New JUSTICE LEAGUE Plot Details; WB Looking At African American Actors For Lex Luthor?

New JUSTICE LEAGUE Plot Details; WB Looking At African American Actors For Lex Luthor?

A new report claims that the Justice League will be a "United Nations" of superheroes, with each member of the team representing a different part of the world, while Denzel Washington, Idris Elba and Arrow's David Ramsey have all been considered for 'Lex Luthor' in Batman Vs. Superman...

Think McFly Think are reporting that their Warner Bros. source (who told them about David Goyer writing the Man of Steel sequel and Gotham being developed for TV) has now given them an update on the casting process for Lex Luthor in Batman Vs. Superman. Denzel Washington (2 Guns) was apparently the top choice, although "nothing ever materialized", and Idris Elba (Thor: The Dark World) was considered before his deal with Marvel Studios put an end to that idea before it even really got started. However, one actor who has been approached is Arrow's David Ramsey. The site points out that this doesn't mean Luthor will definitely be played by an African American actor.

They also claim to have some details on the planned Justice League movie, saying that the team will be portrayed as the "United Nations" of superheroes. Apparently, "The concept we’ve heard plays Superman represents the world as a whole (Being an immigrant of Earth he speaks for everyone), Batman would represent the United States with the American Affleck in the cape-and-cowl with the Flash possibly portrayed by an Hispanic or Laitno actor and as we saw announced yesterday an Wonder Woman played by an Israeli." Presumably, Wonder Woman would represent Paradise Island, and this would without a doubt help to differentiate the franchise from The Avengers. It would also line up with the sort of political overtones Goyer brought to the Batman movies he worked on and Man of Steel. For now though, take this all with a pinch of salt!
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SpiderParker - 12/5/2013, 3:39 PM
Wow, I declare this day the CBM News Jackpot Day.
BaneSmash - 12/5/2013, 3:43 PM
Wow Danzel would kill it as Lex.......... Do it!!!
TonyChu - 12/5/2013, 3:44 PM
I'm a little uneasy about this decision considering the fact that the Justice League has always set their selves far away from the government especially Batman. I also don't believe they will be going for a Latino/Hispanic actor for the Flash, not saying there is anything wrong with that, but I can already see the "Speedy Gonzalez" jokes already. Regarding an African American actor up for Lex Luthor that would be cool, I always thought the animated series Lex Luthor was black but just found out not to long ago that he was not. Overall glad to see the DCU kicking off.
Vegeta - 12/5/2013, 3:45 PM
Denzel? DENZEL? As in DENZEL!?!?!?!

WB, call him back up and BEG him to take the role for Luthor.

Nick56 - 12/5/2013, 3:45 PM
Nick56 - 12/5/2013, 3:46 PM
This UN angle could work depending on how its handled...i could care less if Lex is black or white and id be totally cool with Denzel in the role
Vegeta - 12/5/2013, 3:47 PM
Tajin88 - 12/5/2013, 3:47 PM
That sounds shit and MOS2 or pre-JL will suck.
Nick56 - 12/5/2013, 3:48 PM
Though hasn't this site been wrong in the past?
Vegeta - 12/5/2013, 3:48 PM
bazinga85 - 12/5/2013, 3:48 PM
Idris Elba could literally play any character and be badass as that character. I don't want him as Lex though(even though he'd be great), I'd rather him play John Stewart. A Hispanic Flash? I could get behind it if they choose a good actor. Much rather have Gustin though if they're not gonna go with a big name actor, namely because I want them to mix the universes so badly.
bazinga85 - 12/5/2013, 3:49 PM
Denzel would be a fantastic choice for Lex as well.
whoa123 - 12/5/2013, 3:50 PM
Denzel Washington as Lex!? Now that's f*cking genius! Cast him now!
JordanKing - 12/5/2013, 3:50 PM
JatevinM - 12/5/2013, 3:51 PM
The only thing I like about this is Denzel Washington potentially playing Lex Luthor. Can anyone even fathom who [frick]ing amazing it would be to have Denzel Washingto play Lex Luthor?!?
Omarvls - 12/5/2013, 3:51 PM
Ah I dont' know about this
A Black Lex Luther A Latino Flash
Nick56 - 12/5/2013, 3:51 PM
Hopefully they don't cast Ramsey and do connect it with Arrow universe, i really don't see why they can't. But again im not sure how reliable this is...
VISIONaryNPa - 12/5/2013, 3:51 PM
Would not be opposed to Denzel being Lex. Not in the slightest.
Vegeta - 12/5/2013, 3:52 PM
Denzel would be PERFECT as Luthor! WB, make it happen!

TonyChu - 12/5/2013, 3:52 PM
Also David Ramsey is already Diggle in Arrow, that would be way too confusing to have him play Lex Luthor.
jerryblake - 12/5/2013, 3:52 PM
probably just the rumour ... however as i said it before ... Denzel for Lex.

I wouldn't be suprised if WB would go that way.
DEVLIN712 - 12/5/2013, 3:52 PM
So are we just all in agreement that this is no longer MoS2, it's now Justice League?
MBZ1993 - 12/5/2013, 3:52 PM
tit is wut it is but i call bullshit
TonyChu - 12/5/2013, 3:53 PM
God damn just watching Denzel in American Gangster and he would make an intense, cool, charismatic, and intelligent Lex Luthor.
Dmon - 12/5/2013, 3:53 PM
Well if this is true that pretty much says that Arrow will not be part of the Movie-verse. Also a while back I said making Lex African American could work.
Visualiza - 12/5/2013, 3:53 PM
Sounds interesting, but would be very difficult to execute well.
MarkJulian - 12/5/2013, 3:54 PM
I find it hard to believe that particular site.
Facade - 12/5/2013, 3:54 PM
Nick56 - 12/5/2013, 3:55 PM
@DEVLIN712 These rumours (apart from Lex) pertain to the JL movie not MOS2. MOS2 will have Batman and Superman as the focus with maybe a few cameos. Hell even when they announced Gal Gadot the official DC/WB pages still referred to the film as Batman vs Superman
saidgb2 - 12/5/2013, 3:55 PM
in these past three days of CBM news galore, i've the refresh button my b!tch
Jollem - 12/5/2013, 3:55 PM
what a tweest
Ocelot - 12/5/2013, 3:55 PM
I heard this Denzel as Luthor rumor months ago I wouldn't be surprised if it comes to fruition.
dckizzle - 12/5/2013, 3:56 PM
No way billy Zane would be way better. Lex is white by the way in comics as always
Nick56 - 12/5/2013, 3:56 PM
Yeah I think this site has been wrong/unproven for the most part in the past
batcheeks8 - 12/5/2013, 3:56 PM
I REALLY like the UN idea.
pesmerga44 - 12/5/2013, 3:56 PM
So if this is true will that mean Green Lantern will be John Stewart from Africa with a deep African accent and Aquaman will be Chinese.
ALmazing - 12/5/2013, 3:56 PM
They are going to pull a Kingpin? They did the same thing in DD which funny enough started Affleck as well... really WB? United Nations of Superheroes and now this?

DrDoom - 12/5/2013, 3:56 PM

DO IT!!!!!!!!!

tzxfgl - 12/5/2013, 3:57 PM
Idris plays John Stewart would be good.
Denzel is a little too old( he is almost 60 and will be 60 in next year) for the role Lex, if look at in a long run, a guy with an age around 40 would be good.
DarkGrifter - 12/5/2013, 3:58 PM
Interesting, I just hope that any political messages or themes aren't just presented at a surface level but are explored in more depth.
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