/24/2014, 11:31 AM
I would love it if his last words were

"Your Welcome"
TheGreenBastard - 2/24/2014, 11:32 AM
Dr: With the Tesseract, and the Asgardian tech shown, they could have easily had the actual Mandarin in 3, with the rings(being ancient alien tech, of whatever) and had a much better movie.
ALmazing - 2/24/2014, 11:33 AM
I really liked All Hail the King, but I have to say my favorite one shot so far has been Agent Carter's.

dannramm113 - 2/24/2014, 11:34 AM
Who said I was being objective? I'm biased as [frick]! And Parallax and Hammond weren't made into jokes at least..
dannramm113 - 2/24/2014, 11:35 AM
I'm here because I'm ahead of the curve, and see what all you fanatics fail to see..that marvel got scared and pussied out of their own brilliance
Nomis - 2/24/2014, 11:37 AM
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