Press Release: DREDD Dominates Home Video Market

Press Release: DREDD Dominates Home Video Market

Good news Judge Dredd fans! Much has been made over the lack of box office success for Peter Travis' Dredd and the fact that the film needs to really do well on blu-ray and dvd in order to have any chance for a sequel.

SANTA MONICA, Calif., Jan. 22, 2013 /CNW/ – The verdict is in and Lionsgate (LGF), a leading global entertainment company, announced today that the home entertainment release of DREDD claimed the number one spot on the DVD sell-through and Blu-ray charts with 650,000 units sold, making it the best-selling new release title of the year. Blu-ray units accounted for nearly 50% of week 1 POS at retail. In addition, the critically acclaimed thriller, starring Karl Urban (Star Trek) as the titular character Judge Dredd , was the top film download for the week, outpacing all other titles in digital sales as well.

Adapted by Alex Garland from John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra’s legendary comic book and released in a stunning 3-D Blu-ray, DREDD adds to Lionsgate’s long history of theatrical titles that have overconverted their box office performance on Blu-ray, DVD and digital. Lionsgate continues to lead the industry in DVD-to-box office conversion rates.

Hailed by audiences and critics alike, the post-apocalyptic thriller also stars Olivia Thirlby (Juno) and Lena Headey (HBO’s “Game Of Thrones”). Blending pulse-pounding action with mesmerizing visual effects sequences, the sci-fi thriller directed by Pete Travis (Vantage Point) takes place in a vast, violent metropolis where criminals rule the chaotic streets. The only force of order lies with the urban cops called “Judges” who possess the combined powers of judge, jury and instant executioner. The Blu-ray Disc and DVD both contain multiple behind-the-scenes featurettes including a look back at the 35 years of Judge Dredd .

With a highly competitive landscape during its theatrical debut, the thriller’s powerful home entertainment success underscores the importance of the market, allowing entertainment enthusiasts to enjoy their favorite films in a multitude of formats.

“DREDD‘s chart topping performance demonstrates the breadth of the home entertainment audience for this exciting, high caliber film as well as underscoring our ability to monetize theatrical titles across all home entertainment platforms through the highest packaged, VOD and digital conversion rates in the industry,” said Ron Schwartz , Lionsgate Executive Vice President & General Manager, Home Entertainment. “We’re also pleased that a film released on 3-D Blu-ray was able to top the sales charts, a clear reflection of how quality films in this up and coming format can find their audience.”

Lionsgate recently announced a partnership with Korean consumer electronics giant Samsung to convert select Lionsgate action and thriller titles for the booming 3-D home entertainment market.

DREDD B-Roll Footage And Soundbites Featuring Karl Urban, Pete Travis And Alex Garland
New DREDD Featurette With Commentary From Karl Urban, Pete Travis And More

Dredd is a 2012 British science fiction action film directed by Pete Travis and written by Alex Garland. It is based on the 2000 AD comic strip Judge Dredd and its eponymous character by John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra. Karl Urban stars as Judge Dredd, a law enforcer given the power of judge, jury and executioner in the vast dystopian metropolis of Mega-City One that lies within a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Alongside rookie Judge Anderson (Olivia Thirlby), Dredd is forced to bring order to a feared 200-story slum and its resident drug lord, Ma-Ma (Lena Headey).

Garland began writing the script as early as 2006, although development of a new Judge Dredd film adaptation was not announced until December 2008, that would be unrelated to the 1995 film adaptation Judge Dredd. Principal photography began in November 2010, with an estimated $45 million (US) budget. The project was shot using 3D cameras throughout on practical sets, and on location in the South African cities of Cape Town and Johannesburg. Dredd was released on 7 September 2012 in the United Kingdom. It is scheduled for release worldwide on 21 September 2012.

Running Time: 1hr 35 min
Release Date: 21 September 2012 (USA))
MPAA Rating: R
Starring: Karl Urban, Olivia Thirlby and Lena Headey
Directed by: Pete Travis
Written by: Carlos Ezquerra (characters), Alex Garland (screenplay), John Wagner (characters)

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aral - 1/22/2013, 8:33 AM
I hope this brings us the sequel
Jerec350 - 1/22/2013, 8:36 AM
Just saw this for the first time over the weekend and it was awesome! Hope to see a sequel.
Jolt17 - 1/22/2013, 8:36 AM
Oh, yes. A chance for the sequel renewed? I sure hope so. It truly deserves it.
jimpinto24 - 1/22/2013, 8:37 AM
Good news. I loved Dredd!
stutx - 1/22/2013, 8:40 AM
amen aral, im hoping. been telling all my friends to check it out and dragged most to the theater. Great movie, fun ride and awesome visuals.
Berserker187 - 1/22/2013, 8:41 AM
This movie deserves a sequel. If stupid chiansaw got one Dredd needs one p
IIIAdamantiumIII - 1/22/2013, 8:41 AM
tell your friends to buy it!
Danbojohnj - 1/22/2013, 8:48 AM
Tell your enemies too.

Good news,hope it repeats this across other territories.
Mysterion - 1/22/2013, 8:50 AM
I ordered it on Xfinity Ondemand over the weekend, and it was awesome...heres hoping for a sequal.
GodzillaKart - 1/22/2013, 8:55 AM
Just saw Dredd. Pretty good, but such a 1 dimensional character will never be very popular.
GUNSMITH - 1/22/2013, 8:57 AM
Stumblin - 1/22/2013, 8:57 AM
Bought this movie this weekend...God I love it.
RichardHedski - 1/22/2013, 8:57 AM
OK movie but they should have made a sequel to the 1995 Stallone movie and had Judge Death.
fortycals - 1/22/2013, 9:02 AM
Glad to hear this. I do think if it get a sequel it will be in theaters, just like kick ass2. great news.
third3ye - 1/22/2013, 9:09 AM
Praying for home video sales/rentals to be off the charts, this movie def needs a sequel!
MrYurMomm - 1/22/2013, 9:11 AM
At first I didn't think I'd like the movie, but I started watching... The ending was just the cherry on top of the triple layer German Chocolate cake (; blew my mind! I will definitely look forward to a sequel and purchasing in Blu-Ray!
jessepostal - 1/22/2013, 9:20 AM
Have you people never watched an action movie before? The movie was mediocre at best. A few cool kills was all it offered
INSTANTJUSTICE - 1/22/2013, 9:27 AM
Godzillafart - "Pretty good, but such a 1 dimensional character will never be very popular."

Did you read the headline?

That means it beat "Looper", a "very popular" film, in DVD, Blu-ray and digital-downloads.
DrDoom - 1/22/2013, 9:29 AM
Totally deserves a sequel, and here's hoping that strong home video sales convince the studio to give Dredd another shot.
gaikinger - 1/22/2013, 9:31 AM
Bought it day one of BluRay release and saw it twice in the cinema which i never do. Just epic badassness from start to finish.SSSSEEEEQQQUUUEEELLLLLL!!!!!!!
GodzillaKart - 1/22/2013, 9:32 AM
@Instantjustice: Dredd lost almost 20 million at the box office. I'm glad it had a good rental weekend, and I would love to see a sequel, but a good weekend does not make it "very popular". Dredd is not a very popular character.
gaikinger - 1/22/2013, 9:34 AM
jessepostal and Godzillafart are trolls....just trolls, DO NOT FEED.
gaikinger - 1/22/2013, 9:37 AM
Unless they bring back the same creative team in tact ( actors, directors, cinematographers ), dont bother with a sequel.
RPD - 1/22/2013, 9:37 AM
When I saw the trailers for it I had a feeling it was gonna suck, and I was right. A friend saw it at the theater and loved it. He almost insisted we rent it one Friday and we did, and me and my son both agreed it sucked. I actually fell asleep for a few minutes a couple times.

Now, having said that, I hope the people who enjoyed it get a sequel. I won't, however, be seeing it neither at the theater or on home video...
GodzillaKart - 1/22/2013, 9:39 AM
@Gaikinger: How was I trolling? I liked the film. I stated a pretty clear fact. Dredd will never be as popular as a more complex character like Batman or Iron Man.
gaikinger - 1/22/2013, 9:44 AM
Godzillafart- how many times have you been in The Hall of Shame?
RPD - 1/22/2013, 9:45 AM
@Zilla Don't you know you can't say anything negative about anyhing, whether you like the subject matter or not, on the internet?
GodzillaKart - 1/22/2013, 9:45 AM
Once that I know of. Why?
Zarog - 1/22/2013, 9:45 AM
I didn't see it in theaters, but after seeing the movie this weekend, I can say without a doubt I will be there opening night if they make a sequel. I'm also gonna be getting the blu-ray. Movie was great.
gaikinger - 1/22/2013, 9:46 AM
for the record i loved Batman, Iron Man, Thor, and The Avengers but Dredd pushed me into my chair and raised the bar.
GodzillaKart - 1/22/2013, 9:51 AM
@RPD: Exactly. What is the deal with these fragile people who can't take a negative opinion? What's up with these simpletons that dismiss any negative articulation as "trolling"?

Sheesh. I wasn't even being overly negative about the film. I liked it.
jessepostal - 1/22/2013, 9:53 AM
@gai, yes I'm a big time troll, thanks for calling me out! Ill listen to your opinion when a movie like dredd doesn't keep you on the edge of your seat
Jollem - 1/22/2013, 10:18 AM
imo, dredd has been a more popular character than the four-year fad of the movie version of iron man

bring on the damn sequel. i wanna see more of the world they have
Minato - 1/22/2013, 10:18 AM

I got pitchforks and torches for sale.
Metalogan - 1/22/2013, 10:33 AM
The reason I hold this movie high is because :
1.the violence was actually violent.
2.The movie felt dirty, and dangerous.
3. The story was just enough for you to fill in the gaps.
4.Judge Dredd is a simple charater that leaves the viewer enough to use their imaginations.

Not everything has to be known. I dont' care what high school or what kinda upbringing he has. Nor do I care what he looks like under the helmet or what he's thinking. I can figure that out based on his actions.

That, essentially, is what the movie is about. It provided realism when necessary and allowed the viewer to challenge themselves with their own imaginations. Kinda like reading a book.
gaikinger - 1/22/2013, 10:39 AM
Look at all the enthusiastic praise by those who obviously know a good movie when they see one and the tiny handful of trolls with some form of cinematic distemper.

Nibs- The Stallone version was what....I guess we can stop right there with evaluating the timber of your taste

Godzillafart- you and Fettastic are two of the biggest trolls that frequent CBM and you have the Hall of Shame Records to prove it whether you are aware of it or not.

Jessepostal- you are just annoying
Jollem - 1/22/2013, 10:40 AM
gaikinger - 1/22/2013, 10:41 AM
Metagalon......well said.
jessepostal - 1/22/2013, 10:58 AM
@gai, thanks that means a lot :), the non details isn't why I thought dredd was mediocre, it was the fact that there was nothing new or fresh in it at all. It was your basic b action movie from fifteen years ago.
INSTANTJUSTICE - 1/22/2013, 11:00 AM
Godzillafart: "Dredd lost almost 20 million at the box office. I'm glad it had a good rental weekend, and I would love to see a sequel, but a good weekend does not make it "very popular". Dredd is not a very popular character."

Most of the sales came from retail not rental, meaning the title is popular for those who wish to own it rather than just rent it. The fact that Dredd made more in its first week of US bluray/DVD sales than it did in its whole US theatrical run means that the character has increased its popularity, especially after it was torrented. Argue all you want but 'unpopular' doesn't get to No. 1 and beat popular competition.

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