The John Carter That Could Have Been.

The John Carter That Could Have Been.

What if the director of Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow had made the film?

John Carter, which is finally being released next month after spending an eternity in development hell. during development, the project was at Paramount Pictures where is was to be made by Kerry Conran (Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow).

Although his incarnation of the story fell apart, which lead to the now directed Andrew Stanton version, the below video shows artwork for Corrans version of the movie.

Thanks to Geeks of Doom for pointing this video out.

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SwingsetKnight - 2/1/2012, 1:20 AM
Hm...well, that opening with the old-fashioned music (Ben Hur?) really works for me. Fantastic. And I do like the lusher appearance. That said, the Stanton film looks pretty good as well, to I'll watch it next month before I start the gnashing of teeth for what might have been.
jimoakley666 - 2/1/2012, 2:08 AM
Really impressed by that. They did a brilliant job. There are some things that look like they've been carried over to Stanton's version though. Or is it just a bit of 'great minds'...

Whatever happened to this Corran dude? I know Sky Captain wasn't the biggest thing since sliced bread, but it was better that a lot of shite that gets released. Prefer that to, say, the Transformers films.

Also, spotted a bit of Jurassic Park music in there and some of the concept work painted Richard Burton as Carter. Very cool.
AlexDeLarge87 - 2/1/2012, 3:20 AM
Karl Urban would have been awesome John Carter.

I hope that in Stanton´s version Tal Hajus is fat too.
AlexDeLarge87 - 2/1/2012, 3:21 AM
Kitch looks like a boy still

Urban is the man
AlexDeLarge87 - 2/1/2012, 3:24 AM
Tars Tarkas in the end of that video reminds me of Martian Manhunter.

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