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Following the release of a second trailer for Andrew Stanton-directed film John Carter, Disney has revealed new promo images, featuring Tars Tarkas, Princess Dejah Thoris, Woola and our new look at Carter versus White Apes! Check it out... - WolvieCBM
Award winning director Andrew Stanton is best known for writing and directing Pixar's Finding Nemo & WALL-E takes his first crack at a live-action film with Disney's John Carter.
- nailbiter111
As promised, make the jump for IGN's trailer premiere for Andrew Stanton's big screen adaptation of John Carter, featuring all new footage including what was teased earlier! - DCMarvelFreshman
Michael Giacchino, composer best known for his work on The Incredibles, Cloverfield, Star Trek and much more, recently shared some info on what can we expect from Andrew Staton-directed science fiction epic, John Carter. Check it out... - WolvieCBM
Apple Trailers has debuted the newest poster for the upcoming action adventure comic book movie John Carter, featuring Taylor Kitsch as the title character. - WaylonJones
Check out this new shot from the upcoming Andrew Stanton film John Carter, that is featured in Entertainment Weekly and shows the ferocious White Apes from Mars.Updated with HQ shot and interview from Stanton - WaylonJones
Walt Disney Studios has released character descriptions from Andrew Stanton-directed film John Carter, including Colonel Powell played by Bryan Cranston, Dejah Thoris and much more. Check it out... - WolvieCBM
John Carter, formerly known as John Carter of Mars needs to earn a staggering figure in order to guarantee a sequel according to certain reports. Hit the jump to find out exactly how much. - MarkJulian
Inside the latest issue of Total Film Magazine, there is a brand new photo from Andrew Stanton-directed science fiction film John Carter, featuring Taylor Kitsch, who is playing the title character. Check it out... - WolvieCBM
Disney held a Q&A session for their upcoming action adventure movie recently in New York. At the event they showed off 5 new clips, weapons, and creature designs. - nailbiter111
Talking at Disney's D23 Expo the flm's director and actors reveal which novels the movie will be based on. Plus, Kitsch gives a brief update on his future as Gambit. - MarkJulian
Willem Dafoe talk about his new movie at D23 Expo and how his character "Tars Tarkas" fits into the story, his relationship with Taylor Kitsch's character "John Carter" and what audiences will be most drawn to about the story. - luffycapri
Ex-Spider-Man villain, Willem Dafoe describes in a interview at D23 how he used a combination of stilts and motion capture to film as a nine foot martian in "John Carter." - Armageddon26
IO9's Alasdair Wilkins describes the sneak peek footage that was shown at the expo for Taylor Kitsch's film. - nailbiter111
The House of Mickey and IMAX have announced that John Carter will be brought to you in IMAX 3D for proper event-movie epicness. ... - Sugarcrotch
Director Andrew Stanton (Finding Nemo & Wall-E) invited a handful of journalists to a private screening of ten minutes of completed footage from Disney's John Carter. - nailbiter111
At one time, Jon Favreau was attached to direct his own version of John Carter of Mars. Find out what the Cowboys & Aliens director thinks about the upcoming Andrew Stanton movie. - MarkJulian
Marvel and Disney Publishing Worldwide have announced John Carter: World of Mars, an all-new comic prequel to the upcoming feature film, John Carter, which will hit theatres on March 9, 2012. - EdGross
More imagery from the first John Carter trailer. Check out 15 more screengcaps that reveal additional information for those unfamiliar with the Edgar Rice Burroughs books. - MarkJulian
Andrew Stanton talks to collider about the John Carter trailer being attached to Harry Potter and revealing just the right amount of film footage before they hit the theater. - Hawksblueyes
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