WETA Digital's senior visual effects supervisor Joe Letteri discusses creating the visuals for upcoming films such as Iron Man 3, The Wolverine, Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes and Man Of Steel. He also offers an update on the Avatar sequels.

Speaking with Collider while promoting the release of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, WETA Digital's senior visual effects supervisor Joe Letteri talks about some of the upcoming projects that the CGI studio is currently working. He offers an update on 20th Century Fox's Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes (which hits theaters May 23rd, 2014), and also reveals that WETA is only working on the early portions of Warner Bros.' Man Of Steel (June 14th, 2013). He additionally comments on working on such an iconic character as Superman. he also updates on James Cameron's Avatar sequels, saying that WETA isn't actively working on them beyond upgrading the motion-capture technology until the director gives him a complete story. Finally, Letteri confirms that WETA is working on Marvel Studios' Iron Man 3 (May 3rd, 2013) and Fox's The Wolverine (July 26th, 2013), but only on specific sequences. Below is Collider's full interview with Letteri, as well as a time index.

Time Index:

- :08 Gives update on Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes and talks the future of performance capture technology.
- 2:08 Talks about juggling multiple projects at the same time. Says they have visual effects supervisors that head up each project on their own.
- 3:48 Talks about working on Man Of Steel and tackling an iconic character. Says Weta is only working on the early portions of the film.
- 4:38 Talks about looking forward to working on Man Of Steel.
- 5:03 Gives an update on the Avatar sequels. Says they’ve been keeping them on a slow burn, working on upgrading the performance capture technology and visual effects for when Cameron comes to them with the complete story.
- 6:38 Talks about the films they’re working on right now. Says they’re involved with Iron Man 3 and The Wolverine.
- 7:18 Speaks about the challenge of crafting the armor for Iron Man 3.

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Tony93 - 12/7/2012, 9:59 AM
venomvsspidey11 - 12/7/2012, 10:11 AM
Dynamo - 12/7/2012, 10:17 AM
The guy reminds me of Jeff Goldblum for some reason...
Temple - 12/7/2012, 11:19 AM
Cool, cant wait for mos, ironman 3, and wolverine and the rest, so many movies! At least now no one can say one looks better than the other in visual effects because its by the same company, and people can just enjoy the films.
SuperOne1 - 12/7/2012, 1:16 PM
@Manofsuperguy. I couldn't agree more this movie will OWN
Navyblue8 - 12/7/2012, 3:22 PM
Amazing works with MOS and other films by what Joe Letteri did and does well. I love what he did great work with MOS. I believe MOS will be great movie.
Navyblue8 - 12/7/2012, 3:35 PM
I love to see Krypton!! I wants see it!! I could be crazy to see MOS trailer by it's soon.
titansupes - 12/7/2012, 5:31 PM
Who are Double Negative? Please tell me they're better than Sony Imageworks...the work that company did on Superman Returns was awful.
JacksonVegaIII - 12/8/2012, 6:42 AM
Trank doin FF, Mangold doin Wolverine and Vaughn doin 1st class all point to Fox sorting their shit out its just a shame Singers (never liked any of his xmen movies bland bland bland and the less said about his superman movie the better) been brought back in to do the 1st class sequel but I have a feeling Fox are gonna be the true victors outta them and disney/marvel in the long run, we might actually get some well made, cool films outta fox whereas marvels efforts have been somewhat lackluster in my opinion, their choice of directors has always seemed incredibly uninspired to me -

Whedon, favro,Branagh, The rocketeer fella all stink of directors chosen to fulfill the disney/marvel middle of the road money mens visions and not their own idiosyncratic visions which is how films should always be created, dont get me wrong marvels films arent awful, they just aint all that great either.

Give me a director with an idiosyncratic vision over generic cine-verse friendly directors all day long.

Vaughn (kick ass, 1st class), Snyder(300,watchmen superman), Nolan (Batman Trilogy), Webb (Amazing Spiderman), Del Toro (hellboy), Trank(chronicle,FF), Mangold(wolverine), Rodriguez(sin city), Mc teigue (V for Vendetta), Burton (Keaton batman, Gunn (super) all (except Mangold who im sure will) have made great superhero/comic book adapted/inspired films with a real weight and coolness behind them which didnt pander to a studio/moneymen perceived generic audience and werent restricted by the limitations of a 'cine-verse' (which has been Disney/Marvels downfall in my opinion).

However their is hope for Marvel with both Shane Black (iron man 3) and Gunn (gotg)being hired. Its just The Russo bros(capt A winter soldier) and Alan Taylor (thor 2) who worry me slightly.

Comic book and superhero/power movies lend themselves brilliantly to Auteuristic directors with an idiosyncratic visual/atmospheric vision and a darker (not necessarily gritty, Nolanesque) style, this is where I believe Marvel have been going wrong, an unpopular opinion sure but one that at the least merits consideration. Marvel be it due to the restrictions of a 'cine-verse' ( a mouth watering proposition to any comic book fan but one not so mouth watering to a good cinema fan who credits a films quality usually to an unrestricted director who is allowed to fulfill his/her own vision and not that of the studios moneymen) or be it due to Disney aiming at too younger an audience/market havent quite made the masterpiece such a great cast of characters deserve. yup yup

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