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Hit the jump to see if John Carter really is out of this world good, or just a dud rocket. - Seabz
A (Pretty Entertaining) Tale of Two Planets - cself85
This one should be interesting. What did you make of Andrew Stanton's critic and fan dividing adaptation of the classic novel? Should it have made more cash? Does it deserve a sequel? Click to have your say.. - RorMachine
Is John Carter the boring film some made it out to be? Hit the Jump to find out. - StrangerX
After seeing John Carter for the second time in 3 days, I can easily say I LOVE JOHN CARTER OF MARS! Spoiler free review, actually maybe more like an editorial. - TrueGrit
John Carter, Dejah Thoris, Woola the Martian "Dog." There are just SO many cool characters in the John Carter movie that I cannot decide. What do YOU think? Take the John Carter of Mars Character Movie Poll. - comicshistoryguy
For fans of the original Edgar Rice Burroughs Mars books, the new John Carter movie hews enough to the literary source code to satisfy. And the fight scenes are cool! - comicshistoryguy
In a shock twist, John Carter has exceeded expectations, managing to surpass the 30M mark in the US and 70M overseas. However, it still has some way to go before regaining its $250M budget. Read on for details. [UPDATE] - JoshWilding
Andrew Stanton's first foray into live action has pretty much divided critics right down the middle, and us here on CBM too. Which side of the fence do I fall? Click to find out.. - RorMachine
Check out the funny Spill review of John Carter - luffycapri
The critics may be split when it comes to John Carter, but moviegoers are voting with their wallets and it would appear that the Disney film is on track to perform even more badly than first predicted. Read on for details. - JoshWilding
You've seen one CBM Editor give John Carter a glowing review and another give it a barely passing grade. Here's more views, opinions and insight from the world of Twitter. - MarkJulian
I'm not going to be all.
Straight from the hip?
This movie is spectacular! - headlopper
John Carter has opened fairly softly in the US with only $500,000 taken at midnight screenings. However, it's not ALL bad news for the film! Hit the jump for details. - JoshWilding
John Carter: Of Disney - still entertaining - nhalden
Has the director of Wall-E managed to successfully make the transition to live action? Well, the film has divided critics so far, but here is my take on the adaptation of the 100-year-old novel by Edgar Burroughs Rice in this spoiler-free review. - JoshWilding
Here is The Nerdpocalypse's triple review of Disney's John Carter. - KidDynamo0
In this exclusive video, Zodangan bad guy Dominic West tells us about his meeting with George Lucas and how he feared "pulling a Patrick Swayze" on the set of JOHN CARTER. Intrigued? Make the jump! - ComicBookMovie
A new television commercial is now online for the Andrew Stanton-directed film John Carter, a science fiction epic based on the classic novel by Edgar Rice Burroughs. - WolvieCBM
Check out Richard Roeper's review of the upcoming hit movie John Carter starring Taylor Kitsch and Willem Dafoe - luffycapri
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