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Comic Book Movie

Hit the Jump to take a look at this extremely cool, full size Iron Man suit made entirely out of cardboard. The amazing part is, it's entirely wearable! Talented 20-year old cardboard master Kai-Xiang Xhong from Taiwan designed the suit, as well as many other cool pieces of art.
To gear up for the next installment in the MCU, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, JamesMan went back to relive the other MCU films. Today's review is of the one that started it all, Iron Man.
In yet another clip from Marvel and ABC's upcoming Marvel Studios: Assembling a Universe documentary, billion dollar box office king Robert Downey Jr. talks about playing Tony Stark/Iron Man and both his surprise at the popularity of the character and the reaction from fans...
Hitfix git a sit down interview with Iron Man 3 actor Ben Kingsley, in which he talks about the characteristics of Trevor Slattery, aka "The Mandarin". He also discusses his love for playing the character. Hit the jump for more info!
The latest Marvel short film (or "one-shot") will be officially released with the Thor: The Dark World Bu-ray tomorrow, and EW have debuted a very Mondo-esque poster which calls to mind ’70s-era prison flicks. Take a look after the jump.
Marvel UK has just officially released a brand new clip from their latest one-shot titled, "Not The Mandarin". So hit the jump to see Trevor Slattery (Ben Kingsley) back in action - but this time in a high-security prison.
News stories about the military's development of high-tech suits of armor which would imbue soldiers with superhuman abilities abounded during the release of the first Iron Man movie in 2008. Well now, reports say they will be ready to test this summer.
Sir Ben Kingsley talks about continuing Trevor Slatttery's story in the Thor: The Dark World Marvel One-Shot, All Hail The King."... it had to be my Mandarin. It had to be my Trevor."
Have you ever wondered why Rhodey was able to take the Mark II Iron Man armor so easily? I offer an in depth analysis on this situation, where I will discuss the comics, Tony's legacy, his relationship with Pepper, and much more!
Marvel's latest one-shot is "All Hail the King," which follows Trevor Slattery (a.k.a. The Mandarin) from Iron Man 3 into prison. In this exclusive interview, writer/director Drew Pearce (who co-wrote IM3)reveals how this short came about.