Justice League Movie 2015 vs Solo Movies, A theory. AresWW3

Justice League Movie 2015 vs Solo Movies, A theory. AresWW3

An optimistic theory I have about how WB/DC are really going about a Justice League Feature Film. Could it be that Justice League 2015 is a smoke screen for a more credible, long term plan?

This article is not to debate the relative virtues of a JL Movie in 2015 vs. Solo Movies. I think I´ve pretty much established my view in past on that.
Just so everyone knows, I´m not in anyway against a JL movie coming out before solo movies, as long as: 1. its good
2. it establishes Wonder woman, Aquaman, Flash etc as credible candidates for solo movies
3. it doesn´t rush through and ruin the rest of the teams origins.
4. It establishes a different tone to the Marvel Universe, consistent with Man Of Steel.
If a JL Movie can conform to that kind of high standard of storytelling, I will be happy to support it. However I must add that I´m very skeptical that that is possible, which I´ll explain later on in the article.
The real reason I´m writing this article is it occurred to me that Warner Brothers maybe more shrewd than a lot of us are giving them credit for. They surely must see that this movie cannot be a critical failure, because in all likelyhood if it is a critical failure it will surely be a commercial failure as well, especially if they´re putting it up against an Avengers 2 movie. If its a critical failure, it stands to make maybe 50 to 100 million over its budget, which is not a lot of profit for all the investors who will be involved to divide amongst themselves. Meaning heads will role if it bombs. Secondly, it will almost certainly put a death nail in the possibility of WB making any DC features that aren´t Batman or Superman projects; and as cool as Batman is, even DC know that audiences will eventually get bored of that.
So, I´ve come to the conclusion that perhaps this rumor of a JL movie is simply a smoke screen for them to bide time, and heres my theory as to why:

I absolutely love all the JL characters, Flash, Manhunter, Superman, Batman and my new love WW (which is very recent), and it is beyond me how studio execs believe they can do justice to a JL movie, without at least some solo outings first. Each character has such a rich, and, unique mythology, that I think it is virtually impossible to deal with where all these guys come from, without making the JL movie completely convoluted. Their origin stories being even more rich and diverse than the members of The avengers. In fact the only Avenger members with real origin stories that rival that of DC characters are Hulk and captain America. You also can´t compare it to the X-Men, because the X-Men movie works because all the characters got their powers from being mutants. Its a simple premise. Same with The Watchmen. Now you could say they can take the root the animated series took, but I think that won´t work either. It worked in the animated series, because you could leave things hanging for future episodes. You didn´t really have to explain the characters that thoroughly in the first few episodes. In a two hour movie, you will have to do that, meaning the quality and pace of the movie or the characters relatability is going to suffer due to everything needing explanation to new audiences.

The other root that they could take, which could possibly work, is adapting Graphic Novels like, Justice, Tower Of Babel or Kingdom Come, which I have to admit isn´t a bad idea. Especially Tower Of Babel, because, that will give each character their moment, and time for us to understand them, as its all about how a super villain steals Batmans plans on how to take down each member of the Justice league. As such it puts the spot light on each character, while also, focusing on Batman being a badass, whose smart enough to take any league member down if he wants to. That could be a really smart approach for WB since Batman is pretty much DC´s flagship character now.

Kingdom Come could also work as two part film, but it would almost certainly require fora recasting of Superman, as he is much older than Cavil in that story line. But agin this would be a great epic story to tell cinematically and is certainly very different from what Marvel are doing. However, I have huge doubts that WB´s would really do that, for a number of reasons too long to go into.

This has lead me to a conclusion; I really don´t think WB are planning on putting out a JL movie in 2015. Rather, what I think is happening is they are testing the waters with Man Of Steel. Their concern is that people don´t like like characters like Superman anymore. They think that Green Lantern and Superman just don´t fit modern sensibilities anymore, because of the failure of The Green lantern and Superman Returns. They think people can´t relate to them; as such they are out of fashion. In this sense, cause of the money lost on those movies, they want to make sure that such super powered characters still appeal to younger audiences. Man Of Steel looks amazing, and I think if it works, it may make WB execs change their mind, seeing that theirs a lot of money to be made with the rest of the JL roster. WB just aren´t willing to take the risk setting up a DC cinematic universe, without ensuring investors, that the characters weren´t at fault for the failure of their movies, but rather it was the quality of films like Catwoman, Green Lantern and Superman Returns that put audiences off. Its obvious to us the movie goers, but when you´re investing millions in these projects its a lot of money to lose on such a gamble.

I don´t know maybe I´m being overly optimistic as I said, but it just seems the stupidest strategy in the world, to put out a JL movie in 2015, when it is 2013, and all that has been announced is that the writer of one failed movie (Gangster Squad) has written it. No director, No actors, No budget, nothing. Its impossible for such a big movie to be pulled off that fast. Furthermore, to want to compete with the box office Juggernaut that the Avengers 2 is going to be, with a possibly rushed project is insane. I know the cocaine in Hollywood is supposed to be really good, but the exec´s can´t be that hopped up. I mean think about it realistically, how can they pull it off, with just the Man Of Steel as a vehicle for promotion? Even if the Man Of Steel is really good, that doesn´t say anything about the tone a rushed JL movie will take, with all these unestablished characters. Plus, if Snyder and Nolan have absolutely no hand in it, fans and general audiences are going to grow increasingly suspicious about the movies overall merit. People will probably just wait to see Man Of Steel 2, if they are unsure about the JL movie. Unless they get some kind of consistent theme and tone, Man Of Steel will say nothing at all about whats ahead, it may even seem to them as a split off universe from the JL movie, considering the realistic tone Snyder is going for. Added to that Marvel are bringing out what looks to be their edgiest coolest movies to date in Iron Man 3 and Thor 2? Let alone, Captain America Winter Soldier, which I think is going to be a quite dark take on his mythology and may be a really cool movie, as well; all the way building anticipation for A2. They won´t have a chance against the Avenger 2, with that kind of setup, unless JL somehow happens to be at least 80 something percent on Rotten Tomatoes and IMDB. However most likely its gonna be Michael Bays Transformers again, with Superheroes and spandex if they rush it.

Sorry this post has gone on alot longer than what I initially wanted, but just to finish, it seems to me very plausible, that WW and Flash projects are being developed, while WB sees if Man Of Steel works. They will then push WW and Flash as solo projects in the same tone as Man Of Steel, as a lead up to a JL movie; probably doing WW and Flash in the same year. In this way they are just playing it safe, because Batman is the only successful Superhero franchise they had since the 90s. I mean even Watchmen tanked and that was actually an amazing film. It stands to reason considering, that maybe they aren´t sure that these characters can stand on their own two feet.

So let me know what you think. Is my theory too optimistic? Am I fooling myself? Are WB/DC that stupid that they will try and compete with Avengers 2 without any solo outings first for marketing purposes? Am I too long winded and do I need to get to the point quicker? All responses are welcome.
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ForeverPowerful - 1/23/2013, 10:59 AM
The potential behind Justice League is enormous. If they are really going to shoot for a 2015-2016 range, they have alot to accomplish. I have my doubts, but the fact that we havent heard anything means either they really dont have much, or they have alot and are just waiting for announce it at one time. I could see solo movies branching off working, as long as the story makes you interested enough in the characters to want to see them.

I think its important for them to establish that Superman and Batman are the two frontrunners, since their films are the ones out there now. You establish them and show them first, and then they go out into the world to gather up the team. Like League of Extrodinary Gentlemen, imagine Superman and Batman trying to talk to the Flash as he fies past doing his own work and trying to stop crime. You do it well and its something people want to see more of, Flash in his own enviroment. They find WonderWoman misplaced in society, she speaks of Themyscria throughout the entire film, which makes viewers want to see just what the hell she is talking about. Imagine Superman flying out into space to meet Green Lantern and talk with him. You show them all in their own enviroment and you make each moment shine enough to make people want to see more of it. It could set itself apart from The Avengers by having the team be assembled by its own members, not some organization, and also taking nods from it by showing each character what they are about.
aresww3 - 1/23/2013, 11:56 AM
@foreverpowerful - I really hope an idea like what you´re saying could work. But 2015, come on man.

The only thing that DC has right now I can assure you at most is a script. In this day and age it would be impossible if they had more, even if they were keeping it top secret for nothing to have leaked by now, beyond speculation. I mean, a director, a date to start shooting. Remember man, this is coming out in summer 2015. Its now the end of January. I can´t see how it is possible, unless its a blatant lie, and they aren´t planning to release it in under 2 and a half years, or, its a smoke screen and they have an entirely different thing planned. Put it this way, you could pull together a WW and Flash movie, if a script is ready for that 2015 date, but there is no way you could do that for a Justice League film. Its so unlikely, I just don´t see it. However for 2017, that makes sense. Then you can have a few films in-between, and they´d have to. They can´t leave a project like that lingering in the air for so long with no fillers in-between. It will piss fans off, especially after they´ve announced a 2015 release date. I honestly think I´m right. Something just doesn´t seem right about that date, its impossible with the kind of scale that JL movie will have to be on. Think about it. They´ve been working on the Hobbit for 3 years, people were attached to the project way before. Think about even Man Of Steel, when was that announced, I think it was a year and a half before Dark Knight Rises, with directors, producers, casting calls and rumors already ripe. Thats just Superman, imagine the scale a JL movie will have to be. They need to already have these things in place by now, and if they did, we would be hearing about it.
DrDoom - 1/23/2013, 12:50 PM

How is having solo movies for characters 'Marvel's thing'? Don't Superman and Batman have solo movies?

aresww3 - 1/23/2013, 12:56 PM
@Knightofsteel - Thanks.

@acidicheart - exactly.
tonytony - 1/23/2013, 1:02 PM
Great write up. I think alot will depend on man of steel. If that does well. Then it will kick start the DC universe and encourage them to take even more chances.
kenjim152 - 1/23/2013, 1:50 PM
As It was back then when Superman Returns was released, It all depends on how well Man Of Steel performs, if they get Good resulta they either push for solo movies or a justice league film instead. The point is WB has already run out of profitable franchises, they do not have Harry POtter or Batman anymore, and they thought Green Lantern could be sellimg tickets with a sequel now, so they really know they need to do something with their dc properties.
Tainted87 - 1/23/2013, 2:57 PM
Take a step back from the "Justice League" culmination. In fact, pretend that you're not making a superhero movie series/franchise/universe. Instead, imagine these stories being pitched to audiences whom the studios have decided to attach a teaser trailer to. In fact, the teasers should not even have the DC logo, because that eliminates the selling point.

These movies need to be of QUALITY. People need to be made aware of these features AND THEN as an afterthought, think: "wait, that's a comic book character!"

They need to be good movies, which just so happen to be based off of comic books. The way I see it, if half the super generic movies can make it out into the theaters, why can't these DC characters? They just need to masquerade for the box office.
FrozenJoy - 1/23/2013, 6:04 PM
Great write up. This is the greatest editorial about Justice League I've seen on this site. I would like to have a Justice League film before solo movies. However that would be rushing it. It's difficult to decide.
FrozenJoy - 1/23/2013, 6:07 PM
aresww3 is in the top 5 editorial writers list. That list includes Tainted87 and SotoJuiceMan and myself of course.
LexHairFight - 1/23/2013, 6:56 PM
People may know who Superman is, but there are differences in the way these characters are portrayed on screen. It won't be easy to establish all of them at once. And it's not just the stars, you have the villians too. Even Whedon, who's an expert at group dynamic, chose to remove Hawkeye and have a generic army. I hope DC pulls it off, but it won't be easy.

There are other options though. They could do 2 movies back to back like Kill Bill or even do the Arrested Development approach and do a TV show that bleeds into a movie.
WachuOptu - 1/24/2013, 12:05 PM
Many major Justice League characters have appeared live on television in some form or another... Arrow is working out to be decent and Amazon is in development. Maybe DC should concentrate on putting their solo characters into ongoing series on TV and bring the characters together in movies with Superman and Batman. Produced well, something like a Martian Manhunter TV series could be a fun way to expose today's audience to DC's other coolnesses.

Alternate possibility: The Justice League movie focuses on Superman and Batman, with Wonder Woman arriving sometime within the first third of the movie. Superman goes to space to recruit Green Lantern, where we find GL very busy with the Corps and wielding incredible power... GL is reluctant because of Corps duties so Superman leaves GL alone to make up his mind. With some council, GL decides to head for Earth but he is imprisoned by Sinestro. Superman also tries to recruit Aquaman, who points out (as in Kingdom Come) that, while there are many heroes deal with a few small land masses, he has to protect the other 2/3 of the Earth alone. So he's out of the game, but introduced. Batman recruits Flash during the second third of the movie so Flash can be around in time to help with the final conflict. Periodic updates on GL who eventually escapes and becomes 'the cavalry' during the final battle. During the climatic conflict, a key dangerous object or craft (or something) is lost to the oceans. Post-credit scene shows the object underwater, where we are reminded of a concerned but semi-irate Aquaman to set up JL sequel, solo movie, or TV action.

Just a few thoughts. Whew. Making movies is hard!

* * *

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WachuOptu - 1/24/2013, 12:07 PM
In other words, I kind of agree with ForeverPowerful.
aresww3 - 1/24/2013, 2:28 PM
Thanks everyone, thats really kind all the people for the compliments. Not sure it´s deserved but thanks ;)
I´ll try and reply to all the comments referred to me in a bit.
aresww3 - 1/24/2013, 2:34 PM
@so sethasa - you´d be happy with a movie that revolves around the recruiting of team members. superman flies here and there recruiting people. sounds pretty boring to me.
2. TV show are not going to tell an audience what to expect from a movie. They´ll in all likelyhood not even connect it. Amazon is suppossed to be WW before she had powers, (whatever that means, so it will have little relation to a ww we are supposed to find in the film. I just don´t see that working. By the way just to let you know if you´re hoping this film is not being released on that date, so you better hope they have something in mind apart from a marketing trick to drum up interest in Man Of Steel.
aresww3 - 1/24/2013, 2:49 PM
@sotojuiceman - but you agree what ever they´re doing can´t be released by summer 2015? right?

By the way I explained why examples like the ones you´ve given A-Team etc etc, do not apply to a JL Movie. I just don´t understand people who would rather a low quality film in 2015-16 than actually a film with a great build up. Man Of STeel looks like a great way to set the tone for a series of good solo films. I don´t see your problem with that. hulk, captain america, thor and the avengers sucked. the whole product was pretty goofy, I just liked it because it was escapism. I´m hoping dc takes another root and makes more grounded films that are socially relevant, like the Batman trilogy and hopefully Man Of Steel. In anycase I agree a good JL movie can be done without solo build up, but I doubt that is anything to do with what WB has in plan. You´ve got good intentions and If I heard you were running the project I wouldn´t be so bothered, WB just want to make money. as you said superhero teams work, so lets put out a rushed project. By the way you know all the marvel films did good business, not just avengers. better than x-men, watchmen, etc etc. so really what is actually in, is superheroes recognized as standing on their own coming together to fight a power they can´t handle. i.e. its not team movies at all that are in, its individuals teaming up that is in. DC should be aware of that.
aresww3 - 1/24/2013, 4:07 PM
1. "I just like to throw this in, but Fellowship of The Ring followed 9 main characters...9....and there was no back story needed at all for them...everything was explained who they are, what they are capable of, their strengths and weaknesses as the film went along and that was 9 characters. The announcement of 5 means the movie will be over 2 hours long."

Soto, you know your my boy now right? we had our differences in past but whatever, but sometimes, and maybe its my fault, it seems like I´m repeating a point to you over and over again, and you´re just ignoring it.
Now you point out X-Men or fellowship of the ring or even say goodfellas as movies that follow the adventures of various characters, and that should be exactly what JL movie should be. Two reasons why they are not equivilent as far as I´m concerned
1. The main members of JL come from vastly different worlds, aliens, billionaires, mystical islands, the ocean etc and even more with Flash and Green Lantern. No matter how you put it, that is not the same as explaining characters like hobbits and elfs, or explaining how some gangsters came together, or explaining the past of different characters who gain powers from a mutant gene.
2. That is exactly the selling point of the movie. for a general audience to be as excited as comic geeks, they have to make the heroes seem as if the are on pah with eachother, especially Superman and Batman. That is what will make it exciting that these heroes we usually see alone ion their own adventures band together to fight a single cause. Think The league of extrodinary gentlemen. that is a better example for what you´re trying to say, than LOTR´s.

Now for the second point, for audiences to really feel like they are seeing a team up of equal heroes, who may become explosive when put together, you have to build the tension. i.e by seeing The Thor movie, and Iron Man movie, we knew prior to the film hey theirs going to be tension there. It made us anticipate these characters meeting. Same goes with Cap and Iron Man. That kind of anticipation can´t be achieved, with out a really good intro to the JL members before, so audiences feel like they know them. I mean even if audience generally do know WW or who The Flash is, that doesn´t mean they´ll know the WW or Flash that this movie is trying to present. Hence no one will know, hey will there be a spark of attraction there? is this Flash going to be cheeky with WW? is WW gonna have to put this goof in his place?
Thats the kind of questions you need audiences asking before they go and see the film or quite frankly they won´t care.
I might actually do an article on this. Thanks for giving me the idea.:)

2 "JLA has been in development hell longer than Avengers, and yea it does seem lazy for WB not to focus on these characters for a very long time, but they are going to try this time. They know the market know, and if even if nothing is released about what is going to happen with the movie, we we're kept hush hush with TDKR, TDK, Man of Steel, Superman Returns, Green Lantern...no nvm on Green Lantern, and even Jonah Hex. Warners knows how to cover this shit up easily and hide it from the press, and they do it pretty good up until shooting begins then set-pics just reveal everything!"

This is just false. WB´s no how to cover stuff, but not to this extent. You can´t make a movie on the scale of JL without stuff leaking. its impossible. its 2013; the film is supposed to be released 2015. Hell even if it was being released in 2016, you should have a director attached by now, creative team etc. Its not coming out then.

3 "The point, JLA can work without a solo-build up. I kinda get what they are doing NOW, but back then I did not. Right now it's going to be multiple franchises instead of multiple universes. Meaning there will be the Justice League, The Flash, Wonder Woman, hell even Hawkman is being talked about for a movie. Hell even Justice League dark is expanding into that. It's not like Marvel where everything is connected to make one huge movie. Their connected by cast, nothing else and that to me seems really interesting instead of just doing a solo build up so we can have explanations on who they are. People are not that dumb, they can follow a movie without asking in-depth questions."

You make a good point here. I agree.

@ashleytdkr - I agree I see no reason why Bale can´t be in it. It makes sense, especially if they are trying to adhere to a tight schedule.

aresww3 - 1/24/2013, 7:59 PM
@soto - Man I´m not worried or complaining. I´m breazy, I´ve got enough to fill my life that if some silly company puts out a whack product and just expects me to buy it cause its got Justice League on the title, it just ain´t gonna happen. Its that simple. So no I´m not concerned, I don´t even really care that much. They can do what they want. I´m not going to be one of those fans, who goes and watches the movie if I think it looks like a pile of crap, only to complain on the interent about it for the next 5 years of my life. For me this is a simple debate, where I was just hoping maybe WB are being more sensible than I thought. I am almost certain whatever script they have now is bad. The guy who wrote it, is writing lethal weapon 5. doesn´t that tell you anything? if they announced they were going to do this before Avengers I´d take it seriously, but they saw the money, next thing you know they had a team script written for JL, by this edgy new writer of a film with Sean Penn in it. What do we find out a few months later the only film this guy is responsible for writing is a flop. Come on Soto, you can´t have that much faith in these guys? they have given you know evidence that you should have faith in them. The only good superhero movies WB´s has ever been responisble for, in fact I´ll go one further, the only good films that WB´s has ever been responsible for has been pitched to them by passionate talent who want to make the films; when it is a studio project, be weary, be very weary. They don´t tend to be good.
aresww3 - 1/25/2013, 2:40 AM
@aotojuiceman - Again, you´ve the point,
"It's really not about having faith, it's just we really haven't seen anything. Again, your jumping to conclusions on this and your almost certain. Unless your 100% certain (with proof) that this movie will fail then really we're just having no idea. I'm fine that you wrote this as a debate that's fine, but some of the accusations on how they are wasting time, they are going to ruin it and how it needs the solo build up are just how YOU see it."

Look in our minds we tend to make certain associations; and while it is true that you can´t be 100 percent sure of those associations that does not mean you are wrong for assuming that they will be correct. Even something as seemingly certain as the sun will rise in the west tomorrow, is but a mere assumption, with ample evidence to support it, so when I say I am almost certain that the script they have is bad or that WB´s are rushing this, I´m putting the evidence I have before me, which is compelling and I´m basing my view on past precedence on how good films are successfully made.

Now so I can explain further, films like
Batman Begins
The Dark Knight
Ghost Busters
Man Of Steel
Good Will Hunting
A Street Car Named Desire
Pulp Fiction

These films all have something in common, they are personal movies backed by studios i.e. a writer, director, producer etc, goes to a studio and pitches them an idea for a film; the studio think they can make money off of it and fund it. But you see these great films were not conceived by the studio themselves, they are concieved by young talent who have a personal connection with the project and have a story they feel the need to tell.

Then there are other types of movies: Corporate Movies, these types of films are projects that the studio hires a writer and director to film a movie because market research tells them it will make a lot of money. Usually they are vehicles for actors, or sequels to already popular movies, or jerk reactions to trends, or glorified toy or merchandise commercials, seasonal films, christmas, halloween, etc

These movies as you may notice tend not to be very good. But this is exactly the catergory that the new Justice league film falls into. This isn´t a passion project of anyone like the Avengers was for the producers. This is a purely a knee jerk corporate reaction to the success of The Avengers. Now of course it could be good, but due to the nature and history of such films, it is very unlikely that that will be the case. But hey lets see, hopefully you´re right.
kenjim152 - 1/25/2013, 9:46 PM
@ares sorry to run into your debate here, I am sorry, but all marvel films are corporate movies (the way you called them) the only difference is that marvel studios have had their goal very clear in their minds and they always worked towards it ( the avengers) and they never stopped till they got it. As far as I know no one and I mean no one EVER pitched any marvel movie, not even whedon pitched the avemgers he kinda fixed the script he was given. On the other hand Warner does not a have a real goal , but to make movies as succesful as Batman and that is where they will always fail, Marvel has had one very succesful solo movie (Iron man) thats it, Thor, CAptain América and Hulk have been average summer movies nothing else (and before u say something to probe it you just have to c the box office numbers). WB wants ALL their properties to be giant blockbusters before they move on to green light a JL movie, their movies are extremely expensive because they have great expectations, so I think that to begin with they need a real goal they want to achieve beyond just making a JL movie and thats got nothing to do with corporate desicions, but with well made corporate desicions.
qdgsds - 1/25/2013, 9:55 PM
well, i also think that individual movies ought to be made before making a JL movie..works better, you get to know the character bit better
kenjim152 - 1/25/2013, 9:55 PM
@Sotojuiceman I agree with u, there is million ways you can move from a JL movie to solo movie franchises; George Lucas did it with star wars he started in the middle, he moved forward and then went backwards, and before some one saysGL pitched his idea, well yes indeed he did and then the studio told him to start with ep4 meaning one more time studios can make great corporate desicions. Soto u have a great point time is not an issue, there is plenty of time and i just have a question: was TLOTR pitched by Peter Jackson?
aresww3 - 1/26/2013, 7:00 AM
@kenjim152 and sotojuiceman -
2 points -

I get what Sotojuiceman is saying as well. I´ve never straight out disagreed with him. I´m saying I´m skeptical that WB has the nobel intentions that he is claiming. In my article I already wrote some ways that DC could do a really great JL movie.

However your points about Marvels movies are false for two reasons.
1. Marvels Cap America and Thor did do well. Not as well as Iron man, but considering they weren´t even that good in quality, they didn´t fair to badly at the box office. They easily doubled their budgets and a bit more. Thats good.
example Thor Box Office 449 million world wide
budget 150 Million. Thats actually decent. It didn´t break records
, but Thor 2 is set up nicely and will surely pull in more if it is good.
Cap America also doubled its budget.

As for your other point about Marvel´s films being corporate, rather than personal movies. Again that´s not true. Yes iyt wasn´t strictly pitched to the studios, but it was the brain child of Kevin Feige and done by an independent studio. Once they had the idea, certain writers like Ed Norton and Jon Favereu were aloud to rewrite the scripts based on their ideas of how the film should be done. The next Incredible Hulk has also been pitched by Whedon. That has never been done before. It wasn´t strictly based on a corporate model. The same thing happened with Batman Begins as Soto pointed out. Once they got the director for a Batman project Nolan happened to have a very specific vision for the movie.

2. I forgot my second point, but it was a good one.
aresww3 - 1/26/2013, 7:07 AM
Ah that was it. Thinking long term, solo movies will make Justice League far more of an event. So even if they don´t blow up the box office first time around, it will give people an in on the characters and who they are. Then by the time JL comes out that would be the payday event. From their the other films instantly become integral components of the overall big picture and will make more money.

If I was WB I would have called in writers and directors they know are into comics, possibly even comic writers and got them on pitching ideas for solo movies and a build up to JL. That way they could get a team together of the best pitches and construct things from their. The fact is studios don´t know how to make movies, they know how to market them. Thats their business. Artists and creative thinkers, are the ones that know how to make movies
kenjim152 - 1/26/2013, 8:12 AM
@Ares I never said Thor, Caps and Hulk had underperformed, I just said they are average summer movies and that is what they are, but they were part of an objective which was to leas to the avengers. Kevin Feige is a producer therefore He is the studio itself !!!!! He cannot pitch any ideas because he is the corporate man u are complaining about. Where u have a big point is that Kevin Feige understands the comic media and hes been able to deliver great movies. Ed Norton's point you do know that if anyone wants him to participate in any movie part of his contract is that he can modify the script when he thinks it is necesary; have u heard about the conflict Norton made in American History X? Norton did not pitch anything, Marvel wanted him to be part of their projects thats y they let him change the script for Hulk, but they had to let him go by the Acengers because of corporate decisions!!!!! :s now a bout Favreu one more time he was given the script and he just modified it and the best prove of it id that we all know what has happened to all Favreu's projects hes made on his own.
WachuOptu - 1/28/2013, 4:21 PM

I thought we were theorizing how the characters would come together without solo movie build-up. I presumed action sequences would exist within the framework I was suggesting and would drive the movie. Given the genre, I didn't think I would need to state that the movie would have action and subplots.

So far the team movies we have seen haven't generated multiple solo movies. X-Men only yielded Wolverine movies.

Batman and Superman will continue to get solo treatments regardless of Justice League. They will be more reboots. But as successful as Marvel's Avengers-related movies are now, how likely are we to get reboots of Captain America or Ant-Man? We'll probably always get more Spider-Man more Wolverine but will we see a new take on Thor after all of this?

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