10 Reasons I´m Mad As Hell at Warner Brothers Approach To The Justice League Movie?

10 Reasons I´m Mad As Hell at Warner Brothers Approach To The Justice League Movie?

I tried to hold my tongue, but enough is enough; if the recent rumors are true as to how warner Brothers have decided to handle their DC roster, we should be VERY concerned about the future of The Justice League Project. Here are 10 rumors, that have sparked my fury.

I´ve tried to ignore it for sometime now, but I just can´t any more. I think everyone in Warner Brothers dealing with the DC universe have gone absolutely insane.

I was once a believer but now, every bit of news I here that is not related to the upcoming Man Of Steel, sends me further into despair about the inevitable train wreck the Justice League movie is going to be.

Warner Brothers did something wonderful with the Batman trilogy, and I think they are set to ruin all their good work, and subsequently deliver a permanent death blow to some of comics most beloved characters ever seeing the light of day in film again.

Here are some of the distressing rumors and/or comments I´ve heard, which I can only hope are unsubstantiated prattle.


10) Courting Bret Ratner or The Wachowski´s to Direct.

The News:
Many directors have been speculated to helm the Justice League movie, the worst of which was Ben Affleck. The latest is Bret Ratner and The Wachowski´s.

Why this is bad news:
This to be fair to Warner Brothers would not be their worst crime - hence it being so low on the list. I actually wouldn´t mind either of these guys directing solo movies of League members to prove themselves before taking on the high pressure job of dealing with the Justice League. Each director/directors has their merits and both have been shown to have strong visions for their movies – Wachowski´s with The Matrix and Ratner with Red Dragon or Rush Hour; both pleasant enough.

Why I have such reservation is both have proved not entirely capable of dealing with the exact type of movie Justice League would be.

Ratner, with X Men Last Stand - which to be fair to him I didn´t think was that bad, and to be honest was just about as much of a mess as the other X-Men movies. Despite my point above, it is clear he had extreme difficulty dealing with a Super team movie. While on a good day I can see Ratner just about pulling it off, I´d hate to see what he´d do to Justice league on one of his bad days. It would be abysmal.

As for The Wachowski´s they´ve had some interesting titles since The Matrix, but lets face it, their magnum opus remains The first Matrix movie, the others held some interest but weren´t great. And, Alan Moore, was pretty justified in his thinking that V for Vendetta, was a pretty shallow rendition of his classic comic tale.

9) Joseph Gordan Levitt Wants To Be in Justice League

The News:
Its been made apparent that Joseph Gordan-Levitt has some interest in being in the Justice league Movie.

Why this is bad News:
Again, not the worse thing that can happen. I sincerely enjoyed his performance in the Dark Knight rises; the only problem I see is, a fresh approach needs to be brought to Batman, a new face, and a new Bruce Wayne. Any involvement of Gordan-Levitt will inevitably lead to them placing Bruce Wayne in the same Nolan film universe as Gordan-Levitt´s character in the film. This could have one of two terrible implications: One, either they will have to recast someone for the same “Batman/Bruce Wayne” that Christian Bale played, meaning he will have to be not only less powerful but also older than his Justice league team mates. Two, is the unthinkable, they go with Robin Blake as the new Batman and/or Nightwing, leaving Bruce Wayne out of Justice League completely, or just as some mentor to Batman/Nightwing/Robin.

This could have some appeal to Warner Brothers, after all Gordan-Levitt has brought them big bucks, as well as critical acclaim recently.

However this does not worry me too much, because I think even the boys at Warner Brothers aren´t so insane as to mess with Bruce Wayne.

8) New Batman may be revealed in Justice league

The News:
Quite simply, that the new Batman may well not be revealed until D-Day.

Why this is bad news:

Batman has the greatest chance of attracting some real talent to the proceedings, after the success of the Dark Knight trilogy.

He is the one that can really ground this JL project in touch of class, which it sorely needs, if some of the rumors flying around turn out to be true. The next guy who wants to take on the Batman, is bound to be incredibly passionate and confident they can deliver, after Nolan´s success; it is for this reason they should be getting the next Batman off the ground now, make us care for the new guy, get some great talent, to add to the names getting thrown around in this Justice League Director/writer circus.

The Caped Crusader, is certainly not the first DC/ JL member I want to see hit the big screen in the run-up to Justice league, but he certainly could be the guy to attract the right talent to the project.

7) Cyborg Instead Of Martian Manhunter, Following The New 52 cast of JL

The News:
The New 52 comic run has been so popular, that the writers of the JL script are basing their screenplays cast on N52´s Justice league run. This means Cyborg in, but Martian Manhunter out.

Why this is bad news:
While this is not devastating to the proceedings, I think it is unwelcome. Martian Manhunter is not only the heart and soul of the Justice league, but he´s also a far more interesting character than Cyborg, and one that visually would be amazing on the silver screen.

Martian Manhunter basic story: He comes from a world, who´s people have been massacred. Exterminated in a ruthless genocide, either perpetrated by his brother or The White Martians, depending on the version of his origin you take. His wife and child gone. He is the only survivor of his species. Unlike Clark, his journey to Earth, does not come in infancy, but as a fully grown man, plagued with the memories of his people´s destruction.

This basic premise which can be tinkered with, would make a really interesting origin story, and could make for a very interesting relationship between himself and Superman. Two, alien immigrants, with similar origin, but one - who to all intense and purposes - thinks of himself as human, and the other who tragically due to his alien appearance and memories can never do so. The contrast is great.

Now I´m not against Cyborg being in a JL movie, but if it were a choice between characters, Cyborg wouldn´t be half as interesting.

6) Wonder Woman Cameo in Arrow: Exec Producer Andrew Kinsberg claims its possible as long as she has "No Powers"


Executive Producer, Andrew Kinsberg, of the upcoming Green Arrow show, is obviously feeling really pleased with the highly original concept his team have had for a new NBC show, because he´s taken to making really stupid comments aimed supposedly at pissing comic´s fans off. His TV show: A gritty realistic take on DC comics hero; an eccentric billionaire, who after a traumatic event, decides to use his immense wealth to build up an arsenal and the skill to take on the criminal underworld, creating his own brand of street justice. Doesn´t sound familiar at all.
So, when asked if he sees a possible Wonder Woman cross over with the show, he responded by saying, “The Lynda Carter version was great and now the CW is hopefully developing another wonderful version that will be a nice compliment to Arrow.”(1) He went on to say, due to his show being set in entirely realistic world (whatever that means?) he would only introduce the character if she had no powers: “As long as she doesn’t have superpowers, then we’re good!” (2)

Why this is bad news

Apart from, this showing Mr. Kinsberg, hasn´t got a clue (which doesn´t bode well for the Arrow series) what worries me is his first comment.

I get this terrible feeling in my gut, that Arrow will have something to do with the Justice League films. I also get the feeling the planned “Amazon” Wonder Woman TV series is some how introducing us to our big screen Wonder Woman, or, is in someway an attempt to side step an origin movie for the character before the official JL film.

It is a massive surprise to me that Kinsberg and his team seem so obsessed with reality, when they completely seem to have lost touch with it. It is a deep concern for any true comic book fan if they take Wonder Woman´s powers away in a TV iteration, which is sure to get a lot of attention. If they ruin the character before she gets a chance to hit big or small screen by depowering her, they may doom her chances indefinitely in future, as those who aren´t familiar with her character and mythology may take her as just being some knock off Black Widow. I can only hope this was a thoughtless comment my Kinsberg, and not some information he´s gleamed on the grapevine about the Wonder Woman “Amazon” project.

5) The Co-Writer Of Green Lantern Working On Wonder Woman, Green Lantern 2 and/or The Flash Script

The News
The guy who wrote the last Green Lantern movie is involved in drafting a Wonder Woman movie script, Green Lantern 2 as well as THE FLASH. (WHAT?!!!)

Why this is bad news:
I don´t think it´s really worth going into, or explaining. I´ve heard some Fan Boys trying to justify this move, saying the man can´t be judged on one movie; after all he did write some decent Dawsons Creek episodes. ;)

Well I say the man had his chance, and if that Green Lantern movie is what he thought was worthy of putting his name behind, he really ought not to have anything to do with DC characters at this crucial stage of development of their world. We can either go The Dark Knight Trilogy/Man Of Steel direction, or, The Green Lantern/Batman And Robin direction.
And, if you want to see your heroes continuing to hit a cinema near you, with great actors playing them, and, passionate, inspired directors/writers helming their projects, I suggest you think long and hard about what Warner Brothers are doing here. It could set the trend of Superheroes popularity rising, 10 years back.

4) Lobo Movie before another Justice League members

The News

Since the success of The Avengers and the announcement that Warner Brothers will launch it´s own Justice League movie, the only solid rumors about a DC character film in production has been --- wait for it ---- yes Lobo. Because we were all begging to see Lobo (Who?) hit the big screen.

Why This Is Bad News

Not only does it demonstrate the guys behind this whole project have little clue as to what they´re doing, it´s just plain insulting to fans. The film is inevitably going to be a mess, which will add little critical acclaim to the studio, and a further reluctance to give any of the DC cannon, apart from Superman and Batman a big screen chance.

It’s a lose/lose situation on the commercial side as well for comic book fans. Either, Lobo will be a commercial success, meaning they will concentrate more precious time building his character, while ignoring the rest of the DC cannon. And add to that if it is a commercial success they plan to add him into Justice Leugue movie. If that is true, we all know then the kind of tone they´re setting for the Justice league film.

If it´s not a commercial success, again it will lead to further disillusionment of “non-comic book readers” that any of DC´s characters, apart from Batman or Superman are worthy of film treatment. Therefore leading the studio to feel like minded.

3) 2015 Release Date: Giving no real chance for solo movie set up.

The News

Warner Brothers has set a preliminary release date for Justice League, being summer of 2015.

Why This Is Bad News

I would personally love this news if it sounded like these guys knew what they were doing. If I heard Wonder Woman and The Flash projects were under way, with directors attached. That, Man Of Steel will be connected to a Justice League world; I´d be glad of 2015 release date.
If it´s some point of pride that they do not want to follow Marvel´s model, then they should distinguish themselves, by making edgier movies in the same vein as Batman Begins and Man Of Steel. If they give their heroes that respect, especially Wonder Woman, then they will truly be revolutionizing comic book movies, way beyond what Marvel have achieved with The Avengers (which while good, was hardly anything surprising, in terms of character, story, action, cinematography etc). They should follow what DC animated series have been doing, and they´ve been making some really great films. Their Wonder woman being one of their best. (They´ve really redefined the character for our generation)

2) Dwayne Johnson A.K.A THE ROCK to play Lobo

The News

Dwayne Johnson the “Republican” wrestler is in talks to play Lobo.

Why This Is Bad News

As if this film didn´t sound like it had enough class already, they´ve thrown The Rock into mix, as possibly playing Lobo. What can I say accept I´m pretty sure what The Lobo movie is all about, and I can only hope they completely separate it, so it has nothing to do with the Justice League film universe.

1) Amazon - Yet another television treatment of Wonder Woman, instead of putting her on the big screen where she belongs.

The News

Rather than giving Wonder Woman the origin film she deserves, WB has had the brilliant idea of doing yet another TV Show instead. This one to resemble Smallville.

Why This Is Bad News

Wonder Woman is one of the most recognized superheroes in the world, period! She was an inspiration to girls growing up in the 50´s, and created a solid base for female comic readers. To men, she is the hottest super person this side of Catwoman, and we along with female comic fans, can´t wait to see her kick some war mongering male ass. One of the companies has to do it first, either Marvel or DC. Create a popular franchise lead by a female Superhero; in doing so you will bring in new interest from women and girls into the comic movie genre, men who just want to see a hot chick kick some ass, and Wonder Woman fans porper who have been waiting for a very very long time to see The Princess do what she does best, on the big screen. Final calculation, a very profitable franchise. Why? Wonder Woman is an icon, and if done right, and with a little imagination her mythology is every bit as potent and relevant to the modern age as Batman´s or any other Superhero for that matter.

She is too big for TV, too complex and rich in her mythology to be reduced to some anecdotal syndicated program reminiscent of Smallville. It´s doomed to failure, not because of something inherently wrong with the character, but because it´s a bad idea. Wonder Woman needs serious treatment, hopefully from a female director, with the vision to create our generations Wonder Woman.

Let me know your thoughts.
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Tainted87 - 9/11/2012, 2:35 PM
No offense, but you sound like a different kind of "mad".

JGL has openly said that TDKR was the end, his character has no future, that it was just made FOR THAT MOVIE ALONE.

He's not going to burn bridges by saying: "I have no interest whatsoever in another superhero movie", but if he were in the Justice League movie, he would NOT be playing Batman or Nightwing, because that continuity is done with. Closed. No more.

I'm actually kind of happy about a Wonder Woman tv show. While it may very well be a move to test the waters, Wonder Woman can do her own thing without worrying about how THAT version of Wonder Woman would fit in with Snyder's version of Superman, or Nolan's version of Batman, or Nicholas Meyer's Martian Manhunter... she can develop all on her own AND garner a lot more attention than one movie.

Not that I'm in support of substituting a movie for a tv show, I still want a movie, but perhaps with a television show backing it, it will have a larger audience.

As far as Batman is concerned (new Batman making an appearance in the movie), what's wrong with that? Everyone knows who Batman is. You also don't know what version of Batman this would be, whether it's Arkham City, TAS, New 52, Bronze Age, etc... there's not enough to go by.
SHHH - 9/11/2012, 2:45 PM
What Everyone Elese Said....
MisterMagurlypse - 9/11/2012, 2:54 PM
Yeah, when you lump it all together like that you got me scared!! I don't think Lobo is going to be part of the DCMU. I'm about 50/50 on JGL being Batman in the JL movie. I know the issues that X3 was facing, but nonetheless I have no faith in Ratner. I see your point on MM, but I'd rather have Cyborg cause honestly we need more African American heroes out there!! Their thinking is probably two parts; A) more CGI involved with MM and B) we've already got one alien in Supes so we don't need another. Hal Jordan needs to be recasted IMO. Reynolds has the look but not the skills. I'm down with the Matrix bros directing this. Wonder Woman and Flash are the wildcards here. If done right they could be the success factor of the DCMU. Good article man!!
OdinsBeard - 9/11/2012, 3:32 PM
wow, i know it's a trademark of the internet to complain about movies we have yet to even see a trailer for but you should get some kind of medal or something. bitching about 10 movies in one fell swoop? gotta be a new record.

they're just movies homie. in my opinion, you need to chillax and just try* to enjoy what we actually do get. they may get some things wrong from time to time but i just feel lucky that we actually have studios willing to put hundreds of millions of dollars into CBMs with no sign of slowing down any time soon.

really shitty superman movies were made. really shitty batman movies were made. and look where we are now.

cool yo jets. let's get some movie LOVE around here. some excitement! some support! Lobo? ok, bring it on.

worse comes to worse there's still always the Timmverse.
MisterMagurlypse - 9/11/2012, 3:52 PM
@jpfola26....Exactly!!! Who's going to know that it's a black man playing MMH. At least with Cyborg or JS as GL they would see the skin color with MMH you wouldn't. Cyborg could be a complex character cause he's half man/ half machine and thats a lot to deal with.
jjk2814 - 9/11/2012, 4:48 PM
Oh man, jpfola26, I respect ya pal. You write an article people have problems with and then bring up politics, that takes cojones. I'm not being sarcastic. You speak your mind and don't back down, good for you!

As for the article, I really wouldn't worry too much. I also agree that none of the rumors, even the more substantial ones, interest me at all. Some of them, piss me off too. But, at a certain point with this stuff you just gotta learn to live with a little disappointment...sucks I know, but this comicbookmovie-saturated world is now officially well over a decade old...its only going to get harder...

Or who knows, a miracle might happen...
jjk2814 - 9/11/2012, 4:50 PM
and to be fair, there were four screenwriters on Green Lantern. You can't just blame Berlanti. Four writers is rarely, if ever a good thing...just see Jurassic Park 3...
johnblake - 9/11/2012, 7:36 PM
i think cyborg would be okay. JGL as batman would be okay. people you have to stop just doing the same stories over and over again. as a hardcore comic fan i look to movies for new content. not just the same stories in a new art style. jla film will be okay, i think
CorndogBurglar - 9/11/2012, 8:12 PM
In all honesty, i would pick Ben Affleck to direct before Bret Ratner. At least Affleck used to read comics and is a fan, is good friends with Kevin Smith, and has an actual umderstanding of comics. Ratner admitted that he never picked up a comic before X3, and we saw what he did with that stinker...
RolandD - 9/12/2012, 10:53 AM
I'll never get that 5 minutes back. Bunch of worry about nothing.
plasticboy - 9/12/2012, 10:54 AM
wow i agree with everything.As for the republican thing, i really don't care about politics both parties are like grown people fighting like children over simple things. I Tell you politics are going to end us all some day.
plasticboy - 9/12/2012, 10:56 AM
i don't see how america affects the world though? i thought you the rest of the world hated us anyways.
jaysin420 - 9/12/2012, 11:27 AM
Why would anyone think the new Green Arrow show on the WB, where they already have said multiple times there will be no superpowers, be connected to the JL movie?

And what the hell does the Rock being republican have to do with anything? lol damn and I thought I smoked too much.

SHHH - 9/12/2012, 11:55 AM
A Bunch Of Rumor's Piss You Off? I Would Hate To See How You Act When Actual "Facts" Are Released Or Real News... I Thought I Smoked Alot Of 420....
CapeWing - 9/12/2012, 12:02 PM
Look, what it all boils down to right now is that we don't have anything solid to go on just yet, and until we do I think we should all just hold off on judging anything. I for do feel a JL movie is a bad idea right now and needs to be put off for a few more years so that WB can do it right. Wait for Superman, WonderWoman, Flash, Martin Manhunter, a new Green Lantern and new Batman movie to be done first. This way here we can do cameos'/cross overs' that lead us up to a JL movie.
PeterParker1991 - 9/12/2012, 12:20 PM
I had mixed feelings about this film until I heard Darkseid is confirmed so yeah I'm pumped now
THEDARKKNIGHT1939 - 9/12/2012, 1:01 PM
This is an amazing article. I agree 100%. I can't describe how fed-up I am with warner bros. Just freakin hire the guys who wrote the animated DC movies and television series. DC characters will never get the justice they deserve.
Suzanne - 9/12/2012, 2:03 PM
To the child who wrote this column buy a dictionary and look up the definition of the word "RUMOR" because you clearly do not know what the word means otherwise you would not have written that column.
Darkhaven - 9/12/2012, 2:18 PM
Your #1 should have been the rumor that the Justice League movie is even being made. Some of you haven't been around long enough to hear how many times WB/DC have claimed a JLA movie is "in the works", and they've "got the script written (or re-written), and it's amazing/epic/inspiring/breath taking".

Until they step up and officially put this into production, this is all nothing but talk.
tieray - 9/19/2012, 4:48 AM
I haven't said anything here in a wile but this promped me to do so. 1st let me start by saying I'm a huge fan of marvel and wat they have don't and I'm not much of a DC fan but I'm a comic book fast thus there are somethings I agree with wile others I don't. I'm not going to address alot of wat u talked about for time limitations but ill hit wat I feelis important. I 100% agree with MM instead of Cyborg it would be gd to have the diversity but he's a pore character. About JGL I some wat disagree. I'm going to say this... WB has no idea wat their doing business wise or comic book wise. Iundersand wat evry1 says that nolans univers is non syfi but it sucessful. I would rather CB as BM than any 1 else cuz honestly by himself he made 1bill with a team it will kill. Also I looks like MOS has the same tone could also place them in the same univers if WB was smart. GL was an ok movie. RR was gd could be better but I blaim director look at all his serious roles he dose well the prob is the movie needed a darker more realistic tone. Tone dosnt mean story/fiction. Also GL mad more than an dc property other than BM & SM. It could have still been darker and syfi. PS I am 1 of the few who liked the consept of his uniform. ther without a dout should be a sheard univers period. Now with WW she is a fan fav however there hasn't been a female lead who would gross box office #s. WW wouldn't even make GL numbers. No disrespect to the character but female lead action movies don't make money just like a male let chickflick won't make money. this is based on general public. Well I'm done for now.
1RoninAmongBitches - 9/21/2012, 9:30 PM
This is stupid getting mad about something (in this case rumors)you have no control over and bitching on a website about it to other bitches.....smh

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