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Interview with Ciaran Hinds and a new shot location are just some of the latest goings on for JCOM.
Production for Disney's comic adaptation has begun in London and their marketing campaign for the film is now underway.
The Walt Disney production is under way in London. Plus, a few last minute cast members have joined the production.
Polly Walker, who is soon to be in Syfy's "Caprica" talks about her character in the live-action film adaptation of Edgar Rice Burroughs "John Carter of Mars," that who's called Sarkoja, a 900 years old 9-and-a-half-foot green alien and a nice piece of conceptual art too.
Willem Dafoe says he was attracted to John Carter of Mars by the chance to work with Andrew Stanton and to see himself as a 4-armed alien!
Mark Strong prepares to play a "Master of the Universe" in Andrew Stanton's live-action John Carter of Mars adaptation!
With the major players in place, Disney is looking for actors to round out the cast of John Carter of Mars!
Here is the trailer for Asylum's latest masterpiece of the bargain bin, based on the very same stories from Edgar Rice Burroughs that we will see soon on the big screen in John Carter Of Mars.
As we know, Dafoe will be playing Tars Tarkas in John Carter Of Mars . AICN have an interview with the actor in which he talks about his amazing career and many of his movies including Carter.
John Carter of Mars has picked up 3 new cast members in James Purefoy, Mark Strong and Thomas Haden Church...
Though the start date of Disney's adaptation of the classic Edgar Rice Burroughs series is delayed, actress Lynn Collins confirms that pre-production has begun.
Disney's live-action adaptation of the Edgar Rice Burroughs classic receives more star power!
AICN are reporting that a trio British actors are to play Martians in Andrew Stanton's adaptation of "John Carter Of Mars"
The veteran actor will star as Tars Tarkas in the Andrew Stanton adaptation of "John Carter Of Mars"..
The "Spider-Man 3" star let slip some interesting news while on a US talk show..
Friday Night Lights' Taylor Kitsch -- the breakout star of X-Men Origins: Wolverine -- has landed the coveted lead role in Disney's John Carter of Mars, according to The Hollywood Reporter.
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