New High-Resolution Images From DREDD

New High-Resolution Images From DREDD

Click the jump to check out some gorgeous high-resolution stills from Dredd featuring Karl Urban as Judge Dredd, Olivia Thirlby as Judge Anderson, and Lena Headey as Ma-Ma.

Click On The Thumbnails

The future America is an irradiated waste land. On its East Coast, running from Boston to Washington DC, lies Mega City One- a vast, violent metropolis where criminals rule the chaotic streets. The only force of order lies with the urban cops called “Judges” who possess the combined powers of judge, jury and instant executioner. Known and feared throughout the city, Dredd (Karl Urban) is the ultimate Judge, challenged with ridding the city of its latest scourge – a dangerous drug epidemic that has users of “Slo-Mo” experiencing reality at a fraction of its normal speed.

During a routine day on the job, Dredd is assigned to train and evaluate Cassandra Anderson (Olivia Thirlby), a rookie with powerful psychic abilities thanks to a genetic mutation. A heinous crime calls them to a neighborhood where fellow Judges rarely dare to venture- a 200 story vertical slum controlled by prostitute turned drug lord Ma-Ma (Lena Headey) and her ruthless clan. When they capture one of the clan’s inner circle, Ma-Ma overtakes the compound’s control center and wages a dirty, vicious war against the Judges that proves she will stop at nothing to protect her empire. With the body count climbing and no way out, Dredd and Anderson must confront the odds and engage in the relentless battle for their survival.

The film opens in 3D September 21st.

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Tony93 - 7/18/2012, 3:04 PM
She's cute
scmittydude - 7/18/2012, 3:14 PM
yeah eight of em are just red X's
bathead - 7/18/2012, 3:14 PM
I know its been said before but really, aren't the ends of the red X on his helmet blocking his eyes? Just looks really weird to me.
braveone - 7/18/2012, 3:16 PM
this whole film is stupid. if it passes 10 million i'll be surprised.
HelaGood - 7/18/2012, 3:17 PM
lena is HOT! i love how they made her look nasty.
this will be a video/Netflix viewing for me.
THEDARKKNIGHT1939 - 7/18/2012, 3:19 PM
JumpinJehosaphat - 7/18/2012, 3:30 PM
@braveone. 10M is unrealistically low in today's market. We don't know the budget yet (they're not done making it, technically.) In fact, modern big budget films like this don't even have to lose money to be considered an abject failure. Look at John Carter. So far, that movie made back its est. $250M cost and some extra thanks to an overseas boost, putting the current gross take at about $283M. But, it's still a big ol' loser. Heck, the original Dredd made $12M it's opening weekend in 1995! So, you can be pretty self-satisfied if it only makes $100M globally, if we take a wild, weird stab at a budget of around $80M.
EvilSniperXV - 7/18/2012, 3:31 PM
I feel like this movie is going to be a bomb. I mean I love Judge Dredd... but let's face it, Sci-Fi movies are extremely hard to market to women viewers. Women viewers are a staggering amount. Not to mention many women don't want to go see a ton of action and/or bloody sequences. I'm all for it, but even my girlfriend (huge cb nerd) doesn't want to see the movie.
INSTANTJUSTICE - 7/18/2012, 3:33 PM
"this whole film is stupid." - braveone

I guess you've seen it?
dancingmonkey08 - 7/18/2012, 3:35 PM
Ac oombination of Tony93 & IM53's comments lol

Cool images anyway

Can anyone else believe we are at a point in time where The Avengers & The Amazing Spider-Man have come out in cinemas, the Dark Knight Rises is almost here and Dredd will be the very last comic book movie of the year to have articles about. Where the hell does the time go?

Anyway, bring on Batman! and then bring on Dredd, Im not overly anticipating it but I will go see it in cinemas
INSTANTJUSTICE - 7/18/2012, 3:36 PM
"I know its been said before but really, aren't the ends of the red X on his helmet blocking his eyes? Just looks really weird to me."- bathead

Karl Urban said in a recent "Machinima" interview he'd no problem with visibility.
INSTANTJUSTICE - 7/18/2012, 3:38 PM
"We don't know the budget yet (they're not done making it, technically.)" - JumpinJehosaphat

Technically - the film was completely finished last March.
INSTANTJUSTICE - 7/18/2012, 3:39 PM
"I feel like this movie is going to be a bomb. I mean I love Judge Dredd... but let's face it, Sci-Fi movies are extremely hard to market to women viewers." - EvilSniperXV

District 9?
EvilSniperXV - 7/18/2012, 3:46 PM

District 9 Was filmed for like 63 million dollars. If you look on, you can see that it only made 115 million in the US. That's nothing. The average take on films domestically is usually around 200 million. So only taking 115 million isn't that much. The film was terrific, but it could've done so much better.

I'm not bashing Dredd, I'm just saying, ANY AND ALL Box office bombs affect the future of comic book movies. Green Lantern came out, Jonah Hex came out. Both box office bombs and what did people do? This...

"Are comic book movies being over-published? Are fans no longer interested in seeing the superheroes on the big screen?"
Nomis1800 - 7/18/2012, 3:46 PM
INSTANTJUSTICE - 7/18/2012, 3:51 PM
"District 9 Was filmed for like 63 million dollars." - EvilSniperXV

Nope, District 9 was made for $30 million -$15 million less than Dredd- and it made $210,816,205 worldwide which is 7 X original budget. Films need to make 3 times budget to be considered a success and to guarantee sequels it's rare films make 7 X budget.
AlexDeLarge87 - 7/18/2012, 3:59 PM
Cant wait. :)

Headey looks mean.
dreddhead123 - 7/18/2012, 4:11 PM
The interior set dressing looks really low budget. There's hardly anything in the rooms. The shot of the explosion and Dredd running - looks kinda basic. Not shouting out MC-1 to me, sorry. Looks like something made for a tv pilot.

It looks like 'Dredd' was filmed in an empty warehouse with orange painted walls. :P
DrainBamage - 7/18/2012, 4:11 PM
Love me some Lena Heady. Still crappy that Fox canceled Sarah Connor Chronicles.
dreddhead123 - 7/18/2012, 4:26 PM
This film looks like it was made for about ten million, not 45 million. I think they've made up that 45 figure to make it sound more impressive. I dunno, I thought MC-1 blocks might look a bit more futuristic than this:

I know they're going for a slummy look but this looks about as futuristic as a 1970's hostel. :P
dreddhead123 - 7/18/2012, 4:30 PM
And check out the background behind the naked guy (at 35 seconds). Half of a wall. Wow - must have cost thousands of dollars to create that look. :P The production designer must have spent months working out how to do that. :P

dreddhead123 - 7/18/2012, 4:31 PM
I bet they imported that wall from WALLS-R-US.

HAQ - 7/18/2012, 4:31 PM
Headey looks pretty bad... curious how she'll pull it off...
INSTANTJUSTICE - 7/18/2012, 4:45 PM

May I let you all know that "dreddhead123" has harboured a personal grudge against the people who own 2000AD & Judge Dredd (Rebellion) for about 10 years now -they rejected his "screenplays"- so take his comments with a pinch of salt.

This has been a "Public Service" announcement.
BatSlam - 7/18/2012, 4:46 PM
I think this movie may be a nice surprise but we will see, but i wouldn't be surprised if it was a horrible movie that bombs either. I am still not sold on Karl Urban as Dredd. I just think his jaw doesn't look the part, he has to push it and hold it so far infront just for it to look a little like dredds jaw line. I think he can pull the roll off though, its not like he hasn't played a character like this before, and he doesn't even have to emote because Dredd has no emotion really to emote and you will never see THe rest of his face.
GUNSMITH - 7/18/2012, 4:46 PM
GUNSMITH - 7/18/2012, 4:49 PM
dreddhead123 - 7/18/2012, 4:49 PM
It might be for the best if this film flops. I say that because Judge Dredd has to be done with a big budget or else you end up with this film. It might be a good action film - the reviews have been good - but the visuals are so severely compromised. Some fans will never accept 'modern day' vans/cars in a Judge Dredd film! And this is what we've got in this film. The rooms look cheap and basic with zero touches of sci-fi.

People might be raving over the slow mo and ultra violence but anyone with a proper understanding of Judge Dredd will know, in their heart, this is not the right way to do a Judge Dredd film. The Judge Minty fan film has tried to capture the look of the comic strip. This one seems to have ignored the look except for the hugh blocks towering over the other buildings.

Judge Minty fan film:

That's how to do a Judge Dredd film. They've nailed the look even with a small fan budget.
GUNSMITH - 7/18/2012, 4:51 PM
dreddhead123 - 7/18/2012, 5:07 PM
The Judge Minty fan film trailer showcases Judge Dredd riding a faithful lawmaster down a roadway and you can see the huge blocks/buildings, large vehicles.

The Dredd film people raved about at Comic Con features Dredd (apparently in this film the 'Judge' bit of his name is not mentioned!) on a lawmaster bike which looks like a regular bike with a black pyramid shaped box stuck on the front, racing down real slummy type Cape Town roads chasing after a modern day van. A van that doesn't look that different to the one in the first act of Robocop.

So you see how clueless people at Comic Con are. Real Judge Dredd fans know this film is a big sell-out but people at Comic Comic don't appreciate this because most of them don't read Judge Dredd in 2000AD, don't read the huge range of graphic novel reprints. All they do is go "yes, we got a free screening of a film, it's Dredd. Whooo-hoo, it's slo-mo gore. It's Dredd as a bad ass."

But none of them know how Judge Dredd is supposed to look, know how the city is supposed to look, know why Judge Dredd is not Die Hard/The Raid in a MC-1 block. This film is a spectacular sell-out of the Judge Dredd property even down to the arrogant dismissal of the character's full logo name:


2000AD has published JUDGE DREDD stories for 35 years and it has NEVER - repeat NEVER - had the logo:


There is no such comic book character called: DREDD

It's JUDGE DREDD - that's the logo, that's how it looked in prog 2 of 2000AD, the very first Judge Dredd story, published in Feb 1977.

So when you see people raving about 'DREDD' just remember this is a sell-out of the property. Perhaps it's a cool action film, perhaps it contains 'elements' from the source material, but they're heavily compromised elements.

Be in no doubt... when Judge Dredd chases a van in this film - and then you go and watch Robocop and see Murphy chasing a van - you KNOW this film is an unimaginative cheap sell-out. It might come as a shock to Mr Alex Garland - Dredd screenwriter - but Judge Dredd doesn't chase 20th century looking vans.
dreddhead123 - 7/18/2012, 5:17 PM
And just to add - perhaps everyone should send a sarcastic email to Lionsgate for showing the death of a major character in the trailer. Well done, Lionsgate, for that inspired bit of ineptitude!
Jollem - 7/18/2012, 5:28 PM
dredd looks sick!
SuperJoe - 7/18/2012, 7:29 PM
lena's sideways mouth bothers me
gaikinger - 7/18/2012, 10:01 PM
Lena's mouth looks...whats with these comments? Looks awsome and will be seeing it the friday it comes out. Like my theater not too full so haters will not be missed by me. Probably not old enough to see R rated movie anyway.
jimoakley666 - 7/19/2012, 1:40 AM
@dreddhead123 - Judge Minty also looks exactly like a fan film. It's not cinematic, cinematography is beyond sub-par, it has extremely fake CGI and the costumes look like they're rented from a fancy dress shop and are made from vinyl and plastic. I'm not knocking the Minty guys. They're doing okay, but it's not professional enough to be released to anyone but a fan FAN. They are really showing their budget and fan-range.

If you want to see Minty, you go ahead and stay away from the cinema come DREDD time. Simple as that. No need to keep bitching and whining like an old tart with a grudge.

I always think it's best for someone who isn't a fan to direct a movie adaption. They can be more brutal with the shit that just plain doesn't work. Like [frick]ing huge gold shoulder-eagles.
jimoakley666 - 7/19/2012, 1:47 AM
@dreddhead123 - And one more thing. What do you count as a "real Judge Dredd fan"?

Someone who is so narrow minded that they cannot accept anything other than what appears on the page?

Or someone who has read and loved the book for [frick]ing decades, but doesn't subscribe to every bit of bullshit different writers have added over the years, can think outside of the box and has enough common sense to see what works and what doesn't on the silver screen?

How about the guy who created the character, has seen the film and loves it stating that it IS Dredd and nails the character and his world?

Are you saying John Wagner ISN'T a "real fan"?
GUNSMITH - 7/19/2012, 1:51 AM
R888 - 7/19/2012, 2:11 AM
Dredd looks badass
KeithM - 7/19/2012, 4:24 AM
@EvilSniperXV: "but let's face it, Sci-Fi movies are extremely hard to market to women viewers"

Um, two of the three highest grossing movies of all time are sci-fi movies... major point-fail there buddy.

The filmmakers have stated that the movie only needs to make $50m at the US box office to greenlight a sequel.

It's doable, though far from a given. That's the hyperbole-free truth of it. The film is finished, the rest is in the hands of the marketing and us, the public.

@IJ&JimOakley: Having been banned pretty much everywhere else, dreddhead only has here left to troll his rejection-fueled bitterness about the film, so good work in exposing his trolling for what it is. KUTGW
KeithM - 7/19/2012, 4:29 AM
@JimOakley: Didn't you know? Dreddhead is the ONLY real Judge Dredd fan.

You can't be one because you referred to him as "Dredd" Tut, tut! He's JUDGE Dredd, not just 'Dredd' dammit! Apparently, a REAL fan would never be so familiar as not to use his full title...

@Sheldon: That was sarcasm.

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