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Check out the first description of the upcoming trailer for Andrew Stanton-directed big screen adaptation John Carter, provided by Bleeding Cool... - PaulRom
The British actor talks both about the challenges that come with working on such a CGI heavy movie as well as letting slip some revealing new details about the character he plays, 'Kantos Kan'... - JoshWilding
Recently Disney made the decision to change the title of John Carter Of Mars to just John Carter. Mark Strong gave some details regarding the name change while doing an interview for Green Lantern. - WaylonJones
Director of the upcoming big screen adaptation John Carter shares his thoughts on making this film, why they are skipping this year's Comic-Con, talks about the story, visuals and more. Check it out! - WolvieCBM
First official teaser poster is now online for Andrew Stanton's science-fiction fantasy film John Carter (Of Mars) featuring Taylor Kitsch as the main character. Hit the jump to check it out! - WolvieCBM
Mark Strong recently sat down and talked about his role as Matai Shang in the upcoming production of John Carter, discussing his look in the film as well as how the film will look. - WaylonJones
Disney changes the name of the upcoming John Carter of Mars film. - Hawksblueyes
Actor Taylor Kitsch talks about the trailer and Andrew Stanton's "story telling" in regards to John Carter of Mars. - Hawksblueyes
Taylor Kitsch says he has just seen the trailer for John Carter of Mars. Could we be seeing it soon? - Hawksblueyes
Director Andrew Stanton tells us about the effects being added toJohn Carter of Mars and a general update on where he's at with the film. - Hawksblueyes
Here is a cool new look of the Utah set for the upcoming John Carter Of Mars. - bleedthefreak
James Purefoy shares what he knows about Andrew Stanton's John Carter of Mars. - Hawksblueyes
If Disney's Stars Align? 2012 Should Be The Perfect Time For A Perfect Movie! - Gab
Disney have finally announced the released date for the upcoming movie which stars X-Men Origins: Wolverine's Taylor Kitsch and Green Lantern's Mark Strong... - JoshWilding
John Carter Of Mars is shaping up to be one of the few surprise, sleeper CBM's of the near future. Follow the jump to see what the movies Swordmaster had to say about working on the set. - Hawksblueyes
Taylor Kitsch gives us some tidbits about John Carter Of Mars... - Hawksblueyes
John Carter Of Mars set pics have started coming in from Utah. And they look pretty cool. - Hawksblueyes
Mark Strong gives his thoughts on what its like filming John Carter Of Mars. - Hawksblueyes
Thomas Haden Church says he plays one bad ass warrior in John Carter Of Mars. - Hawksblueyes
Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston spills a little bit of information about John Carter Of Mars. - Hawksblueyes
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