Why DC/WB is in a lose/ lose situation; My Opinion of the Justice League; New Name for this Website

Why DC/WB is in a lose/ lose situation; My Opinion of the Justice League; New Name for this Website

Most people won't read this but it has got to be done

Yesterday, it was Announced from WB that there will be a Justice League movie in the summer of 2013. To no shock at all, at least to myself, this idea was bashed right from the get go. The main complaint? DC/ WB was copying Marvel by rushing a multi-superhero movie, like Marvel's Avengers, to the big screen, in two years. Now, I will come right out and say that, yes, I think this is in response to the extremely popular movie Marvel will be releasing next summer. But, before anything was actually known about this movie, WE already "knew" that Snyder's Superman and Reynold's Green Lanten were going to be in this film, like Marvel's lead up movies.

Then, my favorite part happened. Today it was announced by Zach Snyder himself, that his Superman, like Nolan's Batman, would not be included in this new Justice League movie. Almost instantly, everyone that was complaining about DC/ WB copying "Marvel's"'formula, was now complaining that they weren't. That's right! So now, DC/ WB is in the wrong for not following what Marvel has done. I can't say I'm shocked by the fanboy responce though. But as you can see, either way you look at it, DC/ WB just can't do right by the fans.

My Opinion on the Justice League movie, Post Zach Snyder's Announcement

The announcement that Snyder's Superman won't be connected to the Justice League movie is a blessing. Don't get me wrong here, I loved Watchmen and 300, but to me Zach is a hack. Other than the two movies I mentioned, I have liked nothing from him, especially Sucker Punch. Most people say that Nolan will be the reason this will be good, but Nolan is the same guy that is too stuck up to let his Batman be connected to any other hero, which in my opinion, is where this whole problem started. I can't tell you how happy I am that Batman will be rebooted! We will finally see the real Batman!! I like Nolan's movies, but that's not Batman and anyone that says different needs to go read a COMIC BOOK!

Getting back on subject. In my opinion the news that Zach's movie won't be connected to the combined movie should have everyone who loves Comic Book Movies excited! Think about it, you get a Superman franchise all by itself plus another Superman who's connected to the JL! Two Superman's in a year! How awesome is that? Plus, stories like Doomsday can actually happen now and not affect the JL movies! Think of it as two separate graphic novels! Listen, Marvel's idea of a shared universe is fun but also very convoluted. Think about it, if every movie/ character is connected, each movie will sink deeper and deeper into the next. By the time we get our third Thor and Cap movie, who knows how many other backstories there will be for the writters to have to move around. It all sounds like a big mess to me. The separate movies have worked well because they have one story, one hero, one threat, and nothing else, other than previous single hero movies, to have to write around. I may be wrong but it just seems like these movies are going to begin to aliananate the real fans from the general audience.

This site's new name!

From what I can tell is that DC can do nothing right in the eyes of the people who frequent this site. But, Mavel can do no wrong. This site is so Mavel biased it's any wonder the name has stayed so neutral! IMHO this site needs to be renamed to: Marvelcomicbookmovie.com
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golden123 - 3/30/2011, 5:19 PM
Okay, first thing first, a Justice League movie was announced but not for 2013. It didn't get a date.
golden123 - 3/30/2011, 5:28 PM
Just letting you know there is a difference between an editorial and one long snobby comment. You should think more openly and try not to sound like you're simply complaining. I even agreed with some of your points, but they were written in a tired whiny way which distracted me and turned me off. Take that for what it's worth.
LMFA0 - 3/30/2011, 5:46 PM
So you picked up on my frustration? This wasn't written to please anyone. I simply wanted to point out the real reason why coming to this site has been less and less enjoyable over the past year.
golden123 - 3/30/2011, 7:29 PM
@LMFAO: Articles that are just one huge complaint don't help the enjoyability of this site either.

@Darkmatter: Actuallly there very much were fans who were complaining that DC was trying to steal Marvel's idea.
BeeMo - 3/31/2011, 12:36 AM
First of all, we are ALL comic fans. We read both Marvel and DC and in both relative companies the respective universes are shared! For DC to make movies of their CENTRAL JLA characters (ie. Batman, Superman, etc.,) and NOT have them connected because of Marvel's movies, is downright ridiculous.

What Marvel is doing is smart because they are catering to the fans and from that they know they will have their audience and a huge payday with the Avengers.

DC is allowing Hollywood big heads to run their ship and will do so like the captain of the Titanic. By not keeping the fans in mind, you not only isolate them, but you ruin your cash agenda as well. Personally, I feel that DC/WB should have told Nolan that if TDKR is his last, he is required to shoot a final scene that could tie in his Batman to a DC Universe for another director to pickup from. Synder should be told from the start that Superman must cater to a connected DC universe.

It's not about competition with Marvel/Disney because that element has ALWAYS been there! It's about catering to your core audience, giving them what they want so that you can fill those cinema seats AND DVDs later. But, to ally yourself with a director who is so arrogant as to put the company's back up against a wall like Nolan did, is downright humiliating. He has limited DC's options and in some ways pulled another Singer. Screwed the fans from getting what they want.

Either way you look at it, a JLA movie without the Nolan Batman, Synder Superman and Green Lantern WILL fail just like Superman Returns did.

And to LMFAO: I hear your point, but ultimately I think you are wrong.
Caedus137 - 3/31/2011, 7:09 AM
Your comment "Think about it, you get a Superman franchise all by itself plus another Superman who's connected to the JL" pretty much sums up my attitude too. I see it as good news! Stand-alone Superman, Green Lantern and Batman series', then a seperate JLA franchise - I dont see the problem! I use the analogy of watching an episode of "Batman The Brave And The Bold" then playing "Arkham Asylum" for a bit. 2 completely different takes on the same character co-existing perfectly well.
thunderforce - 3/31/2011, 7:10 AM
I don't think you are copying Marvel if you have a shared universe you are just copying your own comics and that is the right way to make movies about comics .
CorndogBurglar - 3/31/2011, 10:17 AM
There are plenty of DC fans on this site that automatically bash everything Marvel as well.

It just so happens that more people here like Marvel.

I'm not on either side. I realize that both DC and Marvel do very good things, and then some very bad things. But to polarize yourself to one side only makes you lose out on the good the other company does.
naterator - 3/31/2011, 1:16 PM

golden123 - 3/31/2011, 1:17 PM
@BeeMo: Can you give reasons of why not having the regular movies connected with the JLA film is a bad thing? I didn't see any good reasons. Also, I liked Superman Returns and Superman is one of my all time favorite heroes.
Coldblood6 - 3/31/2011, 1:31 PM
First off LMAO a very well written article. I agree with some points and disagree with others. Let me elaborate:

- Totally agree with you on the whole Nolan batman issue. It's actually quite amazing that with dissipation of the awe with Ledger's Joker that people here and on other websites are voicing opinions on TDK that I had from day 1! That is NOT Batman! I am a Marvel fan and I can see that. Nolan's Batman franchise has sucked all the fantasy and mythos out of Batman leaving a fail character that get's roughed up by Rottweilers, falls out of a building and doesn't use a grapple to swing to safety, and doesn't think to go back in the building to get the Joker. People need to read a comic!!! Nolan's arrogance is also insulting! It amazes me that DC fans don't realise that he spitting on and demeaning the DC Universe when he claims that his Batman would not exist with other DC characters. When Nolan says that if Superman existed there would be no need for Batman he is saying the DC universe is silly. That is an insult to DC fans and comicbook fans on the whole.

- I think when people are criticizing DC/WB for bringing out a JLA movie 1n 2013 it's not following Marvel that they are criticizing. What they are criticizing is that this seems to be very rushed decision with no planning behind it. The Avengers has been in planning for years! Every step and link is seriously executed. The classic example of this is in Iron Man 1 when Tony Stark says that his father helped fight the Nazis and here we are getting evidence of that in CA:TFA. It shows that detailed planning for this major project has been there in details that you did not even realise. Are they doing it perfectly? No, there are a few mistakes, but a project like this has never been attempted before so some mistakes must happen. I think people, myself included, feel that rushing this out as a knee-jerk response to Marvel without the proper planning is a disaster waiting to happen.

- I think the criticisms of not tying in ZS's Superman may or may not be justified. With Marvel's plan these solo movies do a thorough introduction to each character even if they are relatively well know, e.g., HULK. I really can't comment because I don't know what they are planning. Some time ago I read that the JLA movie would not have Superman or Batman!!! Bizarre I know, but this was released by DC/WB! So this whole we get 2 Superman's may not be true. My main worry is that it will THOROUGHLY CONFUSE the general audience.

- With respect to the naming the site I have to be blunt. What you observe happens because Marvel is simply a lot more popular than DC. I'm sorry but that's the way it is. When I was young and now getting into comics the difference was obvious. I could never get into GL because weakness to the colour yellow seemed utterly stupid. I used to read some DC but then I picked up New Mutants and X-men and it was no comparison. For the majority of people Marvel has more interesting, cooler, and relatable characters, better writing, better stories, no retarded nonsense like 'retcon punches' and colour coded weaknesses, etc. etc. I'm not trying to disse DC I'm just stating facts. Marvel is more popular. DC is now catching up. And flat out what Marvel is doing with its cinematic universe is so inspiring that we Marvel fans feel truly blessed and grateful to them.
kriswone - 3/31/2011, 1:48 PM
DC Fans are the reason this site is dominated by Marvel fans.

And this site is more than DC/Marvel, whiny.

And why is it every whiny, sad sack of an article I read was posted by someone with a Green Lantern Avatar? Coincidence?
Suzanne - 4/1/2011, 3:06 PM
The only way it can work is if they use the people developed on Smallville and connect them to the Wonder Woman TV Series. The current movie versions were never designed to be connected.
jj2g - 8/28/2011, 4:37 PM
To start, I am used to be a biast DC fan but i realized Marvel is cool too and that DC and them are the same.

Do you know how times they announced a JLA movie, since 2007 or 2008, i believe. The only reason, the only honset to god reason JLA did not come b4 Avengers (which i am a fan of) is bc WB AND DC LET MONEY GET IN THE WAY!!!!!!!

Look at this, they have been planning WW Flash and JLA for years now, then they got cancelled. Then Nolan came along and reinvented Batman in his way (which i'm cool with) but then for him to say he doesn't want his batman to exist in a world with other heroes is dumb! Point! Blank! Period! That's just dumb, he is basically saying if he was to create it so it could tie into JLA and JLA failed it would tarnish his Batman, think about it...

Now WB and DC see how much money they can make off Nolan and that's why they let it slide. But if they were die hard, i MEAN DIE HARD committed to create a team movie like Marvel, they would have told Nolan, Synder, and any other directors coming to create the others that they want it to tie in with a JLA. If the directors and writers had a problem with that, let them walk, and find someone (director & writer) who is a fan of all the heroes and JLA that will do it.

Look at Marvel, Jon Favreau who did the Iron Man movies, said that when they hired him they had a plan on the table and they talked it over with him and he also said that they let him still bring his own original style and creative genius to the project, at the same time, keeping it in line with their plan and the comic book character (and not completely changing it like nolan). He also said that he also signed on bc he wanted to make Iron Man as natural and realistic as possible so it would feel like the real world. This takes me back to Nolan and DC

See Nolan wanted a realistic Batman. He could have done Batman in the most realistic way possible while still keeping him in line where he could be in the Justice League, even if they do use a different actor for Batman, let's face it we have seen 4 different batmans, a new actor wouldn't really matter to most ppl bc we were used to it.

To close this long rant, the plan should have started with superman's franchise and then batman's. And in the last Batman movie Superman meets Batman in a post credits scene and says that he needs to talk. Then make a green lantern and a flash and we do the same with them. Just make it appear as if they know each other already and were friends, that never really worked together b4. Then in the JLA movie, originate Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter, Hawkgirl (bc i hate aquaman).
Then throughout the movie then hear of other heroes that were fighting across the country and across the world, which leads to the sequel with characters such as Green Arrow, Black Canary, Question, etc. to join and then create a Green Arrow/Black Canary team up move that shows their origins and then in a post cred Wonder Woman and Superman meet them and ask them to join and thus trilogy starts. That is my OPINION and RANT!! Sorry it's so long.
jj2g - 8/28/2011, 4:41 PM
Oh yeah when i mean originate Martian Manhunter and Wonder Woman in JLA, do it like they did in the cartoon and wiht Hawkgirl, kinda show like just drop hints when someone has dialouge with her.

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