How should the Justice League Movie be properly introduced?

What would fit within a Justice League movie?

Here is my take on what could possibly work within that development:

1: Heroes introduced correctly!

The primary focus of attention is always character development, but the issue relies on which should be focused the most. We all know that Superman and Batman is what makes JL what it is, but again what will make the movie great, which Marvel did right, is to develop the characters, make them become almost real to the audience, a sense of connection.

With CGI being fantastic today, it seems that's the "golden egg" of the movie industries, but in reality this shouldn't be their "ace in the whole" when it comes to making a great comic book or video game based movie. What makes the movie great is really two things, great actors/actresses and a great story line.

Now with that out the way here is what I'm thinking:

We all know the studio is already in the works with developing Superman with the release of Man of Steel next year, and we'll have to wait how that will turn out. (Hoping for the best!)

The next character will have to be, Batman, now many I've read earlier are saying lets bring in the original suit of him wearing gray and black. Now this is great and all, but will it really work? No, because if this image of Batman was going to work, it would have been used before, especially Tim Burton's rendering of Batman. It's likely that it would fit best with his semi-armor suit, with all of his gadgets of course. Should they bring in the origin story, again? No, but they can do it in bits, like during the course of the Batman film, they show flashbacks that show him becoming who he is, reminding him of why he is Batman. I do agree that they should pick up his story with him already Batman, and already have a reputation of capturing criminals of Gotham City.

Next on my list will have to be Wonder Woman, because her character has been unjustly, no pun intended, developed in past films and Tv shows horribly. The element that they are missing is simply this, leave her story in Themyscira. As an example of what I'm saying is they should make the movie similar to that of 300, but not too gruesome, and little like Clash of the Titans. They should introduce Wonder Woman as a Warrior and of course her outfit should reflect that she is from Greek Mythology, not the United States. If they leave the entire movie in that format, that will be a very entertaining film. Now what they can do to make it fit with JL would be that at the end is when she leaves and goes to America, only to be met by Superman.

The Flash is very difficult one to do, because there isn't much you can do besides make a movie based on his powers. One way that I think will make this film work is that they concentrate on his character as Barry Allen instead of keeping it on him as being The Flash throughout. Not too many interesting villains to use, but again this movie would be extremely difficult to produce without ridicule.

Martian the Man Hunter could be a great film, if again like Wonder Woman, keep the movie centralized on where they are from. Make the story explain his origin, and how he ends up coming to earth, and meets Batman. With his story being that he is from Mars, this has endless possibilities as far story, and CGI graphics.

The other JL heroes could just appear within the movie, with them being briefly introduced by either Superman or Batman.

2: The style of the movie!

The majority of the population enjoyed thoroughly the making of The Avengers. This film was made with high expectations, and those expectations, to my opinion, has been met with flying colors.

How can a JL movie top that? It could but using different elements than what Marvel used. Instead of concentrating on the special affects, they should concentrate on the story, and only give little CGI effects, as a teaser, so that the audience can beg for a sequel. Once the sequel is developed than they can introduce more CGI, as long as they don't get suckered in to just developing a "eye popping" movie like Transformers, in order to sell more merchandise, but than lack story.

Those were my two takes on what I think could make a Justice League movie work and compete with Marvel, what are your opinions and/or what more could be added?
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SimpleObserverOfThings - 8/23/2012, 9:00 AM

I agree with you with Wally West, but with comedy being a central point for the movie could be very dangerous. Case in point, Green Lantern, they hired Ryan Reynolds because they wanted someone who could fit the role of a sarcastic individual. That was great, but it didn't really develop the character, not to mention that the movie felt rushed.

With Wonder Woman, I guess she can still come into our reality, but see I guess why I'm fearful of this is because of what happened to the TV series that never was. I got a chance to see a screening of that TV show, and let me tell you I'm glad they stopped because it was awful.

I mentioned that they should make her movie similar to that of 300 and COT is because of what she is as a character. She is a Greek mythology inspired character, and with that you can do wonders as to how she is perceived as, not to mention the type of surroundings you can have her play in. I know with the Immortals, which was a ok film, that kind of element though could fit with Wonder Woman. Now with what you're saying I think that they could make the movie into two parts, the first half be in her city among the Amazonians and is threatened by Ares. The battle basically ends up spewing over into our reality, forcing an outside source to intervene and assist, likely toward the end of the movie. (Perhaps Superman)

With Green Lantern, you can still create a great movie, I think the mistake that the writers did with that was they rushed him back to earth, and placed him with a terrible villain to confront. It would have been so much better just seeing him live in space for a while, being trained under the guidance of Sinestro, and then see him visit different worlds. Possibly should have ended the movie with him visiting earth to be with his family, only to realize that Sinestro has been training him for the sole purpose of betraying the Guardians, and then using the yellow power against them, which could have made into an excellent sequel.
SimpleObserverOfThings - 8/23/2012, 12:04 PM
jpfola26, correct we would need a serious director who has those views and doesn't concentrate on just the "sex appeal" like other directors would likely do, because in the media sex sells.

I'm not denying that she can't never come into our realm, but to start there would be very unpredictable and anything else very risky for turning the film into a bomb. Now at the same token I'm saying we should make a Xena Warrior Princess film and have it helm the title Wonder Woman, but I'm saying let's put her attitude, her persona like that of King Leonidas from 300 but with a strong female touch. Add some comedy in there but try to stay away from the pitfall of making the film into strictly eye candy. As the film progress she will have to come into our reality, how that happens, I'm sure a great writer would come up with something, but don't concentrate the entire film of her being within out realm, it just might have the potential of failing.
SimpleObserverOfThings - 8/23/2012, 12:04 PM
Correction: *shouldn't make it like a Xena Warrior Princess film....
CoulsonLives - 8/23/2012, 11:20 PM
You should put a part when Flash and Green Lantern meet... They are both friends in an instant... While everyone else is struggling with each other
SimpleObserverOfThings - 8/24/2012, 7:43 AM
jpfola26, it's hard to describe in words what I'm describing Wonder Woman, but you are correct, if they make the movie like the tv show Xena warrior princess with a dash of 300, it will fail, because it would just be too much.

Now I guess the best way I can describe what I'm saying is you basically have to make sure you develop the character well, that's all. I just don't want to see a movie of Wonder Woman as simply as a sex idol god, and it down plays women in general. Essentially, they should make Wonder Woman believable in the mythology and in our reality. Batman Begins was a great idea, but we don't want to make that our sole guideline on making other origin stories of our famous heroes. Each hero has their own element, their own way showing how they came to being. Wonder Woman is no different, and again my fear of placing her in our reality quickly within the film is that it has a great potential to fail because it has been tried before with the Tv show that they were trying to develop, and it flopped literally over night. That can happen again if they go with that direction, so really her story, being based on Greek Mythology, there is so much that can be done, there are so many Greek gods that could go along with her story, and also bring them into the rest of DC Universe.

Here is a quick idea that I was thinking, for instance, The Avengers brought us Thor, it gave us a glimpse of his reality and how he interacted within our own. Didn't work the greatest, but it was fine. Loki turned out being the reason why the Avengers needed to be assembled, because of the incoming invasion.

Now with Wonder Woman a similar, but not exact, climax could be made. In regards to her arch enemy Ares, being her love interest, having some of her sisters jealous of her, and then both Wonder Woman and Ares coming into our reality, forcing the allegiance of the Justice League to form in order to fight off not only the Greek god Ares, but the army that he could bring upon earth, which army, that could be up to imagination of the writers and directors.

It could work, other methods have been already tried for her, and it failed.
Supafairy - 8/25/2012, 9:24 AM
Not a bad vision. Definitely agree that superman and batman should be brought in first. The only problem I have is "rebooting" Batman. At the end of what is deemed to be one of the (if not THE most epic) superhero films, they now want to recreate Batman as he appears in the Justice league. This will only work if they wait at least 2-3 years before releasing. I don't know if I'll be able to accept anyone else as Batman at this moment. So I think they should rather focus on the other character Then bring Batman in. After all, he is the glue that holds the JLA together in my opinion so introducing him at the end, will create that sense of..."Now the JLA is complete" . Create that sense of suspense. In fact, the Batman plot can be as mentioned, where he is already known as Batman and fighting Gotham baddies and then he discovers these "other world" vigilantes.... Similar to JL Doom.

Wonder Woman will always be though. Should they give it the epic feel or the more modern feel? I like the "dark" realistic direction Nolan took DC. It's definitely different to Marvel's direction which could be what saves DC on this as it has always been perceived that the two "copy"" each other. I would play the movie out where at home, have her discovered by Trevor. Him taking her to the USA. Cheetah stowing away and ending up in the same place. The new world intriguing her, she causes absolute havoc and WW saves the day alongside Trevor.

I have pretty much made up my mind of how I would like Green Lantern to go. I am a huge fan as the Green Lantern series is my absolute favourite! Get a new director, create a sequel to the the first movie. Face it, say what you want about the movie but Ryan Reynolds made an awesome Hal Jordan. Basically, bring Hal back fighting the Sinestro Corps, Hal goes bad at the end as in the series. Introduce John Stewart as the new Green Lantern of sector 2814 and lead everything up to a JL and a Blackest Night movie. Stewart goes into JLA and Hal obviously Blackest Night...

The flash is a bit difficult for me as I am not too familiar with him. Shameful, I know. I think the theme of the more mature, "dark" DC should be maintained. Doing this with flash might be tricky but not impossible. I like the idea of mirror man as the villain. He can be made into a really scary villain if you get the right creative mind behind it.

I am by no means an expert. But I would love to see the development of the characters, not the cartoony feel. That's what spoiled avengers and Thor for me.

Supafairy - 8/25/2012, 9:26 AM
Edit: first sentence. I agree that superman should be introduced first.

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