We may not be seeing a 'true' sequel to Dredd anytime soon but perhaps you'll view this ambitious fan film centered around Judge Minty as a symbolic continuation of the war on crime in Mega-City One.

This fan-film from Steven Sterlacchini stars Edmund Dehn as our titular hero and features real life 2000AD comic book artist Greg Staples as Judge Dredd. The production had been making the rounds at various film festivals including The Glasgow Film Festival 2013, The Boston Science Fiction Film Festival 2013 and has forthcoming screenings at the Portland, Oregon Stumptown Comics Fest and Sci-Fi London.

Most of you should know who Judge Dredd is but you may not have any clue about the old man behind the badge that reads Minty. Appearing in 6 issues of John Wagner and Mike McMahon's Judge Dredd comic book series, Minty is an aging Judge who realizes he's slowing down and will likely be gunned down by one of the many perps within the walls of Mega-City One. The twilight peacekeeper decides to take his fate into his own hands and leaves the confines of the city to bring law and order to surrounding nuclear wasteland and its inhabitants.

After years of effort and many thousands of free man-hours, and ahead of the launch of the film for free online, the team behind the not-for-profit Judge Dredd fan film 'Judge Minty' have released a new trailer.

The short film starring Edmund Dehn and Dredd artist Greg Staples has been touring festivals since its debut last year.

Produced by fans in their own time and for free, the film is based on a character from the early days of Judge Dredd and follows Judge Minty as he takes the 'Long Walk' into the irradiated wastelands of the Cursed Earth.

DVD copies will not available but 'Judge Minty' will be available to watch online for free via YouTube and Vimeo around April/May.

The fans behind 'Judge Minty', Steven Sterlacchini and Steve Green, said: "It was tricky picking what to include and what to keep back, as it's not a three-hour epic, and wanted to keep some surprises rather than trailer it do death. We've been refining shots since it premiered at the Thought Bubble convention last year, so there will be slight changes as well as a new credits sequence (some of which can be seen in the trailer). We hope people enjoy it, and like to thank fans, creators and Rebellion for being supportive while we've been making this film."

Judge Minty is a NOT FOR PROFIT FAN FILM, shown with the kind permission of 2000 AD and Rebellion Judge Dredd® is a registered trademark, © Rebellion A/S®, All rights reserved.

Judge Dredd is the Creation of John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra.
Judge Minty is the creation of John Wagner and Mick McMahon.

DREDD Blu-ray Trailer

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Mark Julian
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AlexDeLarge87 - 3/29/2013, 2:35 PM

Still sucks Dredd didnt get money. That was great movie. Thou i would have made it even more futuristic but overall it was pretty great.
HipsterAngelusNY - 3/29/2013, 2:49 PM
i wouldve loved a sequel with the dark judges
WorstUserNameEver - 3/29/2013, 3:00 PM
Small budget... so wasn't able to fully rock MC1, sequel wud've been the nuts.
zeonsdemon - 3/29/2013, 3:17 PM
whore it out, get everyone you know to buy the dvd. interest could return if any profits increase, as long as a studio thinks it can make money on something they will keep making it, look at saw and resident evil, they're horrid and we keep getting more
HipsterAngelusNY - 3/29/2013, 3:34 PM
yeah but saw & resident evil make bank
DEATHbyEXILE - 3/29/2013, 3:49 PM
Judge Gusto?
INSTANTJUSTICE - 3/29/2013, 3:54 PM
INSTANTJUSTICE - 3/29/2013, 3:58 PM

@Mark Julian - "Most of you should know who Judge Dredd is but you may not have any clue about the old man behind the badge that reads Minty. Appearing in 6 issues of John Wagner and Mike McMahon's Judge Dredd comic book series"

Judge Minty only appeared in one '6 page' episode of Judge Dredd in the weekly comic 2000AD: PROG 147 in 1980.

NorseGod - 3/29/2013, 4:27 PM
Looks really cool! I'll check it out!

Also Dredd was awesome! Probably my favorie CBM of last year, and one of the fe movies that I'd say is actully good in 3D!
marvel72 - 3/29/2013, 5:55 PM
these judge minty fan films are some of the best fan made stuff around.

keep up the good work.
mctrinket - 3/29/2013, 7:14 PM
Dredd was a terrible, terrible flick. Boring.
SWelch - 3/29/2013, 8:24 PM

Did you read the article? From the article:

"DVD copies will not available but 'Judge Minty' will be available to watch online for free via YouTube and Vimeo around April/May."


Dress was terrible?? We must have seen two completely different movies. Or you just are thinking of the first one with Stallone which sucked beyond all reason. Otherwise Dredd was one of the best CBM from last year. I would even go as far as saying it was one of the CBM from last few years. Far better than the Dark Knight Rises. Hell it was one the best action movies from last year.
Ceejay - 3/29/2013, 9:11 PM
@mctrinket - It was never boring or terrible for me but I can fully understand if it was for you because the only thing to see in the entire movie was how many ways they can contrive people getting shot over and over and over again in the same building.

It lacked too much of what makes Judge Dredd work from the comic. It had no Established Justice system that rule with an Iron fist and the people fear. It lacked the technology and superior force their wield. It lacked the concept visuals of the city of the future or even their clothing. It just gave us a city that looked like any place today with townships of South Africa outside. The people were more in fear of criminals than the Judges, the basic crooks had better tech than the judges and heavier artillery?? Worse of all they overplayed the crooked Judge card having too many that defies all logic of the Judge training and conditioning system. They portrayed them like regular cops, they are supposed to be like machines!

But if all you're looking for is a movie where people get shot a lot then it's not surprising why those who think its some amazing flick just cant see the levels of zero interest the average joe has in films as blandly made as this. For those poor saps thinking if it sells well on home video it may get a chance at a sequel, they're kidding themselves. They really don't have a clue how badly this flopped and what insane miracle sales it would take to overturn that. With all the billion the Avengers made all it took on home video domestically is $88 million so far. Dredd has taken $8 million, hardly worth the financial department sending an email to the production crew for a straight to home video sequel!

The Judge Minty fan-film shows more of what makes Dredd's world in its trailer than the entire Dredd 3D movie did with its budget.
LEOSTRATOR - 3/29/2013, 9:22 PM
I loved this movie, most underrated movie of the year. I want a sequel.
INSTANTJUSTICE - 3/30/2013, 7:27 AM
@Ceejay, you're underselling it again, Dredd has taken more than $8 million in home video.

The published numbers are only for DVD sales in the US, they don't contain blu-ray numbers which, as was published, account for over half of Dredds retail sales and amounted, in total, to over $12 million in its first week of release, in other words, it earned as much in its first week on home video as it did in its whole 5 weeks at the cinema, and it's still selling. The amount of increasing reviews on Amazon sites attest to this. None of these figures include downloads and VOD.

There are no international sales figures for home video but if the trend of Dredd outselling its box office in the home market continues, it will earn more than the $41 million total its current box office figure stands at.

So if the film is so bad why is it selling better in the home market? Why is it getting more fans? And why are Judge Dredd books and comics selling out of their print-runs? something which didn't happen after the Stallone film.

An educated guess as to why Dredd didn't earn its money at the box office based on the current increased sales of a flop, is marketing, and the stench left over from the Stallone film and people thinking it was a remake when it wasn't.

MarkJulian - 3/30/2013, 7:47 AM
Dredd didn't earn $12M on blu-ray in its first week. It was more like $4M.
INSTANTJUSTICE - 3/30/2013, 8:29 AM
I said It earned 12 million with combined DVD and blu-ray sales. Bluray was 50% of its market share and Blu-ray Discs are more expensive. Dredd sold 650,000 units in its first week. Over 300,000 were DVD, the rest were bluray.

Unfortunately bluray sales aren't archived at because they are usually inaccurate and they're all just guestimates as don't have official sales counts and they're difficult to track but it doesn't matter anyway, sales are sales.

If Dredd earned $4,795,811 in DVD its first week and the more expensive bluray was 50% of marketshare, it would be approx. $12 milion in total.

None of these include downloads in that first week which were also higher than any other film.
INSTANTJUSTICE - 3/30/2013, 8:32 AM

I wouldn't worry about Hellboy III, after Pacific Rim earns its approx. billion, Del Toro will make what he wants.

INSTANTJUSTICE - 3/30/2013, 12:53 PM

It's called hyperbole.
gaikinger - 3/30/2013, 1:28 PM
Loved loved loved Dredd. Call me what you will bu for me the stand out films for me in the last two years that I actually saw multiple times in the theatre then ran out to buy on Bluray on day one release were Dredd and Tron Legacy.

Ceejay has been trolling Dredd so much on every single Dredd related subject that I'm truly convinced that he or she is some kind of pundit for the disastrous Judge Dredd film with Stallone.

Sequel sequel sequel please but if nothing else I have this great capsule film that rocks out with its c@#k out!
INSTANTJUSTICE - 3/30/2013, 6:05 PM

Considering how many corrupt Judges have been in Judge Dredd stories over the years, and not just acting as lone wolves, it makes me wonder if Ceejay ever really read Judge Dredd at all.

SWelch - 3/31/2013, 7:09 PM

To me it wasn't just a movie about a bunch of people getting shot up. Did it cover all that is in the comic, no but it didn't have the budget of a movie like The Avengers, The Batman trilogies.

Taking that into consideration I thought they did a great job of introducing the World of Dredd. I thought did a great job of showing who Dredd was and who his partner was.

I also think if they showed a world where the people were more afraid of the Judges than the criminals it would have made it exactly like the comic. And if I wanted an exact adaptation I have the comics.

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